The Missing Heart


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Natasha laid the freshly made sandwiches on the table. It was a nice summers day and a sunday afternoon. A perfect day for a sunday. The plates were all set, the table was made, everything was going to plan. Natasha quickly ran up to Sophia's room. Her toddler was getting heavier and heavier by the day. Natasha's eyes was filled with shock. She briefly skimmed the room once again but her toddler was no where. The bed sheets were all ruffled and the lights were still on. And her sleeping music was still on. 

"Is Sophia playing hide and seek or has someone taken her. It couldn't be Brent as he's outside playing with the dogs?" Natasha thought.


She decided to look everywhere else in the house. She looked in the bathroom, the cupboard. the kitchen, outside, nearly everywhere. But Sophia was no where to be found. Natasha lost hope. She lumped herself onto the couch and gave a large yawn. Natasha gave up. She slowly walked up to her room with a sandwich in her hand. The chicken and mayonnaise filling seeping and gooping and clumping on her delicate hands.  She didn't even care anymore. Natasha almost immediately dozed off too sleep. Those few hours were precious to her. Otherwise her toddler would be screaming and crying all afternoon, not wanting to sleep. Natasha's sandwich was squished and smeared all over her bed sheets. Nor did she care. She had dealt with messier situations as mother.


To be continued. Next chapter coming soon



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