Car Thieves

The year 2027. Edinburgh, Scotland. Disease has swept a deadly path through society. A nightlife mogul with a violent past, a sadistic drug dealer, an artist craving companionship, a privileged playboy and a fiercely independent motor mechanic struggle to survive in the chaotic and brutal leftover world of the immune. - - - - - This...

Evidence, Omerta

After an undercover agent narrowly escapes death in a sting operation gone wrong, he finds himself cast adrift with a new face, in a new life, with a future he never asked for. What if his past catches up with him? What if he wants it to? An unexpected love story, short enough to read with your morning coffee. Originally published in...

Gradually Then Suddenly

After the death of her beloved grandmother, Ella Riley inherits her home and her belongings, including a ring with a mysterious inscription. As Ella solves her grandmother's final riddle, she discovers a tale of fear, escape and new beginnings. "This time though, I saw a countdown to freedom and finally I had my own secret, my own...


When Brett, a hacker with a self-destructive streak, starts a fight with Noah, a reformed gun-for-hire, neither of them are prepared for the spiral of passion and torment that follows.


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My Hearts Are Your Hearts

What are the hares getting up to among the sunflowers? Who is paying $6000 for a raincoat? The priest is good, kind, adored, believed – but can the schoolgirl trust him? Who kills his wife and dumps the body in the pool? What if you find your death was listed long ago online? With lightness in the telling, with subtle harmonies and...

The Waterfowl Are Drunk!

Kate Liston-Mills' The Waterfowl Are Drunk! is a series of short stories set in the author's hometown, Pambula, on New South Wales' far south coast. A fox stalks a nest of hatching swans, loving parents deal with their child's Down syndrome diagnosis, a close-knit community mourns a death, a teenager is forced to give up an afternoon...

Tongued, Tied, and Twisted

I am the reluctant eroticist. I write in the dark about the lives I might have lived, the things I might have done, in the places I might have visited. This is a collection of my short stories, flash fiction, bathroom stall poetry, and general raging against the prim and proper machine.

Five to Alias

In the 1920s, five Azzine commandos undertake a secret mission to the Isle of Alias. Their assignment: seize control of an array of colossal offshore cannons and rescue Azzine prisoners of war. But the Aliasse islanders are not as they seem, and the Five are threatened not only by enemy Jonovians but also from within ... Join us,...

Nathan Farrugia on digital publishing and the importance of near-death experiences

I recently sat down with Nathan Farrugia, Australian author of the Fifth Column series. His first novel, The Chimera Vector, is a number one bestseller on the Amazon and iBooks stores, and also claimed the title of Apple iBooks Thriller of the Year. We chatted about the trials and tribulations of publishing digitally, as well as his...

How to succeed as an independent author: An interview with Row Murray

Wrangling shelf space in a bookstore is hard and competitive, even if you’ve been "traditionally" published. But that’s not to say it’s totally impossible as an independent author! I interviewed Row Murray – successful bookstore shelf wrangler – about how she found distributors and readers for her book, For Foxes' Sake.

Good, Clean Dirt

"His great aunt twice removed would be rolling around in her grave if she weren’t freshly dead and also completely fictional." Why is small-time crook Reuben Weller following a florist around a town of less than one-thousand people? Money, of course! But things are about to get weird when he discovers a big secret.

Cherry Pit

Kendra is bored with her life. Everything seems dull and not leading up to much of anything. What would make it better? What would make it worse? Will her life be destroyed by curiosity or the lack thereof? A deconstruction of the Manic Pixie Dream-Girl narrative from her point of view.

The Sound Of Silence

Silence can be a powerful force the source of many a divorce the solace for many an introvert the bane for many an extrovert these days I choose to enjoy it close my eyes and relax a bit Images in the book are free to download from Google they are not mine

F C U K Paris!

As the winter chill sets in on Paris, their separated love is set to reunite. As his heart glows warm, will her chilled hesitating heart see his frozen too? Or will they find their old selves on the warmth of sunlit beaches again.

The Streetlight

He was a vivid dreamer, but a light sleeper. His dreams were often places of refuge from his normal life. But that damnable streetlight would always deny him a restful sleep. Especially when the old captain was regaling him with stories of wondrous cities. That streetlight perched right in front of his bedroom window. Cover created...

Of Ivory

Erin Welsh has lived isolated her whole life. Through the war, through the end of it, through the revolutions. When her father passes away and her mother sends her to live with her cousin in the capital, Erin soon learns that not only is the world of magic more than she expected, she's also more magic than the lot of them.

Tales From Azza-Jono

The Conscious City. Divided like the brain, both by the fissure of the River and the monolithic Wall. But no barrier is truly impenetrable. High-tech assassins stalk its streets, magicians commune with its strange powers, despots and revolutionaries undo themselves in their quests to tame its influence over its own inhabitants. The...

Everything Fails

Life in the 32nd Century. Bloody battle with a shadowy cult that’s become a social institution. Restless desire for family and freedom from demons imagined and real. Loves that never die against hates boiling anew. Win or lose, it all will fail.