The Sweetest Sin


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Chapter 1

I felt the sweat slowly drip down my forehead onto my cheek as I stepped off the treadmill. I grabbed my water bottle out of the holder and took a swig. I felt triumphant as I had just completed a six mile run, and I was finally ready to run the 10k next month. I had been training for weeks and when I reached my goal I was excited. 

I looked around the gym, searching for my best friend. She was somewhere around here, I just had to find her. She begrudgingly came with me every time, but I knew the real reasons why she tagged along. I just had to find the most good-looking man in the building and she would be close by. 

I walked around searching for her, my eyes trying not to linger too long on anyone working out. The most uncomfortable thing at the gym is having someone look too long. It took me a few more scans before I noticed a very handsome man and then her jet-black hair sitting at the machine right next to him. 

I walked over to her and watched as she did reps. “This machine says it's supposed to work my ass, I hope so.” She said as she continued to pump her legs on the machine. 

I laughed at her statement, I wouldn't expect less from her. “I'll let you know if it helps.” 

“It better, otherwise I've wasted my time.” 

“Adalyn, don't expect your ass to change overnight, you'll need to do this every time we come to the gym.” I drank some water while I watched her.

Once Adalyn got off the machine, she reached for my water bottle. “You really should bring your own.” 

“Why would I do that when I have yours?” She flashed me a smile before she took another drink.  

I rolled my eyes and headed for the locker room. We both took a quick shower and then changed into clean clothes. I put my dirty clothes as well as Adalyn's into my gym bag and shut my locker. 

I threw my brown hair up in a messy bun and slung my bag over my shoulder. I walked towards Adalyn who was applying makeup in the large body-length mirror. “Why do you need to do that, were just heading home.” 

“What if I see my soulmate?” She said as she rimmed her green eyes with the black eyeliner. 

Adalyn was always preparing herself in hopes she would meet Mr. Right. I on the other hand didn't care as much as she did. I was too busy with work to focus on pleasing another person, let alone worry about how I looked to them. 

I exited the locker room and figured she would make her way to the car when she was ready. I pulled my phone out of my back pocket and pulled up my email. I had four unread emails just in the span of a few hours. I opened them one by one, reading each of them in full. 

They were all about how the new CEO would be stopping by tomorrow and it was imperative that we dress for the occasion and make sure our presentation is in order. This wasn't news to me, my boss, Tyler, had been stressing the importance of this meeting for a week now. We needed to make sure the new CEO understood that Solar Marketing did what was necessary to ensure everything was done with precision and expertise. 

As I stepped out from the gym, the warm fall breeze caressed my skin as the sun peaked just over the horizon. It had been a long day and I was ready to curl up on the couch with a good book and a glass of my favorite wine. 

I was replying back to Tyler's emails ensuring him that everything was prepared and ready to go when I ran into what I thought was the wall. I looked up, perplexed at how I could have managed that when I was met with a pair of sapphire eyes so deep I got lost. I stumbled backwards and fell on my ass, the warm concrete knocking me back to reality. 

“Are you okay?" The deep voice rumbled within me, it was a sound so masculine yet so melodic. 

I peered up at him and drank in his features. The sapphire eyes were met with a sharp nose and lips so full they looked like they were made for kissing. His heart shaped face was turned down to look at me, strands of blond hair fell in front of his eyes. He was lean, the sleeves of his black shirt strained against his biceps. If he flexed, I was sure they would rip. The confidence he exuded was unlike anything I had witnessed before, it radiated around him and crashed into me like waves. 

I nodded sheepishly as I stood up from the ground. What had happened was already embarrassing, but doing it in front of this man was even worse. 

“I didn't mean to run into you.” He was tall, at least a couple inches taller than myself, and I wasn't short by any means. 

“It's okay. I wasn't paying attention.” I avoided eye contact with him, after he saw me sprawled out on my ass, I just wanted to get out of there and be in the solitude of my car. 

“I'm glad you're okay.” 

“Serenity!” I heard my name and saw Adalyn bouncing out of the doors. When she laid eyes on the man in front of me, her demeanor changed. She was preparing herself, ready to flirt upon arrival. “Who is this?” She stopped by my side, eyeing him up and down. 

“I accidentally ran into him, he was just helping me up.”

“Nice to meet you, I'm Adalyn.” She held out her hand and he took it. Despite having just met this man, I was jealous. His touch had to be just as magnetic as his presence. 

