Where I'm From Poem


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  I am from a noisy street, from lonely cherry trees, and a white fence 

 I am from the avocado green walls with Christmas lights along with drawings and paintings in my room 

 I am from the long heart leaf plant spread throughout the walls of my living room to the white roses in a pink mason jar

 I am from cleaning my house every day and seeing a satisfied look on my mother's face after yelling at me to get things done  

 I am from waking up every morning to the text:Buenos Dias mi nina chinita japonesita to saying I love me instead of saying I love you 

 From not everyone who smiles at you is your friend and never apologize to me nor make promises 

 I am from being the first generation to convert into Christianity 

 I am from Jalisco,from starting off as a child eating frijoles to rarely even seeing them and replacing them with restaurant food 24/7

 From the warmth of his uncomfortable everlasting yet most loving hugs to the softest touch of his manly hands holding onto mine 

 I am from the hidden picture of my pregnant sister and me at her baby shower with the scared face of what's going to happen next after experiencing one of the worst yet most terrifying mornings of my life that changed everything from not having the best childhood to becoming who I am now 

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