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 I gazed out the window of the rickety tour bus onto the rustic landscape of Brazil. It was a sunny day and the sun scorched my skin, as well as the rest of th e passengers on the open-air bus. The wind tosseled my auburn hair causing it to stream beside the bus as I leaned over the edge of the "window".

I sat next to a boy named josh. He had short, brown hair and looked to be about the same age as me. I was sixteen, and was on a trip by myself. I had decided that I needed to get away from the stupid little town I called home. 

I lived in Maine in a miniature lobstering town called long point with my dad. My mom had died of cancer when I was only two. 

Every day I would get up at 4AM to set and pull up lobster and crab traps for 3 hours. Then at 7 I would get cleaned up and go to school. When I got home I would catch and clean more crabs and lobsters after I finished my homework. Then, I would clean, and cook dinner (which was lobsters). 

This was my life, and had been for 16 years. My dad didn't help much, so I had to work hard to get small earnings so I could pay the bills. I finally decided that I was tired of it and out of the blue scraped together the little spare money I had to go the warm country of Brazil. 

The bus came to a halt at a trail that seemed to go on forever. We were in the middle of nowhere. 

Green stretched for miles upon miles, as far as the eye could see. 

Me and josh, along with the rest of the tour group stepped out of the bus to stretch our legs. 

The group was small, with only five people. There was me;Abby, josh (who was VERY attractive), a girl who I thought to be 20, named nala, along with her boyfriend, kris. And then a shy, small girl who said she was 16 as well, Libby. 

The scruffy is driver snorted. We all stood, stretching our sore limbs from a 5-hour drive. Gus, the driver hopped into the bus to "get something". 


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 Once we finally got to begin our hike, everyone was as pink  as roses. Gus lead us off and took a bunch of weird turns so that we all had lost out sense of direction. We stopped for a snack and Gus ducked into the bushes to go to the bathroom. 

After 5 minutes, Gus hadn't returned, and the five of us began to panic. We had no idea where the jack we were and we had no idea where our guide was. Josh and kris decided to go scouting for him. They came back 10 minutes later with a distressed look on their faces. 

Nala was FLIPPING. She walked in circles, sweating, crying, cursing. Kris tried to comfort her, but his attempts were blatant. 

"Relax" josh said 

" I can use my phone to call for help" 

"Oh yea so can I" we all realized. 

Then we all realized that none of us had service. That was when we realized that we were doomed. That was when we realized that the odds of us living weren't very high. That was when we realized that we had to fight to live.

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 We spent the rest of the day looking for a path out of the great amazon. By sundown, we were more lost than we had been earlier. 

"We're so stupid!" Josh blurted randomly

Nala rolled her brown eyes at him. Her beautiful Filipino skin seemed to glow. I was jealous of her already and I barely knew her. She seemed to have everything; she had a good looking boyfriend, she was beautiful, and judging by her jewelry and clothes, she had some money. I was just this pale girl from up north who was forced to support her Duce-bag father and lived in a shack. 

"Why are we stupid?" Libby asked quietly in a nerdy voice. Her purple braces sparkles in the dimming light. 

"Because." Josh started 

I was too busy looking at him to pay much attention to listening to him. 

"We spent the whole day looking for a way out when we knew we were lost while we could have been looking for food and water and building a shelter. Now we're gonna get eaten alive and starve all in the same night. 

" well then we better get started" I jumped in 

He smiled the sweetest smile at me. I wanted to melt. I had never felt this before, as if my stomach were about to explode. All of the boys at my school were ugly and mean. 

I snapped out of it. We needed to focus. It was about to get dark and we were in a forest with god knows what. 

"Okay then, why don't we start with gathering some wood to build a fire" kris said. He dragged his girlfriend into the bushes to search. 

Libby went off to look for water and that left josh and I, standing awkwardly on the middle of the forest with no one around. 

"I'm Abby" I said 

"Josh" he replied and shook my hand. The same feeling returned. 

"Well um" I cleared my throat 

"I have a pocket knife. We could uh look for some food."

"Yea let's do that" he scratched his head 

I awkwardly fumbled with the pocket knife that I used every day to clean lobsters and crabs.

I wondered what my dad was doing right now. Would he be worried about me? Would he send anyone to look for me? I doubted it.

"Sooo how are we gonna do this?" Josh asked.

"Umm.." I trailed off

"Oh!" He blurted 

"We could use it to catch fish! From that spring!"

So that was what we did. It took an hour or so and it was dark when we finished. We had caught one fish for each person. They were all about the same size. We took a quick drink form the spring and headed back to the camp. 

A small shelter had been set up and a fire was going. 

Nala ran over

"We were worried about you! Where were you and why do you stink?"

Josh and I laughed to each other.

"We were just at that spring and we caught dinner with Abby's pocket knife" josh said 

"That was where I got the water!" Libby said with a lisp. 

Nobody seemed to care.

The five of us cooked and cleaned the fish, ate and went to bed on a pallet of leaves inside our shelter of layered leaves and sticks. 

I couldn't sleep. I just couldn't stop thinking about josh....

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Chapter Five

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