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Fleur experiences recurring dreams which take her all the way back to 1890s Paris, where she falls in love. Her dreams turn into nightmares which constantly jolt her back to the present day. Who or what invades her subconscious? Fleur is about to be married, yet is haunted by a past that doesn't belong to her.

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Chapter 11



‘Have a sip of your camomile, cheri, and tell me everything.’

I described events from the beginning as much as I could, right up to the visit from Adrien and the officer from the Sûreté.

Mme Richet was turning it all over very carefully in her head.  Then she spoke.  ’This is disturbing.  Indeed, she waits till you sleep.  She even whispers goodnight before she infuses your dreams with her memories.’

‘Sometimes, I don’t know if I’m dreaming or not.  I walk the streets and I don’t know if I’m seeing things with her eyes or mine …’

‘Extraordinary. She possesses your consciousness while you sleep … and while you are awake.’

‘Possesses me?  I’m possessed?  What does she want?’

‘We shall ask her just that,’ said Mme Richet. ‘I don’t think she means you harm.  Or it would have happened by now.  Yet she wants something only you can give her.  Enough.  We will summon her.  We will find out once and for all what your Fleur Babineaux wants.’

I thanked Mme Richet and left.  I didn’t know if I felt worse or better.  But I now had something to occupy me until Jaimie’s return.




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