Life Is Beautiful


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 Since the day I had shifted to this new society my life was dull, saddened as if my life was making a joke out of my emotions. People often say-“Changes are beautiful” but I guess........not all.

Now it’s been a year since I shifted but have got no friends in here.......actually my first experiences in this society did not allow me to make new friends.....anyways in simple terms- my life was boring. But of course it had to change....... Again......

Soon I was among a new set of kids of about mr age(16yrs) when I took admission into a new school, where I found a girl named Akanksha or AK. Right now we might be the best friends but our first meeting showed no possibility of friendship........

So the first day when I noticed her, we were in train, where I was sitting comfortably with earphones listening to my playlist peacefully. On seeing around, I found myself surrounded by hundreds of people as the train was getting overcrowded. Among the passengers one of them was Akanksha. Though she was my batch mate, I did not show any interest in talking to her or even saying a hi! She stared at me and seeing no kind of response from my side stood there(as there was no place to sit). I totally ignored her stare and then engaged myself into listening the melodious songs of my playlist. Still from the corner of my eyes, I was observing her and found it weird but she was staring at me again and again, without any reason. I first thought that she wanted to borrow my earphones from me as looking at her expression one could make out how much was she missing music at that point of time. Thinking this I tried to hide me earphones and held them with a tight grip. But this did not help much......she was still staring . So the next thing I thought- ‘Is she jealous of me as I have got a comfortable seat in that train while she hasn’t ?’ So to end this building rivalry or jealousy or whatever it was, I thought to initiate the conversation with her but before I could speak a word, my favourite song began to play and I prioritised it than initiating the conversation. So our first journey was quite CHATLESS.

The next day, I found Akanksha standing just beside me when the train was about to arrive at the station. At that point of time as well I was with me earphones and as usual gave me priority to my dear and precious music. As soon as we boarded the train, I offered her a seat beside me( coz I remembered her stare the previous journey). All of you(my dear readers) would be expecting me to at least introduce myself or something and maybe Akanksha too was expecting that ...... but to all of your surprise...... I did not utter a single word(busy with my music) ...... though somewhere I was feeling awkward that when i am offering a seat to her than I should speak to her as well but........ I did not. 

As time passed by........ she boarded the same train as me..... and we now are one of the greatest friends. Now I prioritise her not only with music but even with the most valuable item or person I have in my life. 

Today on the occasion of Akanksha’s birthday  I suddenly remembered our first meeting and realised that my life has become so beautiful with her entry...... and it also reminds me of a famous quote-

“ After every night or darkness, the Sun rises bringing with it a whole loads of brightness”.

And here the sun of my life is Akanksha who has actually made me realise beautiful life and its circumstances can be ......Thank you Akanksha for being there when I needed you...... and today if you are reading this than would like to wish you ........A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY. 

Finally I would like to conclude by saying a few lines-

Life is full of changes..... As we learn and grow.... our thoughts and beliefs change..... our feeling often change too..... but sometimes are FOREVER!!

Like the certainty that I will always love you. You are and will always be dearest to me .....

You are the most special , most desirable, most lovable , most exciting and by far the most precious person I have ever known....!! Before I met you, there was a void in my life. Since I met you I have come to realise that no one but you could ever fill that void.”

Thank you.

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