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#10: Rose Evans Rogers

*With every character, I'll list their life and death. 

I was only twelve when I was chosen for the War. I was dating Rick Rogers, he was the cutest guy in our school. He was absolutely stunning. He asked me to marry him last week...

I survived the first war and was now a mother of twins, Roisa and Ronan Rogers. Their nicknames were Roi and Ron. Soon after, I gave birth to another daughter, named Renee. A few months after she was born, Rick's ex-girlfriend Liv Rifle kidnapped her. I felt horrible. I wanted to die when I lost my daughter. 

Rick and I reenlisted in the War of Two. We both survived. I enlisted in the War of Three, as Rick stayed home. He came later when he knew that I was dying.  

*Death Scene: Rose & Rick are 16.

I raced through the forest to the stream. I got shot in the side by Liv Rifle, Rick's ex-girlfriend. She blew a bullet to my ribs with a caliber 69. I was done for. 

When I had splashed a little water on it, I saw another place where blood opened. Right next to my heart. 

"Holy shit," I heard Rick say. 

"Rick," I gasped. "I'm over here!"

"What the hell happened?" 

"I got hit. I don't have a lot of time left, but please just stay with me til I'm gone."

"Anything for you."

Rick's eyes filled with tears. 

"Rose, come on. You're gonna make it. I need you."

"Take care of the kids. All of them. I bet even Renee will find her way back to us. Just promise that you'll protect the kids as long as you can from this. I need them safe. Ron will be fine. He's just like you. Roi is tough, this will hurt her, but she'll pull through."

"Rose, come on. Please, I need you."

I lifted my hand to his face. His eyes looked much older than sixteen years old, but he was still my Rick just the same. 

"Rick, I won't make it out of this," I gasped. "But you must promise me that you'll survive. That you won't give up. Promise me now, Rick. And never let go of that promise."

"Never. And I promise, your heart will go on, Rose."

I smiled as my last breath was drawn in my husband's arms. I heard his cries as I died in his arms. I felt his muscles tense and collapse around me as sadness shook my love's body. 

Ten years later, I still waited. I waited for him and he arrived. He was twenty six years of age and he had saved Ron and Roi's life. I smiled when I saw him walk up the stairs of heaven. I gave a knowing smile to Roisa, my little girl, who was mourning her best friend and her father with Ronan and a mysterious boy with dark hair. I didn't recognize him, but by the way Roi looked at him, I could tell she was in love with him. 

"I'm finally with you again."

I smiled. "Back where we belong. Together." 

And at that time, which lasted forever, my Rick and I shared a kiss that waited to happen for the longest time. 

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#9: Marty Abbey

*This was a blow-by in War of One, but if you remember this is Margaret's dad. 

When I was thirteen, I married Mary Giana Abbott. She was the most beautiful girl I'd ever met. When she decided to marry me, it was the second happiest day of my life. 

Of course the first one was when my daughter was born. She looked just like her mother. We named her Margaret Giana Abbey. Two years later, we had a baby boy. We named him Marty Jr. It's a great name! When I enlisted in the War of One, Mary came with me. So did her friend Rose Evans, who she'd been friends with since they were little. 

*Death Scene:Marty&Mary are 16. 

Rose was walking with me and Mary along the way. We talked about our kids. 

"Your daughter is all Roisa talks about. She always says that Margaret is her best friend in the whole world. It's so cute too," she said. 

"Roisa is so sweet. When she was over at our place for a play date, she cleaned up everything. It was so cute."

"Thanks, Mary. How's the baby?"

"Marty Jr. is fine. He's loud," Mary said. 

We laughed and almost didn't realize that a gun was being aimed. I looked up and saw my friend Rick's ex-girlfriend with a gun pointed towards us. 

"Run!" I screamed. We were all track and cross country stars, maybe we could out run her. 

I grabbed Mary's hand and the three of us sprinted away from Liv Rifle. I did hear a shot go off, but Rose was still following us. Until Liv caught up with her. 

"Go! Run!" Rose screamed. 

"No! Rose!" Mary yelled. 

Another shot. "No!" Mary screamed. 

"Come on," I said. "Rose would want us to stay alive."

Mary shook with tears. We thought Rose was dead then, but I found out later that she died in Rick's arms. 

The two of us ran off with Mary sobbing the whole time. We were so pain-stricken that we didn't notice another gun. Jessica Lyle was the sister of Mr. Lilac's wife. They were rich as hell. I turned just in time to see the gun aimed at Mary. My eyes widened in realization that Mary would immediately die when hit. I saw the trigger pressed and I lunged in front of Mary who was ahead of me sprinting fast. I felt pain shoot through my ribs when the bullet hit. As I fell to the ground, I saw Jessica Lyle run away. She was trying to find Mary. 

I heard Mary's voice. "Marty? I think we outran her. Marty?" 

I wanted to scream the everything would be fine, but I didn't. 

She came out of the leaves and bushes and when she saw me her eyes widened in terror. 

"What happened?" she cried. 

"I saw a gun aimed at you and I jumped in the way," I shook when I talked. 

"Marty, everything's gonna be fine. You'll be fine. Please. Stay with me."

"I'll try. Really, I will."

I tried to lift my hand to her face. She was still my perfect bride. 

"Take care of the kids. Take care of them."

She nodded and bit her lip. I closed my eyes and breathed my last in her arms. 

"Marty?" I heard her cry. 

"Marty!" She yelled. "Marty, come back to me! Please!"

When my dead body didn't respond, she cried even harder. A door opened and my spirit waved goodbye to her. I was hesitant to enter heaven, because my family was still here. But I did. 

My father was there and so was my mom. 

Mary still isn't with me, but my little Margaret is. The two of us will wait for her, Marty Jr., and the new addition, Margot, the little sister. Mary was pregnant with a girl when I died. 

I'm still waiting for the one I love and I will wait forever if I have to. 

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#8: Liv Rifle

*Only from her perspective is this sad. 

I wasn't married, but I did have a child. He didn't know I was his mother til today. I promised that I'd try to spare him from the War. I just wanted to kill myself. 

Later in the War of One, when I was sixteen, I killed Rose Evans, my enemy. I was still training John to be a warrior. 

When I heard that Rick died in the War, and that my son had killed him, I felt horrible. I still loved him, and he chose Rose over me. 

*Death Scene: Roi Kills Liv Rifle

I felt so horrible later in the War, and then I ran into Rick's daughter, Roisa, her name was. She looked terrified. I decided to get things over with and taunt the poor girl. She didn't move an inch. 

After she'd had enough, I took out my gun and I held it pointed at the girl. I saw John with a gun aimed at her, but I shook my head. Her eyes widened a little, as if she knew John was there too. 

When I shot my bullet towards Roi, it hit her leg, but her arrow had hit me in the head. I was done for. Dead for good. I had already died inside when I lost Rick. Before my spirit left my body, I saw John die at the hands of the same girl whose father broke my heart. 

At the gate of our heaven, my son and I walked in to find just our little house. The one we'd shared. We always wanted to be together, mother and son. To him, I was his heroine. And I will always love my little boy, no matter how wicked we are. 

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#7: Margaret Giana Abbey

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#6: Renee(as Marie Lilac)

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#5: Rick Rogers

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#4: Ronan Robert Rogers

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