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In the dark, dank hole of my mind
you own me, control me
my master. My lover?
I daren't ask, as the last
time; my reward;
your hand across my face  
    How can I earn your
    love, trust...heart?
    people say abuse, but 
    I know the truth,
    you once were damaged
    by her misdirection, if
    only she'd used discretion
    it is not me you hate
    not me you hurt
I know you need your release
and I am but a vessel
Still I cry myself to 
sleep, Still you visit me.
    Day by Day, Alone. have you
    abandoned're the only 
    one that understands. I need You.
A glance into the mirror
I see you. I turn. Gone.
I look once more and realise,
they're right.
There is no you anymore
just me, my reflection
and my knife. soon.
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What I'll never Say

I can't help but imagine
running my fingers through 
your silken hair
I hate to see you cry
And listen as you say
such things as you want to die
    I hardly know that girl
    the one who causes pain
    I'd say she's not worth your
    tears, but that's your choice alone
And when I see your beautiful eyes
flooded with tears, how my heart pains
I wish I could hold you, tell you
how I feel, but I shan't. you aren't
yet ready, I wonder if you ever will be
with all the games she plays
    I question; how would you react? 
if I told you I cared. That i long to kiss you, 
hold you. and 
show you, truly show you, just
how perfect you are.
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