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Following the men

 Then, they went to Matts dorm and they compared notes they found out what they new but they didn’t know a lot so they just wrote what they know and then they Matt noticed something about the metal and that it was made out of a crowbar. Lexi screamed they asked her what it was and then she fainted in seconds when she could talk again she said a crowbar could kill in 3 seconds if someone hits someone in the head so then they realised that this was a very scary thing. Later that night they heard a knock on the door ignoring the fact they were marking tones of noise and they weren’t supposed to to be awake Matt hid under the bed,Ryan hid under the bed,Tori hid in the sofa pillows and Lexi hid in the kitchen cabinets. After that they realised that the black men were trying to break in so about 10 minuets later the black men left and they followed them until they came to a surprise and realised that they were trying TO  BURN THE SCHOOL DOWN. That’s when the masked men saw the kids and Ryan shouted run and they ran passed the sign saying school life and without a doubt the black men followed with all the others followed until the kids ran into the cafeteria which they were using there base and they saw there plan. There plan was to when everyone was in the school to set it on fire when nobody was looking. there was a big boiler and a lever at a desk with lots of buttons 

5 days later

“We have to stop him.” Yelled Lexi. Then Matt got a rock and tried to throw it at the boiler but missed so Tori tried and failed but then Ryan tried and he succeeded they were stopped went to jail and it was fine again

The end

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Black Masked Men

 One Monday MorningA girl called Tori was looking out her dorm window in her bedroom when she saw a suspicious looking car going up and down the parking lot. So she took a picture of the car zoomed in and saw the lisence template and then took another screenshot and the template was… covered up by a metal sign! So then she went to go get the group together ( Tori,Ryan,Matt and Lexi.) the next day they went to find not one not two not three but 7 police officers in the parking lot looking for cloose. Lexi’s dad was a archaeologist in mystery and the old days so Lexi took a look at it as her dad told her all about it so when she took a look the car picture midnight blue scoder she was shocked by what she saw. She was told that many years ago this car was used to escape prison and the person hasn’t died since then it was only 3 years ago when it happened so that’s why he isn’t dead. At night they created a plan to go to the car and see what all this is about but when they got there they realised that the men in the car and guarding the car had weapons and wore black masks.So before they could gather any more information they ran to the police still in the parking lot and the first thing anyone asked the children was what they were doing out of bed and before anything else could of been said the children started saying over each other what happend on the hill.

What we know: there is a car with bad guys trying to do something in or outside the school

What we found out: there was about ten men guarding something 

We know nothing else










From Lexi 🐬🦄🍓🍒🥥🍍🍉🐠🦋💜😂😘😍


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Following the men


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