The Dark Side of the Light


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Entry 151010 - Dark Side of the Light

Fuckn stupid tidalz. Dark Side of the Light. Whadda fucks sat even mean? Meanz erythins burn out. Sha ta hell. Na a fuckn thred of unikness leff. Duble da year yer n duble it agin den u got my life. Its da fuckn pitsa hell made a look like goddam Arizona on sum dayz, Adlanis on others. Fuckin Adlanis. Wurdz n my mouf like peppermint shit.

Dudys fuckt n a hole. Silo’s gon rusted along da side n nowhere left ta keep food. Food. Da shit we eat. Nothin else goin on derr.

Rockits badass. Dey don take any fuckn guff frum anyone. I wanna be like Rockit. I fuck em sumtimes n dey fuck me back. S nice but I always ginn the shor en ya no?

Derrs da way, upside down and out a touch. Seein all da fucktup shizz sinz the wirl blow up wit dollz and catz and surfers walkin round with deth ears smilz and grinz oer eain shit n callin it good. I ain wit dat ba der ain no way round it neither. An den u got dems dat blow the flowers, breaf stikin of grass n leafy shit, smellin dey own asshol like its good. Ain nun that gonna float me by neither. So wha dat leavz den is sum n da middle, Im gessn. Meanin big dicks and wet pussies yeah but also sum kina fuckn survival plan withou bein all my shit or dey shit or da wurldz shit. Tima eat. Mor latur.

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Entry 151220 – Wishn Happy Krimmus Baby

Da lites r up. Peoples singin n shit. I got pussy n ma stockin dis year cock rappt up tite. S nice. Rockits n ma mouth n my moufs all oer dem. I cane tell if dey like me ur y. Dey flurt wit me but den push off wenn shit gitz real. I like feelins but dey like feeln. Im withit ba still hurtz. An I smell Dudy on em sumtimes. I ain widdat. Ill fuck em up.

Can kwit ma job. Prolly wud if I could eden tho I like it ok. Wanna help everyone. Stop wit all da killin n snortin n chompin. More pussies and dicks and less nuckles and nives. But its all fuck tup down here. We n da groun till da seasunz over. An wetherz fuckt so hoo knows wenn itll be. An derrz lots a shit goin on wit dem dat lead doze sick fucks. Doze dat think they better. Some noob toll me its dey house dey rules. I said u kin eat shit. Den dass wha dey did. Its fuckt up but I was kinna wit it. Nu stuff wurkz on me to.

Wishz I could figure ou Rockit. I ast if s weird n dey said no so I gues not. But I wanna be wit dem pretty much all da time. Das weir fa me. Wegun hold hans n I wish we could. I like derr lips to but dey all teef and grine. Bedda dan none.

Imma haff a kill a mafucka. No wait. Gotta stop it n me. Gotta get dese demuns outta me if im gonna get dem outta ere forever. Same story gos a round and round dudn it. Stupid times ta rite thingz down. Stupid is fuck.

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