Q&A with Julie Chevalier

An insight into writing short stories from Julie Chevalier...She speaks about ordering the stories in her collection Permission to Lie, the importance of titles and choosing a story’s style. Permission to Lie is a brilliant blend of humour, snappy style, insight and compassion. The stories, ranging from stand-alone vignettes, to...

Q&A Carmel Bird

Award-winning Australian author Carmel Bird shares insight into writing and advice for aspiring writers - she touches on choosing story titles, publishing as a whole, awards for writers and many other essentials.

A Life in Crime

A Q&A with award-winning Swedish crime writer Christoffer Carlsson in which he gives candid advice to new writers and shares insights into his own writing and new book 'October is the Coldest Month', published in English by Scribe.


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Discover the beginning of Italian writer Domenico Starnone's powerful book, that won The Bridge Prize for Best Novel. You'll start with the introductory essay from the translator and Pulitzer Prize-winner Jhumpa Lahiri. We love her description of it as many things: 'a clever whodunit, a comedy of errors, a domestic drama and a...