Between Life And Death


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Chapter 1

It goes Black and a single ringing sound rings loudly continuing again and again, I start to get used to this, thinking it was how death felt. Suddenly, a tapping sound started and muffled sounds surrounded me. I open my eyes and see a slim and faired coloured woman standing in front of me, her hair as dark as night almost glistening like stars in the sky. I freeze in astonishment thinking that I survived death, The lady takes a look at me and holds her long, skinny arm out to me I hesitate before gently placing my hand on her’s. I stand up and notice that I’m no longer wearing my mother’s dress anymore instead I’m wearing a dress so white that it makes the snow look dark and the beads shine as bright as day.

I click back to see the lady grabbing a giant book from inside her outside robe she raises an eyebrow before speaking to me “Hello dear child,” I’ve surely never met this woman but her voice seemed soothing and comforting “ I’ve looked through your life and it seems that you haven’t actually lived your life span.” I look  at her blue and icy eyes making a confused face, the woman notices and explains “ As you probably notice and remember that you died by drowning,” I nod “ Well, you weren’t supposed to die this early. A reaper had caused this and the reason why he did this is still unclear.” 

I widen my eyes as a tear falls down my cheek and say “ I don’t deserve to die yet! I can’t... please let me have a second chance!” My legs give out and I fall onto the ground clasping the lady’s dress. She sighs as she helps me up “ Child! You must be patient you never know what The other person is going to say,” the lady says in a calm and modest voice. 

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 I close my eyes as I accept my death. Just a few more seconds and I’ll will be with papa, I think. I inhale the air feeling the cold and wet liquid fill my lungs as I take my last breath I hold onto the bible. My grip as tight as steel holding on desperately I burst into tears.        

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