Some Common Obstacles to Essay Writing and Their Solutions


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Essay Writing & Solutions

Essay writing is an energetic task, and it demands lots of hard work and persistence to produce a high quality composition. Every step in essay writing is vital, and that is why essay writers often find essay writing as a nerve-wracking task. Here are some common obstacles to essay writing and their solutions:


Coming Up with an Irrelevant or Boring Topic (Problem): It is a chief requirement of essay writing that the chosen topic for an essay is exciting and relevant. Coming up with a boring and irrelevant topic is meaningless. You can easily hook readers with unmatched, exciting, and educating topics.


1. Solution: You must read materials and observe it to come up with potential topics.


2. A Frail Thesis Statement (Problem): A thesis statement utilizes an argument that essay wants to prove. Having a weak and illogical thesis statement may make your essay uninteresting for readers.


3. Solution: You should not use simple opinions and accepted facts, use arguments that are debatable.


4. An Incompetent Opening Paragraph: Paragraph that is not written well ever inspires the readers. A lengthy paragraph also disappoints the readers. A captivating paragraph grabs readers’ eye and force the readers to read the whole essay.


5. Solution: You should use powerful words, but you should avoid using too much superlative degree of adjectives. Make your paragraph concise.


6. Lack of Understanding of the Topic: You cannot create a masterpiece without sufficient knowledge about the topic. It is difficult to write about something that you are unfamiliar with. Moreover, it leads to haphazardly written pieces of work.


7. Solution: You should choose an exciting topic, and you must conduct quality research for the topic.


8. Poorly Researched Evidence: Irrelevant evidences in an essay make an essay look like a waste of time for the readers. Poorly research evidences verify nothing.


9. Solution: You should search for authentic and up-to-date research materials.


10. Inability While Utilizing the Evidence: Having evidence does not mean that you will have a quality essay. You must know how to use evidence. Inability to utilize relevant evidence makes a proof useless.


11. Solution: You should only opt for evidences that suit the argument, and write them in a logical manner.


12. Inconsistency of Arguments: Consistency is the key to excellent essay writing. Inconsistency of arguments on the selected topic is quite baffling for the readers.


13. Solution: You should stick to a single point throughout your essay.


14. An Ambiguous and Illogical Structure: An illogical structure results in inability of an essay to communicate the ideas to the readers clearly.


15. Solution: You must create an outline to arrange the ideas.


16. Bad Command of Grammar and Punctuation: Writing is based on set of rules. Inaccurate grammar destroys the credit ability of an essay even if it is brilliantly conceptualized.


17. Solution: You must proofread your essay, and allow others to edit the draft.


18. Incorrect Reference of Sources of Information: Incorrect referencing makes your essay look less convincing. Citing the references correctly gives positive impression to the readers.


19. Solution: You must provide references properly.


Custom Essay Writing is a challenging yet rewarding task. The writers who can confidently accept challenges can come up with high quality essays.

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