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Grace's life sucked. She lived in a trailer park, and her estranged father was the richest man in her hometown. But when he calls for their meeting on her 18 birthday it changes everything. A story about a lost princess, fairies, and a girl adjusting to the new magic of her life. *Warning expletive content in chapter 10*


Deep in an ancient, magical forest, a dark menace haunts both villagers and wild-life alike. Arturia Velthorne, a sorceress with a guilty secret, and her two friends Ferrick Thigrass and Briston Myles, seek to diminish the terror-no matter what the cost is. *Also on Wattpad:*


SOULMATE | ˈsəʊlmeɪt | noun 1) a person ideally suited to another as a close friend or romantic partner. 2) a poetry collection for people that deserve more than i am able to give.

The Great Darkness

After the War, the world was consumed in the Great Darkness. The world was finally at peace. But what will happen, when one man discovers what hides behind this new peaceful world? Though, will he have a time to share this knowledge with someone, before The Great Darkness will be activated again?