War of Three: The Final Round


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Roisa Rachel Rogers Manuel

I was having a little get together with Renee and Karenna. Or should I say, Renee Morris and Karenna Rogers. The three of us were all married even though we were only fourteen and thirteen years old. 

Renee and Matt Morris started dating in the middle of War of Two. They got married afterwards and now she was pregnant with Clark and Rick, twin boys. 

Karenna was now a widow, since Ron died. Karen was now starting to talk and baby Robert was learning to crawl. Karen's first word was said when Karenna came home from the War. "Da-da?" like she was looking for Ron. Karenna was pregnant with Robert when Ron died, and Ron never met his son. But, Robert is loud, which means he'll be just like his father. 

I already had my twins, Clara and Ronan, after the War of One. I was pregnant with another baby, but I didn't find out what it was. I was about seven months pregnant.

My husband, Clarx, was not used to living without his best friend immediately saying "HEY!" when he walked in the door. Never mind that, his best friend was my brother.

It was our birthday that day, mine and Ron's: May 14. At ten p.m., I blew out fourteen candles, counted twenty seconds, and blew out fourteen more. 

The final round was coming up. If Jesse didn't reenlist, then the War was over. If he did, Clarx and I would both have to. The last round means that only one person survives. I prayed that they'd adjust the rules so that if one of us killed Jesse, we wouldn't have to kill each other. 

If Clarx and I both reenlisted before Jesse, then we'd automatically win. The two of us had already as soon as the War of Two was over. Hopefully, Jesse didn't beat us to it. 

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