“Sin.” He replied when he released her hand. 

“That you are.” 

“Well, we better get going. I apologize again for what happened.” I smiled halfheartedly as I slowly made my way towards the car. 

“Don't worry about it. It was nice meeting you, Serenity.” The way he said my name sent shivers down my spine. It was sweet and sultry, a combination so divine I would have paid to hear it again. 

When I turned away from him, I took a deep breath. Adalyn caught up to me and let out a loud sigh. “Wow, what a man.” 

I opened my trunk and threw the bag in there before getting into the driver's seat. Adalyn got into the passenger seat and peered towards the gym. “I'm debating whether or not I want to work out again. That man has me wanting to come to the gym with you now.” 

“He is cute.” I shrugged, trying to pretend that he didn't affect me as much as he really did. I was going to keep my attraction to him a secret and only play it out as a fantasy. A dirty, dirty fantasy. 

“Cute? Serenity, that man is not cute. He is sex on legs, a man that could make you orgasm with just a look. I have never seen him here before, but damn. I'm coming here with you every day.” She giggled while she buckled herself in. 

She wasn't wrong, he knocked me on my ass. Literally and figuratively. 


“Don't stress so much.” I told Tyler as he paced in his large office. The floor to ceiling windows showcased downtown Minneapolis. The busy streets a tiny spec from his office. “You've prepared this for a week, I'm sure you'll do great.” 

Tyler ran a hand through his salt and pepper hair. Some men couldn't pull off that look, but it worked well for him. He was short in stature, but built like a bus. He was as avid about hitting the gym as I was and it showed. 

“Thanks Serenity. I fully intend on talking about how well you preformed on this task and I will recommend you for the marketing specialist position opening up.” 

I gave Tyler a warm smile. It was nice being appreciated for the hard work you do, and Tyler was always ready to give me praise. It was such a stark difference from the last company I interned for. They paid well, especially for it being an internship, yet the man I worked for always took my ideas and played them off as his own. Tyler wasn't like that, he gave credit where it was due and I liked that about him. 

“It's showtime.” He said as he walked towards the door. “Do you want to sit in and listen?" He asked right before he walked out. 

“Sure, that sounds great.” I followed behind him as he exited his office. We walked down the long hallway that was lined with glass, the meeting rooms empty except for the one at the very end. 

As we came upon it, I could see a tall man standing in a black suit. He was facing away from the windows and he was speaking with Caroline, our director of brand marketing. His blonde curly hair was tousled on top of his head. 

I stopped to smooth out my black pencil skirt and ensure that my crimson red blouse was tucked properly. I was wearing my mom's gold diamond necklace for good luck and it pulled the outfit together nicely. I felt confident with what I was wearing and that I would make a great first impression. 

As we entered, Caroline's eyes diverted to us. “Here they are. Mr. Bailey, I'd like to introduce you to our marketing coordinator Tyler Worth and his intern, Serenity Moore. This is our new CEO, Carsin Bailey." 

When he turned around, I was stunned by the sapphire eyes that landed on me. The corners of his mouth moved slightly at the sight of me. 

Seeing him in a suit was a different level of sexy, a sight that could make any woman salivate. He shook hands with Tyler, the greetings lost on me as I just watched him. When he turned to me and held out his hand, I took it, anticipating how his hands would feel. 

When we touched an electric current ran through my body. His scent wafted under my nose, it was a mixture of body wash and musk. A smell so primal and male it made my insides turn. 

“It's nice to see you again, Serenity.” I never thought I'd hear him say my name again, but it was better than I remember it. 

“You two know each other?” I heard Caroline pipe up. I had forgot I was in a room with other people, that was how deeply he affected me. 

“We ran into each other yesterday.” Literally. A smile played on his lips and I felt my cheeks grow hot. 

“Ah, well. Let's get this started, I have a lot of information for you, Mr. Bailey.” Tyler said as he walked towards the front of the room. 

“Yes. I look forward to hearing all of it." 

I made my way towards one of the chairs furthest from my new boss. Despite how badly I wanted him and how confused that made me, there was one thing I knew for sure. I had to stay away. I wanted this job more than anything, and no matter how hot Carsin made me, I wasn't going to do anything to screw that up. 

“Okay, let's hear it.” Carsin said. 


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Chapter 2

After Tyler finished giving his presentation, I let out a sigh of relief. He did well, which was expected. However, I didn't know how he kept his composure under the watchful gaze of Carsin. It was calculating, and he wasn't great at hiding his facial expressions when Tyler said something he didn't agree with.

