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My Experience As A Yr11

A load of things had happened in the year of Yr11. New tutor groups. New GCSEs. Stressed. Subjects that I hated. I dealt with this and many more things which were fun, some weren't, read to find out my experience of this year before I move on to Sixth Form.


Up in the outstretched skies exits a virgin planet beyond depiction. A promise land that will belong to every citizen who will bear the name Vail. Before all humanity is separated into two distinct classes, a third zone must be given a chance to prove where they belong. At MacMillian, Gloria is to aid the World Order in understanding...

We are the gray

Dangling by a thread she must choose between leaving the man with blood on his hands, or dating the man she thinks is everything she needs, wants, and yearns for. But the second man has a much darker secret as he lures her for a trap like a cat. Her best friend’s death is like a cold reminder of the life she left behind as the...


This is a collection of depressing, heartbreaking poetry and short stories. You don't have to read this, I won't make you. But don't say I didn't warn you.