A 5 Paragraph Essay


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Chapter 1

Are you trying hard to find out how to write 5 paragraph essays? In this article, you will discover how you should finish a 5 paragraph essay. Here is how you should approach a 5 paragraph essay:


1.      Introduction (the 1st Paragraph): The first paragraph of your essay should evidently explain to you what the subject of an essay is. You will have to introduce your main points in the introduction of an essay. There should be three main points for an essay, which together will form the central core for your essay writing service. In the introduction, you will have to generate adequate interest to lure the readers. Remember that you do not need to write a long introduction, because it will make your essay boring for the readers.



2.      Developing Your Main (1st) Idea (The 2nd Paragraph): In the 2nd paragraph of an essay, you will have to embrace information and discuss about the most crucial point of an essay. If your essay is about a commentary on a piece of written work, then you should break down into parts how you have understood the main idea in that written work. At first, you must produce the topic sentence in your first body paragraph, then you must come up with a supporting sentence. After writing the topic sentence, you must render an evidence or an example to back up your main point.



3.      Developing Your Second (2nd) Idea (The 3rd Paragraph): Your 3rd paragraph should be directly related to your 2nd paragraph. You will be discussing the 2nd main idea of your essay in this body paragraph. Correspondingly, like the first body paragraph, your 2nd body paragraph should have a topic sentence, supporting sentence, and an evidence or an example to support your point of view.



4.      Developing Your Third (3rd) Idea (The 4th Paragraph): Your 4th paragraph should be directly connected to your 3rd paragraph. You will be discussing the least important main idea of your essay in the third body paragraph. Similarly, like the second body paragraph, your 3rd body paragraph should have a topic sentence, supporting sentence, and an evidence or an example to support your point of view.



5.      Conclusion (the 5th Paragraph): This is the place where you should briefly repeat and review the main points of an essay. You should ensure that your last paragraph does not leave the readers in doubt. You should manifestly explain in the conclusion what your findings are. You will also have to restate your thesis statement while you conclude the essay topic. You should complete an essay in a way that convinces your readers with your viewpoint.


These are the 5 crucial steps to create an awe-inspiring 5 paragraphs essay. You should practice writing 5 paragraphs essay yourself if you want to become an expert writer. In short, 5 paragraph essay writing is not that difficult as it may seem. All you need to do is to cautiously follow the 5 steps to write an attention-getting 5 paragraphs essay.

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