Something happened one night that changed my life


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The dream that had scarcely reached my eyes flew away as I heard some strange noise at midnight when everyone were fast asleep. I couldn't identify whose voice it was when suddenly the vase beside me fell down. I got scared and with frightened voice I asked ," who's there?" But I didn't receive any answer. Cold sweat was forming on my forehead. 

Nobody was there to support me in that big, enormous mansion. Mom and dad had went to attend a wedding. This was the first time I was stuck in such a situation. 

I was shivering with fear when I heard sounds of hissing  in a way that it heard like this," I wiiiillllll killllll youuuu!"I felt as if Voldemort's spirit had come to my house to hunt me. I thought, it's ok Tanaya, you have read the Harry Potter book and therefore hearing such strange voices". This thought did give me little bit of hope and the voices were also stopped. And I slept again.

I willll killll youuuuu, again I heard and this time the voice was clear and coming from someone close to me. I felt as if the devil was standing beside my pillow. I woke up and sat on the bed and asked again," Who's there". Again there was no reply. But this time I was not going to ignore it again. There was some problem and I wanted to find out the mystery too. 

With shivering hands and shivering legs I touched the door knob. The knob twisted and I was unlocked to a horrifying scene. A recorder laid just out of the door. Now, it was clear that it was a trick of someone to keep me in bed. 

" Do you know how to open this locker? There must be gold in it."

" No, Situ I don't know. I think we should leave now cause greediness is not good."

"Are you mad?" And this conversion went on.

It was mysterious, there was nobody at home but these voices didn't prove that. I tip- toed to the place from where theses conversations were heard.

I hid behind the wall and peeped but to my surprise nobody was found there. Where did they go? 

Again I heard voices but they were different than before," It's twelve o' clock. Let's go."

I thought how many of them have entered my house.  This time mom and dad will not leave me.

I again repeated the way I did before and reached the hall. There also when I peeped nobody was found. This was quite surprising to me and I continued walking. I was feeling like James Bond right now, a detective in a lonely house filled with people or spirits. I was continuing my investigation when I tripped over something. 

I bent down to see what was it to find out a spooky doll. On seeing this I couldn't control my fear anymore and switched on the lights and began screaming for help. Help! Help! and then I heard a laughter, a familiar one . I stopped shouting and went to discover who was laughing. When one, no two, no three, four, five, six, seven ghosts came out and began laughing together. Looking at them as emerging from tables, chairs, television I screamed. One of the ghost ran and locked the door. Now I was sure that I will soon be among them and stood there as there was no escape. I sat down with my eyes closed when all the ghosts as if removing their head from the body, removed their masks and I found that they were nobody else but my own friends. 

I got so happy to find them that I went and hugged everyone but when I realised that it was a prank played by my friends, I got so angry that I began hitting everyone when my mom and dad came to the room and said, " This was all our plan. We told you that we are going to the marriage and called your friends to do so." 

"Why? " I asked quite surprised.

" To teach you how to face problems in your lives. The way you first ignored the strange voices was not right. We should never ignore even the slightest problem in our lives because even a small problem can turn out to be big when you least expect. The second thing you did was to find out what was wrong and that was right. But finally you got scared and wanted to run away from your house which was wrong. We should never run away from the problems instead face them with all your bravery and might. The last thing you did was you accepted your defeat which was not to be done. There is nothing in this world that cannot be solved so never let your spirits go down and this is not only for Sherlock but also for you all. " he said pointing towards my friends.

I realised what he meant and this was the biggest lesson of my life which lead me to become a very good detective, Sherlock Holmes.

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