Nerdy Natalie

Incomplete a WIP - any advice help appreciated. A Young Adult Fiction. Humourous read about a girl struggling to find her place. Cover from the kind and talented @playboystiles. on wattpad.


A collection of emotional poetry. Like everything its down to perspective and personality I find most of them sad you may not. Penning feelings is food for the soul. I hope you enjoy the read sláinte x


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Ebony & Frank

Ebony Watson is 30 and living in a nursing home unsure where her life will head. She isn't having a crisis. No. She is a victim of a terrible accident that's left her with amnesia. She has absolutely no idea about her past, and when Ebony inherits a farm, she doesn't realise she has just opened the doors to her memory. Memories she...

The Showroom

“Ahhh can you see how wet shes getting? Fuck its just pouring out of her...” His voice carried across the crowd, and she found herself locking eyes with different men in turn. Each man in the room was hard, their thick cocks in hand, and they were all eyeing her as though they had never seen a naked woman before. Their lust filled...

Between Us

He was mysterious, sexy, and brilliant. He drew me to him in ways no man ever has before. Jacob set my world on fire the moment I saw him. He was my drug of choice, and I was addicted. I craved his presence, his witty remarks and his touch. There was nothing about him that wasn't remarkable. But, Jacob had a wicked past, something he...

The Marvels of Prairie Creek

Penniless, hungry, and stranded at a remote Nebraska truck stop just before Christmas, Jane has few options. So when rescue comes in the form of three shaggy Kentucky hillbilly brothers–two of them mute–she reluctantly accepts. Appearances are deceiving, however, and she soon discovers these men are far more complicated than she ever...

Good, Clean Dirt

"His great aunt twice removed would be rolling around in her grave if she weren’t freshly dead and also completely fictional." Why is small-time crook Reuben Weller following a florist around a town of less than one-thousand people? Money, of course! But things are about to get weird when he discovers a big secret.

Of Lights and Shadows

Dastardious Hollow is a drug addicted, ex-detective with a reputation for killing anyone who gets in his way. He is also New York's only hope of finding the Shadow, a serial killer with a penchant for killing young children in exotic ways. Released from Riker's Island where he was being held for murder, Dastardious is given free rein...

The Truth In Lies (Edited)

After her father's unexpected death, Deanna Carpenter returns to Asherville to say her final goodbye. She has no plans to stay in the town she escaped from years before, but her older sister and mother have other plans. Despite their turbulent relationships she agrees to stay; she wants to understand what happened in the past and put...

Sext Me

There's nothing more lust inducing than a collection of sex scenes that will leave your center wet and bothered.

Into the Gray

Into the Gray takes you on a hike about a serial killer except told by the eyes of an infatuated lover who can’t resist our touch. .It’s like walking right into a fight but you have no ammunition and only your tongue to fight with. Alana is a lover who finds herself with an unfortunate knife wedged between the crevice of her back. ...

Maywitch [Editor's Choice]

When suspicious incidents begin rattling North America, it doesn't take long for the authorities to realize that something supernatural is happening. To solve the problem, though, they'll have to ask for help from Maywitch - the organization of mages tasked with keeping their peers in check. Kay Adamis, a young witch struggling...

The Passion of Hate

What happens when the bonds of two families combined into one will come face to face with a strange twist that will change everyone's lives forever? Leda, a mundane, young woman, will have to deal with two reappearances in her life: her ex-boyfriend's and her step-brother's. Will she manage to keep a balance in her everyday...

Beautiful Misery

Running from her haunted past in East LA, Giada De Sousa and her best friend hit the road. Becoming accustomed to a new town, surrounded by new people Gia quickly finds herself drawn to the towns notorious man-whore...King of the streets-Rayne Rossetti. The dark and dangerous sex god, lives fast and races even faster.

Two Men Down

ON HOLD — A seemingly chance encounter between two men who are polar opposites spirals into a torrid and illicit love affair that changes their lives, for better or for worse.

Sparkles Book Club

Meet Jess. Accident prone and unlucky in love. Her life has hit a stalemate. What better way to change things up than by playing Matchmaker. But Jess gets more than what she's bargained for. It also doesn't help that she lives next door to the worlds sexiest man. Fall in love with this tutu toting, pink wig wearing cutie and come along...


On the eve of the release of her sophomore album, soon-to-be pop sensation Glory meets a charismatic male pornstar with sinister knowledge of the people handling her direction.


"You have a nasty ass attitude." George finally grumbles. "And you have a nasty ass grade in Organic Chemistry, who's worst off?" Evelyn quips as She cracks open the textbook. "Now shut up and read." ------ Welcome to the "Storm" series. *Continue to the Prologue for more*

Inchoate Blood

A mysterious demise. An emptied heart. A euphoric mind. A fallen alchemist feeding on the vehemence of dark revenge, forced to battle every day a losing psychological war. To what extent will grief fuel his shattered mind?

Me & You and Him & Her

Katrina, Jack, and Eric have been friends for a long time. In the Summer before Senior Year of High School Amber moves in next door and helps to stir up the drama. This Senior Year their friendship will endure hot romance, bad dates, wild vacations, and whole lot of fun.

Baring Souls

Teddy McGovern is a brilliant young architect, with a bright future ahead of her. She's also in love with her childhood friend, Ari Jaeger, and he with her. But there's something standing in their way; her past. After finally confessing their love for one another, Ari and Teddy try to build their life together. But when the demons of...