"Do you have any questions, Mr. Bailey?" Tyler asked as he took his seat next to me.

"I do." He said while he adjusted in his seat. "How did you come up with the idea to include expected revenue with the quotes given to the customers. Are we ensuring this revenue, or just giving an approximate number."

"That was Serenity's idea Mr. Bailey. Why don't you explain the idea to him and how it will work." Tyler turned towards me and I was regretting my earlier decision of sitting in on the presentation. I could be sitting at my desk secretly scrolling through Pinterest.

"It's an approximate number, we are not ensuring the revenue. However, based on our advertising and audience reach, we can run an algorithmic program that can closely project what the revenue may be." My heart was beating rapidly as Carsin stared through me.

"I don't like that, and I don't think we should do it." He sat back in his chair and I felt my face grow red from embarrassment.

"Why is that?" I knew I shouldn't have said anything, especially when Caroline and Tyler's heads snapped in my direction.

Carsin let out a sigh that indicated he didn't want to answer the question, but I didn't back down. Maybe this will cool my raging hormones. I didn't do assholes, and that seems to be what he is.

"Because, Ms. Moore. If we project that kind of revenue and it fails, we can face unintended consequences. While the idea is new and interesting, there is no guarantee of that profit, and I don't want to give false hope and then fail to achieve it."

"That makes sense." Caroline said. Kiss ass.

I sat back in my chair and stayed quiet for the remainder of the meeting. Tyler and Carsin talked back and forth and occasionally Caroline would add in to it, but for the most part it was just the two men.

When they finished, I stood and walked out. I was ready to get the hell out of there and nurse my embarrassment with a bottle of wine. If things kept going at this rate, Carsin was going to drive me to drink every night.

When I exited the board room, I made a bee-line for my desk. I grabbed my belongings and waved a quick goodbye to Tyler.

"Serenity, wait a minute." He said, stopping me in my tracks. "Don't take offense to what he said. He knows the business and for what it's worth, I thought your idea was great. That's why I pitched it." He smiled at me and I couldn't help but feel a little better. Tyler had been like a surrogate father to me in the few short months of being his intern. If I could have picked my father, I would have picked him.

"Thanks." I gave him a quick hug and headed out of the building as fast as my feet could take me.

When I made it down to the parking garage, I saw Carsin waiting idly by my car. Regardless of what had just taken place not too long ago, my heart thumped loudly in my chest at the sight of him.

"Didn't get to say enough in the meeting?" I said with as much venom as I could muster. "Also, it's kind of creepy that you're waiting by my car and that you even know which car is mine."

"I saw you drive away in it yesterday, it's kind of hard to forget a yellow mustang." He wasn't necessarily wrong, but I wasn't going to admit that to him.

"Well, I have heard enough for one day Mr. Bailey. I'm going to head home now if you don't mind." I said as I waited for him to move away from my door.

"I just wanted to make sure that you understood I wasn't trying to be an ass. It's just business." He was cool and calm, yet his eyes spoke a different language. They were filled with a fire I had only briefly witnessed the day before.

"I know how the business works, thank you though."

"Are you seeing anyone?" The question was direct and I was taken back. If he hadn't just embarrassed me in front of Tyler and Caroline, I might have had a harder time fighting myself, but the sting of his rejection was still fresh and quite frankly, I was bitter about it.

"That's none of your business, Mr. Bailey. Now if you could please move, I want to leave."

"I think you know as much as I do that it is my business, or at least it should be." He took a step closer to me, the heat of his body radiating off of him. "I could take you to places you've never been, make you feel things you've never felt. Don't you want that?" His voice was hoarse, the fire in his eyes all consuming.

I did want that, I wanted it so bad that my body ached for it in places that had been dormant for years. The way he looked at me made me weak in the knees, and it would have been easy to cave. The pure primal need for him was raging throughout my body.

"It's not your business and I don't appreciate your comments." It hurt to say that.

"Don't pretend like you don't feel the attraction. As soon as you ran into me yesterday, I knew I had to have you." He reached a hand towards me and I backed away slightly. I knew if he touched me in any way, I wasn't going to be able to hold out. I'd let him take me right there.

"I'm not something you can pick up off the shelf and buy. I'm not interested." I knew there was no real conviction in my voice, and he saw that. He was a shark in the water and he was circling me, chomping at the bit to take a bite.

