Young Boy


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Chapter 1

 Once upon a time there lived a young boy, who was named Elliot. He was 14 years old, Elliot lived with his mother, named Jane an his father, named Bradly. Elliot lived in a small town, named Hillside grove. As a young boy Elliot was always into mysteries such as the, the man with two missing fingers. He was a strange child. Into blood and guts loved anything to do with gory guts and horror. Elliot when to a small school in his village, named hilly primary. His best mate is named Charlie, he is 14 years old too. He lived on Elliot's grove to. Only a thew doors down.

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Chapter 2

  Elliot an Charlie was out one night, after school an they where only going to the park, when Charlie spotted a green flashing light, in the sky. Charlie "shouted" Elliot Elliot Elliot did u see that, Elliot replied "seen what", Charlie that light in the sky the green one.  Elliot I can see it I can, both the boys turned to each other and said "let's follow the light come on" the boys followed the light for hours and hours, it's was around 4:41pm when they first seen the light and the have been walking for around 2 hours now, they fin

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