My Girls


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The year was 2096. I was thirteen years old, he was too. And I guess we just weren't thinking. He called me over to help him with studying on some math stuff. I just decided to do so because I kind of liked him. 

He was popular, hot, and really talented. He was a basketball star, a cross country runner, an award-winning dancer, and he performed in the school musicals every spring. 

I was also a basketball three-point shooter, a cross country star, a track runner, and an actress. I never expected to give up so much. 

I got over to Zach's house, and I had my math stuff with me. He answered and my heart skipped a beat. 

"Hey, Anna." I loved the sound of his voice. 

"Hey, Zach."

"My parents are gone for the weekend and my siblings are at my grandma's for no distractions."

"Okay, cool."

I walked inside and put my stuff on the table. 

"So, do you want to start with geometry basics or algebra stuff?"

"Um, I told them I'd be studying science, I have an A in math."

"Oh, okay I'm so stupid. I thought you said math."

"I did."

"What? Then why are you talking about science crap?"

"I told them that I'd study science with you. That isn't necessarily the truth."

"Then, why am I here?"

"Look. The damn news will tell you."

This year, our presidential elect has passed a law because of our dwindling population. Every girl in the country aged twelve plus must have children to bring us back up. If we do not do this, our country will be taken over by our neighboring planet, One. They are fighting a war there now, to buy us time. 

"Oh, shit!" I cried. I was happy, I thought of this with Zach for a while. But would he choose me? And what kind of a law is this crap?

"I was wondering, would you do it with me?" He just asked me that. He literally just asked me that. This is the part where I wake up. Pinch me!

"Yes!" It was a breathless answer. 

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 I couldn't believe it. I was under a spell. He was on top of me on his bed and I had my mouth pressed against his. I felt his hands undoing every button on my blouse and I threw off his t-shirt. I saw his six packed abs and I almost gave into the urge to gape my mouth open. I was too busy kissing him that he didn't notice. His hands fumbled around my jeans and he pulled them down onto the floor of his bedroom. 

I pulled down his jeans and then we stood. "Are you sure you want to do this?" He asked. He wore only his boxers. I found it kind of attractive. 

I only wore my bra and panties. "Yes."

He smiled and I got back on the bed. He sat behind me. I felt his hands reach around to where my bra was. His fingers unclasped his clip in the front and he tossed it away on the floor. 

Zach was an expert, even though he was still a virgin. He had me on my back and he was on top of me with the covers over us. His hands yanked down my panties and his boxers. I felt the pain slice through me when his shaft entered. I almost screamed but I felt good. I was literally seeing stars and my head was spinning. It was the best night of my life. 

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 I woke up naked next to Zach. He was still asleep. I felt so sick, and when I got up, puke was coming out of my mouth. 

I came back to Zach in my bra and my jean shorts. He was wearing a bathrobe and he smiled when I came in the room. 

"What's going on?" He asked. 

I showed him the test. His mouth gaped open. He scooped me up in his arms and kissed me. 

"You mean to tell me that I'm going to be a father?"

I nodded. I was speechless, myself. 

He smiled and we got in the car. I wore a purple T-shirt and my jean shorts and he wore his green shirt with jeans. His hair was all messed up, but he was still perfect. 

"Well," said the Doctor. "Your twin girls look just fine."

I smiled. 

"Two girls!" Zach shouted. He was happy. 

I was too. Two little girls? The day after having sex with the hottest guy in school? 

He picked me up like a prince picks up a princess and he carried me to the car. His dad was waiting. 

"Two girls!" Zach shouted. 

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