After Three Months


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After three months

 After three months I went there, the place where my heart and soul resides. The place where I realised my potential, my talents and learned many life saving skills such as leadership, compromising attitude, social skill etc...... I don’t have enough words to describe about this place. It was none other than my very old society- Monalisa. As by now you would have already guessed, I have shifted to a new society recently and not been able to make good friends by now . As a result, I am very much inclined to this old society of mine and still consider it as my true home though it’s no more. 

Normally, I try to visit my old friends every month. They are the most wonderful friends one can ever have. They work like tablets in my life, drinking which I get the courage to pass whole one month in the current society.

But the last few months were quite hectic for me due to which I could not visit my old society. Anyways - If there’s a will, there’s a way. And so I finally managed to take some time out and go back to that place. This time the feeling was entirely different. I felt as if I was returning home after a long time. As usual, I drove my vehicle past the security guard( A new security guard whom neither did I know nor did he know me)in the society and parked my vehicle to my usual place. It had become a habit now. It actually never striked me that I wasn’t suppose to park my vehicle inside the society as I was no more a member of it. But as you know I still considered it as my house. After a long time, I was meeting my friends and there was a lot to talk about. So we were chatting , playing and eating together when the security guard interrupted-

“Madam, it seems you are a visitor to this society, you cannot park your vehicle here. This parking is only for the members of this society. I request you to park your vehicle somewhere else.” His words moved my emotional balance. Though, I knew what he was saying was absolutely true but it was bitter......very bitter. Moreover I wasn’t prepared to hear this at all at that point of time. Still I controlled myself and said-“ Uncle, I would be leaving within a couple of minutes. Could you please wait for sometime.”

You(readers) see, every moment I spend in this society was very precious to me and I didn’t wish to waste even a second in parking my vehicle somewhere else. The guard did not bother to reply to my request. So I again engaged myself with my friends . After a few minutes the guard returned and said harshly this time -

“ Madam, don’t you understand me? Please park your vehicle outside of this society.....” he wanted to say more but one of my friend stopped him and said-

“Security uncle, why don’t you understand? She was, is and always will be a part of this society. She is the member of this society.....”

“Oh really!! Than show me her membership card and I won’t utter a word...” the guard replied.

“ Do you behave the same way with other members of this society who still don’t have the card? You cannot speak to her that way.”

Before the argument would get heated up, I stopped up quietly took my vehicle and parked it outside. I did not want my friends to fall into any trouble because of me, and for that matter even the guard.

I explained my friend - “ Look, it’s okay. I am fine. I understand and you should understand as well that rules and regulations are supposed to be followed . The guard is only performing his duty. Please do not make a fuss out of it.” 

“ But he shouldn’t have spoken to you in that way...” she defended.

“ So shouldn’t have shouldn’t have spoken to him that way as well. He is elder to you and you should have respected him but you still got angry. In similar way he got angry as well. It’s not a big deal. Now go and tell him sorry and come.”

She did obey me and said sorry to the guard . 

To be honest, I did feel bad on hearing whatever the guard said but still was happy because my friend stood up for me. I was happy to know that at least they thought that I was still a member of that society and I realised that they are the ones who matter to me and not the guard.

Similarly readers, we have many situations in life where if we are clear what our priorities are than the problem gets solved without doing anything .


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