I side-stepped him and opened my car door and got in. He turned to face me as the door closed and I saw his smile. Perfect white teeth surrounded by plump lips. Fuck.

I rolled down my window and just as a last fuck you, I looked him in the eyes and said, "Don't waste your time on me, Mr. Bailey. I will never be interested."

"We'll see about that, Serenity. Call me Sin." He winked at me as he turned to walk away and I felt my panties get wet.

                                           . . . . .

"That fucker." I said as I slammed the door shut to my town-home. I threw my purse on the floor and walked towards the living room. I plopped down on the couch next to Adalyn.

"What?" She asked as she paused the show she was watching.

"Carsin Bailey. That's what." I let out a big sigh and threw his business card on the coffee table. 

When I was driving home, I saw something flapping in the wind under my windshield wiper. When I parked my car, I pulled it out and saw it had his name and number written in neat penmanship on the back. 

Adalyn picked up the card to inspect it. It didn't register who he was until she flipped the card over and saw the writing on the back. "Serenity, is this that guy from the gym yesterday?" She asked, her face lighting up with excitement.

"Yes, unfortunately. He's my new boss. He was the one that bought Solar." I threw my head back and when I closed my eyes, all I saw was him. His perfectly sculpted eyebrows, that beautiful smile.

"No fucking way. So he's hot as hell and his a billionaire. Are you going to call him?" She was giddy, her female hormones running at full speed.

"No. He's my boss Addie. I actually like my job." I wanted to call him. Every fiber of my being wanted to. I was craving it, I wanted to hear his voice.

"Can I call him then?" She asked.

"Absolutely not." I snatched the card from her fingers and ripped it up. It may have been petty of me, but if I couldn't have him, she couldn't either. Seeing them together would make me extremely jealous, and I couldn't deal with that.

They would be a perfect match though. Adalyn was beautiful in every sense of the word. She was average height, but her legs were long and slender. She had a natural tan and the brightest green eyes that paired well with her black hair. She had a button nose and a diamond shaped face that gave her a sultry look all the men swooned over. 

"Why not? If you're not going to go after him, I should. He's too good to let go and by the way he holds himself, I bet he fucks good too." She wiggled her eyebrows and I tried to reign in the jealousy. He wasn't mine to claim, I was letting him go.

But she couldn't have him, end of discussion.

"No. I don't want to jeopardize my job." I got up from the couch and walked towards my bedroom.

I undressed and got into a pair of sweatpants and a over-sized sweatshirt. I threw myself onto my bed and tried to take my mind off of Sin. But even the memory of him was demanding and it wouldn't leave me alone.

He was dangerous and he would destroy me in ways I couldn't even comprehend. I wasn't prepared for a man like him and I knew I couldn't give him what he needed. 


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Chapter 3

"Is your mom going to meet us there or are we picking her up?" Adalyn asked from her place in the bathroom.

"She's meeting us there." I yelled back. I picked up my beige cotton sweater and threw it on. It was one of my favorite articles of clothing, it hung off one of my shoulders and accentuated my light complexion nicely. When I pulled my boots out from my closet, I felt a little giddy. Fall was my favorite season and I enjoyed dressing for that kind of weather.

Fall in Minneapolis was tough to dress for though. Many natives like myself complained about it, but deep down, we stuck around because we enjoyed it. The changing seasons was my favorite thing about Minnesota, even with how brutal the winters could be.

I walked into the bathroom and stood next to Addie as she finished her makeup. "You look nice." I said as I grabbed a tube of mascara and applied a light coat.

"Thanks, I try." She smiled as she bumped my hip with hers.

Addie had been my best friend for years, the drastic differences between us is what I thought connected us so deeply. Adalyn was a wild card, a free spirit of sorts. She did whatever it was that pleased her in that moment, there was never any planning when it came to her future. She had the confidence many women wish they had and she wasn't afraid to say what was on her mind.

I on the other hand was not the same way. I needed to plan everything six months in advance. I liked knowing what my future held and where I was going to be. I had goals I was working towards and I was frugal with my time. I didn't want to waste it on things or people that wouldn't benefit me in the long run.

I think that's part of the reason I was so apprehensive about Carsin. He was a wild card, an encounter I didn't plan for. He would turn my world upside down and I didn't want to spend my time on him when I knew it wouldn't last. Men like him didn't stay with one woman for very long, and I'll be damned if I'm another notch on his belt.

