The Two Friends


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Meet Sonia

 Far away in the meadows out of a muddy house came a thin, starving girl wearing dusty clothes same colour as that of her house. In her small hands lied a small dish made up of earth. In the dish was a small roti and jam made from the wild berries found in the jungle. She was very eager to eat it all and go with her mom to collect some berries and sell them in nearby market. 

She had a dark black and blond hair unlike her mom's brown and straight hair. People say she has got hair like her father but she had never seen him. She had asked many times for her father but her mother always  replied that he would  return some day. In the huge bag of her mom, she once saw a photo of four people together - mom, she herself and two more people. One was a very strong man about 30 years and the other was a small girl about her age. She noticed that the man also had hair like hers and she understood that it was her father's photo. She did not understand who the little girl aside was. She asked her mother but she didn't reply anything and kept that photo back warning her not to look at it again. She had seen her mom crying in her dreams. What was the dream was always a mystery.

Right now she had completed eating her food when her mom called out

" Sonia, you are not coming to collect the berries."

" No, but I want to come"

" But I won't take you" 

" You need to give me a reason for that".

" You are asking for the reason. Don't you remember what you did last time."

"I didn't do anything"

" Who kicked the wild dog? Who threw stones at the customers ? Who fed the berries to goat?" 

" Oh, comm' on mom the wild dog was going to bite you, the customer was very rude and the goat was about to die." 

" I don't know, you are not coming with me and that's final."

Sonia  could never win any argument with her mom. She accepted her defeat and climbed up a tree in front of her house. She could see her mom go and sat sadly thinking about her family. Where was her father and when will he come? 

Sonia was a brave girl, a girl which could not withstand injustice at all. According to her, rich people were the cause of this injustice and she hated them. She never went to school due to lack of money. From the beginning itself she had learned to work hard and aspired to become a great woman one day. 

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Meet Tanya

 Far away out of a huge mansion covering an area of 15 acres came a girl with her companion Dolly ( name of her monkey). She had blue eyes brown straight hair and a beautiful face. Her father was a very successful businessman. His nights were sleepless and days very busy. From the face of his, people could make out how stressed his life was. His black blonde hair had turned to a crows nest and hard work  had taken away the shine of his face. He often wished to go back to old days. "Old days" was always a mystery for Tanya. She did not understand what did it mean. 

The 15 acres of land gave all the things a girl would wish- swimming pool, her own room, expensive closet, twenty make up kits, garden and what not but she was not happy. She felt something incomplete in her life. She had all the luxuries except one without which nobody could be a man- A friend. To say, Tanya had many friends but nobody close to whom she could share her worries with, joke with or tease. Her father liked her brown straight hair the most and often said," you remind me of the most beautiful woman in the world".She had a caretaker but no mom. 

Her father's eyes often moistened when she asked where was her mom? His mind raced into the past and his eyes showed it all - years back, he was wandering, eyes sweating trying to find his lost wife and two girls in between the worn-out houses. Everyone were running here and there and ambulances were busy taking injured people to the hospital. He had broken his leg but did not stop to look for his family. At that point of time his eyes fell over a two year old girl crying. She was her daughter. With a great relief he took her daughter but still another daughter and his wife were missing. He searched and searched and searched till the ambulance people found him and forcefully took him to the hospital. In the hospital he found a list of those who were dead in that accident. With shivering hands he looked at the list and found his wife's and daughter's name. He fell down feeling shattered when Tanya came to her father. At that point of time itself he promised his daughter that she will always be comfortable.  From that day onwards he grew to become the best businessman, the country had ever known. Nowadays he had hardly any time to spend with Tanya.

Tanya was a genius. She had made many things to comfort her and father's life. For example she made a talking robot to avoid her from feeling lonely, made a machine to make a coffee for her father any time and many more things. She had learned how to deal with the problems and that every problem has a solution only you require is patience. She too aspired to become a great woman like her father. 

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An Opportunity

 Sonia was not the girl who would sit and think, how to become a great woman but implement her plan and move on. She had heard of the great businessman, Mr. Aakash and she always wanted to meet him. Recently, Mr. Aakash had come to visit his farm near her home. She thought of meeting him and get some work at his house so that she could learn something of business. So she met him and went to his home to work with him. Mr. Aakash did not have any child and thought Sonia as her own daughter. He taught her many things and they both were having a happy life. Sonia often thought about her mom but she knew that her mom was a strong woman and she could handle herself. Sonia continued working at Mr. Aakash' place till she became twenty. Mr. Aakash had no family and so, he named all his property on Sonia. Mr. Aakash died due to heart attack leaving behind Sonia with his property as well as Sonia as the new boss of his company. 

Sonia went to take her mom and they both lived happily under that roof. Sonia had become a rich person now and busy too. She had to attend meetings abroad and what not to be successful. She took the company to celestial heights and had received nearly twenty awards for being a successful businesswoman. Her mother was proud of her and Sonia was among the best businesswoman of the world. Each and every magazine had an article about her titled as- " Jungle to Mansion".

Now she hardly cared about her father cause she had lost all her hopes that he would return one day but not her mom. She waited and waited but her husband never turned up.

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Party of the year

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Party of the yea

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