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Chapter 1

 I used to get teased a lot to point in my life where I used to cry a lot to my moms how I didn't wanna be here anymore but I stuck it out to the fullest no matter now bad the road got for tauri I had my friend name shadell who I knew seen playing for the rosedale jet this man been in my life seen day 1 no more how bad I wanted to give up in life shadell would. Be like when road get ruff we get knock down we get up that all that matter we keep it goin in life period . Bonnie cylde for life shadell and tauri my partner and crime . FRiENDFORLiFE❤️👑🃏💯

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 My name is taurimishelallen i was born in Jamaica hospital in 1993 i had 2holes in my heart when i was a baby . I got it closed up i went to ps 40 when i was young girl .then me and my brother jumped from ps 40 too ps 220 growing up i felt we was living the dream like any other kids but in 2005 i was a attack by a pitbull I still have a scar for life on my thigh I still have a teeth mark on my thigh. But i couldn't let that get me down or let it get to me for the rest of my life. I went to ps 80 when i young i was a praise dancer and cheerleader for the rosedale jets that gave me a  soooooooo much happiness in life after i stop I wish I can go back to praise dance for longest time in Life my 

i had grew up I am 24 now am in a work program i used to go to this Saturday program it was a outing where u go out Saturday and link with a group but some how my attitude got the best of me i

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