verba caelum


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A Collection of Poetry

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I. Segments

1. I picked you out 
From the crowd 
With fate 
As my compass. 
We talked 
For hours 
And kissed 
All evening 
And I took you to my bed 
And we made love 
And we made a universe 
With just you and me 
For a time. 

Your breath i 




For my  




I like to watch 
The stars 
Shoot out the ends of your veins 
At night, 
And the 
In the skin 
On your face 
While you sleep. 

The lines on your palms 
Draw beauty 
And trace it 
Like string 
To your wrists. 

When you wake 
Your eyes 

Are magnets 
For mine 
And your lips 
Are tandem with my lips 
And your hands 
Make mine 

And I feel 
For a while 
That I am  
In you. 

2. Your words 
Like razor 
On skin. 
They sting, 
And turn 
Our universe 
To sadness 
And a fever-fury. 

I need you. 

The air that 
Flows to my lungs 
And goes to my blood 
And shoots though my 
Like a current. 

Don’t go, 
I’m empty 
Soft white love 
And your 
Tiny cherry lips, 
Smiling all pretty. 

Without all of you I am a vacuum.  

3. I am not happy, 
I hope you 
Aren’t happy 
And not smiling 
And I hope your  
Next universe 

I think that 
I won’t make one 
For a long time. 
Maybe I’ll find someone 
To make one with 
One day, 
But for now 
I am fine 
With my own, 




I will drown my senses 
With liquid gold 
That turns all thought 
And feeling 
To numbness, and nothing. 
While time 

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