Spin the Bottle


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Chapter 1

 We were all fifteen years old and my friend, Cathy, was having a party. There were five girls and five boys. We were playing Spin the Bottle, a game where you spin a two-liter soda bottle and whoever the cap points to has to do it with you. The girls were: Cathy, Margaret, Marie, Nicole, and myself. The boys were Max, Jay, Peter, Nick, and him. I was so excited to play this game, but also nervous. This game was to see who could get a dramatic turn out. I wanted to end up with him, Clark Krypton. He was not Superman, even though he had enough of a six pack to be one. 

His hair was dark brown, the color that most girls would die for. His eyes, well, nothing ever has stopped me from looking into those eyes. First, it was Nick's turn to spin. He landed on Cathy. We all made the 'ooh...' noise as they laughed and waited for the next turn. It was Peter's turn, he landed on Margaret. Everyone knew that those two were destined to be the couple. I waited in anticipation. Jay spun, and eyes locked with Marie. They liked each other, anyway. That left me, Nicole, Clark and Max. It was Max's turn. He spun the bottle, and it seemed to take forever to land. It was right in the middle of me and Nicole, for a split second. It moved to the right, where Nicole accepted Max with open arms. 

That left me and Clark. It was awkward, but Cathy's apartment was always empty when her family didn't visit the boarding school we all attended, and we were planning to make windows steamy. This was Athens, Georgia, and all of us had our driving permits too. Which meant one of us might park after this. 

Cathy and Nick got her room, Peter and Margaret took her brother's room, Max and Nicole took the guest room, and Marie and Jay took Jay's car. That left Clark and I in the master bedroom. 

"So..." he said. "This is a little awkward."

I laughed. My hands were in my pockets. 

"But I'm glad it's you. I'm really glad it's you, Elisa."

I looked at him. He was taller than me by a few inches, but I was still about eye-level with him. 

His hand ran through my hair and my hand came out of my pocket and around his neck. We stopped and went under the covers. His mouth and mine were locked in a kiss so fierce it shook my world. His hands were unbuttoning my blouse and pulling it off my shoulders as I was doing to his shirt. I felt his hands undo my jean buckle and slide them down. I wore only my black bra and panties. Clark was shirtless and had just slid off his jeans and laid them in the pile of clothes on the floor. I laid on my back and as he kissed me, his fingers undid my bra and slid it off of me onto the floor. He saw my exposed breasts and got on top of me with his hands squeezing and caressing them like crazy. I was scared at the thought that we probably weren't using protection, but now I didn't care. His hands fell from my breasts, to my stomach, to the outside of my thighs. He yanked down my panties and threw them on top of the clothes scattered throughout the room. His hands continued their mission from my outer thighs, slowly working their way towards the inside until his finger found my crotch. I gasped. He pulled down his boxers and I felt him inside me. I felt his kiss on my neck and on my breast and his shaft was still in me. 

I almost screamed as I felt a full-force orgasm strike me. Clark felt it too. He smiled at me, and we noticed how the window to the outside was foggy as ever. I was looking forward to playing Spin the Bottle again. Let's see if my luck stays with me. It certainly had at this point. 

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Chapter 2

 Clark and I both got dressed and came back out to the table where everyone's hair was drenched with an earlier sweat. The Spin and Sin game of the night was over, but it was the first of many nights I would never forget. 

The next morning was a Saturday, no school, and I felt sore as hell. I remembered last night, and I couldn't wait for next time. Clark was pretty much thinking the same. I hope. 

I lived alone in my dorm for the boarding school for girls and the boys' school was across the street. Next door were the dorm rooms which made it easy for late night dates and one night stands.

My mom was dead from a heart disease when I was little, and my dad suffered from depression afterwards. My fifteen year old aunt took me in for a year, and then used my mom's extra money to send me to boarding school. It was easier to not have to worry about dad. I've never actually seen him anyway. Not that I can remember at least. He and my mom met at these schools, and they were pretty much free anyways, so Aunt Liv was probably thinking "selfie-where-mom-and-dad-met-time". Me, I hate when people do that. 

I got a text from Cathy saying: "We're meeting for Bottle Spin at Margaret's house. New way for the game this time?! 

I sent a message back that said: Cool. I hope same partners as last time. :D

I wore a V-Neck shirt that was a bluish-green color. It matched my eyes. I drove over to Margaret's place in my car and parked in her driveway. I saw Clark's car. He's here!

I got inside and everyone was sitting around the table. This time we went in alphabetical order. Clarx was first. It landed on me again!

This time, we didn't get the master bedroom. Cathy got that with Nick, again. 

Clark and I went into his car, that had shades on the windows for the windshield too. 

He sat in the back with me again and I smiled at him. 

Clark looked at me, with an expression that said "what do I do first when parking?" 

I answered him by moving his hand from my lap to my breast and he kissed me with a fiery lust in his eyes. 

I wrapped my arm around his neck and pulled his face closer to mine. I took in his scent: vanilla with a hint of mint in the corner of his mouth. I'm guessing he brushed his teeth with Crest Mint after a vanilla milkshake? I could be wrong, but then again...oh, shit I really don't care. 

Later in the night, I had his jacket over his back, as he was already on top of me. The windows of his car were foggy like hell and my hair and Clark's was drenched in sweat. 

I felt my fingers run through his hair and over his spine. Clark and I had a tongue wrestle and laid on top of each other for the rest of the night. 

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Chapter 3

 The next morning came the throwing up. I had already taken a pregnancy test and it was positive. I was scared to death of what my mother would say. Which only made me more nervous about what my father would say. Maybe I shouldn't tell them. Maybe I should. Over the phone? At least that avoids a temper tantrum from dad. (Oh, forgot to mention. I call my aunt "mom") Clark came over and saw the test. His face went from a gorgeous light tan from the summer to a ghostly white like snow. I stood up, despite the pain in my stomach, and I caught him. 

"Alright, dad," I had to throw that in there. "You okay?"

"Yeah," he gasped. "Just need a little bit of a breather."

"Alright. Are you okay now?"

"Let me drive you to ultrasound. You want to find out?"


"Then get in the car!"

We raced out to the car and then raced to the ultrasound. 

"Well, Elisa. The babies are healthy."

"Thank you sir. Wait...babies? Plural? More than one?"

"Yes," he said, nodding. "You're carrying twins."

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67 Years Later

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