Mordi's Journal, as of 1/1/78


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Jan/ 1st / 2378,

6am    Happy new year! Its also my birthday! (yaaaaaay!) In hopes that someone in the far more advanced future find this, my name is Mordecai. The technology today is pretty cool, I guess. You guys probably have it waaaaay better. Basically, I'm not writing this on actual paper, one cool thing about the future is we have these cool little cubes, which can be anything you want, as long as you know what it is. (Though, no. If you make it a gun it will not hurt real people, only fake holograms created by the cube.) Anyhow, I use mine as a journal, I can just think what I want it to write and it transports it to a document on my computer at home. Its convenient because I never forgot what I wanna write! We also have a nee time system which we've adapted to, its 24 hour time, but instead of going up to 0: 59, it goes up to 0: 99. I'll tell more about the future and stuffz later, but right now I'm too lazy to even think.

22:47pm,   Today was amazing. All of my friends came over and I had so much fun. We played Borderlands 1en, (1en is pronounced ten,) and then we played some really old games, from centuries ago. Like Life Is strange, Borderlands 2, Battlefield: Hardline and more. I caught one of my friends looking in this journal, when I asked what he was doing,  he just said he was trying to figure something out and threw me a sarcastic smile. Dunno what that was about, but whatever.


3:44am,   I can't sleep, keep hearing sounds down stairs. I think I'm just gonna put in deafens--deafens are little drops of water that come in a bottle, the reduce noise around you. They help me go to sleep.

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