"You ready?" I asked. Addie nodded her head as she took one more look in the mirror.

We walked out of our town-home and I locked the door behind me. I got into my car and Adalyn slid in the passenger side. We made our way towards my favorite restaurant.

Virtue was nestled among the tall buildings in downtown Minneapolis, a hidden gem you wouldn't know about unless you were from the area. I parked my car across the street and followed Adalyn into the building. My mom was standing just inside the entrance, her long brown hair tied up in a knot on top of her head. Grey eyes that looked like mine crinkled when she smiled and held her arms open for me.

"Hi little one." She smiled. The comfort of her embrace was something I missed the most. With how busy my schedule was, I hadn't had much time to see my mother. She was an important part of my life, so being able to meet up with her every once in awhile was crucial for my well-being.

"Hey mom." I smiled when she released me.

"Hi Ms. Moore." Adalyn said from beside me and they gave each other a quick hug.

"Adalyn, you know better." Mom said.

"I know, I just wanted to mess with you Julia." My mom hated being called Ms. Moore. She says it was because it made her feel old, but I always thought it was because it reminded her that she never got married.

The hostess sat us at a quaint table in the back of the room, the lighting of the dining area was dimly lit, the soft sounds of Billie Eilish crooned through the speakers.

"So, tell me how work is going?" My mom asked as soon as we were seated.

"Everything is great, Tyler said he was going to recommend me for the marketing specialist position. He has been teaching me a lot and I am very happy with the company." Except for that one tiny, well not really tiny, problem I had.

"That's great! I'm so glad to hear that." My mom had always pushed me to do well and if it wasn't for her, I wouldn't have been where I was. It took awhile, but she finally helped me realize the potential I had and all I had to do was put my head down and work for it.

"Yeah, and her new boss is so dreamy." Adalyn said from beside me.

"Is he?" My mom cocked an eyebrow and looked in my direction.

I didn't want to talk about Carsin. He invaded so much of my personal time already and I didn't want to allow him any more of it.

"I guess you can say that." I shrugged, trying not to pay too much attention to it. I was hoping that if I brushed it off, the discussion of Carsin would stop. I should have known that Adalyn wouldn't let it. She went on a tangent about how handsome and sexy she thought he was. She didn't spare a single detail and even told my mom about how he gave me his number.

"You just be careful now, sweetie." My mom said.

"I know mom." She didn't have to tell me twice. I watched how a man completely destroyed my mom, and I'll be damned if I let that happen to me too.

"Hey ladies." The waiter said as he approached our table. "The usual today?" He asked as he rested his hands on his wide hips.

"Damien, we expect nothing less." I said smiling up at him.

"I'll get it going for you right away." He winked at me and walked away.

Damien was a handsome guy in a boy-next-door kind of way. He had shaggy brown hair and deep chocolate eyes. He was the kind of guy you settled down with, white picket fence and all. Regardless of how great he was, he wasn't someone I was interested in. He asked me to dinner once and I made up an excuse as to why I couldn't. I felt bad about it but I wasn't going to lead him on and pretend I was attracted to him when I wasn't.

"He is still pining after you." Adalyn said, a smirk on her face. I rolled my eyes at her and stifled a laugh. I knew he was, I just ignored it as best as I could.

We were chatting among ourselves when the sound of footsteps distracted me. I turned towards the entrance and saw a familiar figure heading towards us. Adalyn noticed my sudden change in demeanor and she followed me gaze only for her eyes to light at the sight of Carsin.

He was heading straight for us and I felt my body tense under his penetrating stare. He stopped right in front of our table and he ripped his eyes from mine. "Adalyn, so nice to see you again."

"It's very nice to see you again too, Sin." She said, her body purred for him. The image of them together made my stomach turn. 

"Mr. Bailey, what are you doing here?" I had successfully managed to avoid him during the day while I was at work, so seeing him while I was at dinner was unexpected and a little shocking.

"Well, I was hungry, Ms. Moore, and I own the place."

He what?

"You own Virtue?" My mom asked. The look on her face mirrored mine.

"I do. You must be Serenity's sister." My mom looked young for her age, but there was no mistaking who she was to me. The urge to roll my eyes was difficult to hold back. Schmoozing my mom was not going to change my decision. 

My mom was delighted by hes assumption. "I'm actually her mom, you must be her new boss. Carsin, right?" 

