Miracles Happen Every Day


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First Class

 All I know is that I was fifteen years old when I first moved to Danbury. I went to Immaculate High School with my cousin Mike and all was going quite nicely...

I was the new girl. My name was Remi Chil. I was okay with the move. Mom had just died, and so I needed a fresh start. I moved in with dad and my brother, Dominic, a few weeks ago. I was still getting to know the area. I was a sophomore in high school and I was fine at first. And then, I met him. 

I pulled into the parking lot, obviously still learning to drive, and walked into the doors of my new school. I remembered my mom used to go here. Her name was Tara Swan. She lived with me in Georgia for a while after she and Jake, my dad, divorced. Dominic was born not long after the divorce happened so he chose to live with dad when he was old enough. 

I looked at my locker, with my schedule on it for some reason, and I sighed. My first class was math. I was in advanced Algebra. Shit, I thought. I went straight to homeroom for the first ten minutes of the day. I saw faces that I remembered. There was Nicole Vieux, Victoria Weed, Margaret Giansiracusa, I knew the girls from third grade memories. Then there were the twins, James and Henry Fontenelli, Mike Garvey, Rose Begler, Marie Buzzi, so many people. Someone new was in the classroom that I couldn't lay my finger on. He was handsome, I'll give him that. And the only open seat was between him and Margaret. I took the seat. He flinched as I sat down, obviously aware that he offended me by doing so. Margaret immediately remembered me and started talking. I pretended to listen, lost in my own thoughts. I kept wondering what the boy behind me was doing. Was he ignoring or eavesdropping on my and Margaret's conversation? Was he trying to pry into my thoughts? That's sure as hell what it seemed like. I could not take it any longer. I walked out of class with Nicole and Margaret and asked them "Who's the guy on my left in homeroom?" 

The girls seemed to almost giggle as I asked. Oh, no, I thought. They were probably going to have a super girly moment and list all details on how cute he is. As if they sensed what I was thinking, they rolled their eyes and said, "Okay, fine. His name is Zachary Clarx. He's got two sisters and one brother. Two of his six cousins on his mom's side go here. And--get this--no girlfriend!" I rolled my eyes again, but this time I laughed. They were clearly contaminated with boy-craziness. I made up a new disease. Girls have tragically succumbed to the spread of the illness--the Z-Clarx. The only person immune to this disease:(said with yay! effect)ME!

"What class do you you girls have?" I asked them. 

"Damn, I've got biology." 

"I've got biology, too, Nicole."

"I've got advanced math."

"Lucky! Zach's in that class first."

I raised an eyebrow. "Not seeing the luck part of that. He clearly hates me."

"Come on. You've at least gotta admit he's cute."

Shit, she's right. Wait, what the hell am I thinking?!?

"No, he's not. I've got better things to think about than boys."

"What's better than boys?" Nicole called after me. 

I never answered the question. 

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Classes with Z-Clarx

 I walked into algebra, and took the second open seat. The one next to the window was taken by a late student. Turns out, the late student was Zach. Speak of the devil. He plopped his books under his chair and sat straight up and seemed to hold his breath for a lot of class. 

I tried to focus on the subject I learned last year. This algebra shit is from my freshman year. So, I got lost in my head. Why does this guy not want anything to do with me even when I haven't even said anything? What the hell did I do? 

The bell rang after what seemed like forever. Zach immediately stood and speed-walked towards the door. He almost crushed me in the process. I stared at him with a look that said, What the hell, dude? Really?

He said sorry, but continued on. I had History next. I got out into the hallway to get my books from my locker, only to see Zach carrying his history textbook and walking into the class to the right. 

I sighed and continued to my locker, while thinking in my head, FML. 

I arrived in the history class, and saw Zach sitting at the window side of the room. He sighed and almost gave into the urge to slam his head on the desk. I saw another open seat next to Victoria Weed. Thank God. It was nowhere near Zach Clarx. 

History went by fast, and so did my other classes as well. Turns out, I have almost all the same classes as Zach Clarx. We both have Algebra and History(obviously), French, Biology, English, Study Hall, and lunch together. Speaking of...

Lunch was actually interesting. I sat down with Rose Begler, Marie Buzzi, Patricia Doherty, Nicole Halas, and Catharine Yastremski along with Margaret, Victoria, and Nicole Vieux. I watched him and his family walk in. 

The eldest was Alexander. He was Zach's older cousin. He was a junior. He was slightly taller than Zach and he had darker hair. 

After him, Ann was younger than Zach as a freshman. She was Zach's cousin. Not his sibling. Zach's sisters were Karena and Rose Clarx. His brother was named Chase. Ann's younger sister, Elizabeth, was a in seventh grade. Karena was in eighth grade with Chase in fourth grade at the place where I attended third grade. Rose was in second. Ryan, Ann's younger brother, was in fifth grade at this school as well. So was Jacob, a third grader and the youngest in Ann's family. My brother, Dominic, is in Karena's eighth grade class. It was Zach, Alexander and Ann who walked in. They sat at a table...just the three of them. I noticed Zach staring at me as he walked to his table. I continued to glance over my shoulder. Alexander and Ann were in a conversation as Zach appeared to be ignoring his cousins. I shivered. His staring sent a chill down my spine. 

I stood up and went to buy lunch. As I approached my table with the lunch tray, I looked over at Zach's table. Only Alexander and Ann were there. Zach had disappeared. I sat down and tried to listen to gossip on the Clarx. But I was lost on how maybe, Zach and I had something in common or something of a rivalry. And it was my job to figure this out? Damn, I was just starting to like this place. 

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The Dream of a Nightmare

I can't believe I actually saw him. Z-Clarx was in my dream. He was leaving, as I remember it. I remember saying his name over and over to get him to stay. I swear I heard him say, "I'll always stay for you, Remi." I felt myself smile in my sleep. I could almost feel him next to me. I woke up then, and I thought I saw him in my doorway. I blinked and he was at the window. I shook my head, thinking I was still sleeping, and looked up. He was gone. 

I was probably still sleeping, thinking of my dream and nightmare combined. What if he was there? And he knew I just dreamed about him?

"Shit." I thought out loud. 

But if he was there, then he really did say that he'd always be there for me. 

But how? How did he get in my room, much less my house? My window is always locked and so is the front door. And my dad?!? How the hell did he get past him? Or my brother? He and my dad are the most overprotective people I've ever known. Try being the only girl in their lives. Both of them. 

But I was happy. Zach in my dream cared enough, and he might do the same to at least introduce himself tomorrow. You never know. Miracles happen every day. 

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Zach...not Z-Clarx

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The Next Day

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Name Deciding

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The Final Chapter of Forever

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