"I am. I've heard great things about your daughter Ms. Moore. I'm excited to have her working for me. Which is why I am interrupting your dinner tonight ladies." He turned his attention towards me. "I wasn't able to catch you before you left today Serenity, there is some issues I'd like to discuss with you."

"Oh, okay, what can I do for you?" That question was a double entendre. There was a lot I could do for him, some of which I have fantasized about since our first encounter.

"It's confidential Ms. Moore. I apologize for having to steal her from you two, but she will be back soon." 

I was feeling two things in that moment. Aroused and irritated. Being in his presence, it was hard not to be turned on. However, I was annoyed with the fact that he felt it was necessary to do this now. If it really did concern work, it could wait until Monday. But I couldn't tell him no, especially in front of my mom and best friend. What if it really was work related? I was sure it wasn't, but I couldn't take the chance.

Carsin lead the way towards the front entrance. When we exited, a black Rolls Royce sat idle in the street. He opened the passenger side for me to get in, which I did reluctantly. When he got in and closed the door behind him, the air crackled around us. The sexual tension so thick it could have been sliced with a knife.

"What is it that you need, Mr. Bailey." I managed to choke out.

"I told you, call me Sin." He said as he turned his body towards me. "I came to see if you changed your mind."

"What do you mean? How did you know I was here?" I raised my eyebrows. Was he following me?

"I have security cameras, I can see what is happening at all of my properties."

"So you're stalking me now?"

"No, you came to one of my restaurants, Serenity. I was being a diligent owner and ensuring everything was running smoothly. I just happened to know you'd be here."

I knew he was right but I wasn't going to admit that to him. "It's still weird." I huffed as I turned away from him.

Being in such close proximity to him was intoxicating. I was losing my will to fight, I felt it slipping between my fingers. Being in his car surrounded by his scent was fogging my brain, sleeping with him didn't seem like such a dangerous idea anymore.

"I'm sorry if I freaked you out, I just wanted to see you. I tried to today, but Tyler told me you left early." I could see he was genuine about his apology which made it that much harder to fight the impulses. 

"I wasn't feeling well." Truth be told, I left to avoid him. But that didn't work out very well considering I was sitting in his car. 

"So, what do I need to do to change your mind?" His eyes roamed my face and then lingered on my lips. If he had leaned in to kiss me, I wouldn't have fought him. I would have kissed him back, I would have given into my primitive instincts. Whenever I was around him, I felt wanton. The need for him so strong it was painful.

"Nothing. You're my boss." 

"So?" He seemed genuinely confused which infuriated me. How could he be so callous to not understand why that little bit of information is important?

"So? I enjoy the company I work for. I want to start my career there and that's very important to me. The last thing I want is for anyone to say I got the position because I'm fucking the boss." I hated that I had to explain that to him.

"We don't have to tell anyone." What he said wasn't a question, it was a statement. As if that was the final decision.

"So I'll be your dirty little secret. That's reassuring." I scoffed.

"Serenity, what makes you think that? If anything, I'd be yours." His voice grew deeper with each word he spoke. The look on his face screamed for me to kiss him, an open invitation to do what I had been craving to do for a few days. "Don't deny your body what it wants and by the way you're breathing, I know what it yearns for. It wants a good hard fuck, something that will have you walking sideways for days. It wants to orgasm under me, tremble under my touch, shiver under my lips." 

My body tingled all over, from the tips of my toes all the way to my nipples, his words washed over me and made me long for what he described. He was right, I knew he was and so did he. A man so animalistic, he could smell when a woman was craving sex.

Sin leaned over the center counsel, his face mere inches from mine. "We both need this." He whispered as he grabbed my nape with his large hand and pulled my lips to his.

His lips were soft and moist against mine. He traced my bottom lip with his tongue, begging for entrance. When I let him in, he showed me how skilled he truly was. I enjoyed kissing as much as the next woman, but I had never been kissed like that before. It was passionate and raw, full of emotions I couldn't begin to describe. He brought me to my knees with one simple kiss. 

He trailed his lips up and down my neck and I moved to allow him access. "You smell so good." He murmured against my skin. "I enjoy the chase Serenity, I won't stop. I know you want this as much as me." His breath was hot against my neck as he continued to trail light feathery kisses along it. If this was how he kissed, I couldn't imagine how he fucked.

"Okay." I whispered back, my eyes closed as I savored the feeling of his lips against me.

"Tomorrow." That wasn't a question, it was a statement. He knew he had me, and I was okay with that.



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