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That time in kindergarten

 "Hi! My name is Alyssa, as you may know from my username. I started this blog to share my life with the hole world! Or, at least the peolpe who have a computer.Well, it all started nine years ago.."

I was in kindergarten, little me, only six years old, with no problems at all.. Except, a tiny one - i had a crush on my best friend, Noah.

We had been friends since our three year old birthday, were our mothers met at the local grocery-store. 

I had a huge crush - i mean really huge, like the eiffel-tower huge - on him, and lets be honest, when your six years old, you don´t know what you´re doing. So, i basicly walked up to him and said; 

"You look hot, wanna be my boyfriend?" Noah looked at me as if i had a booger hanging from my nose. 

"Sure" he said, and smiled. I remember that moment being the best day in my life.. But it didn´t last very long. 

Only four days later Noah told me, that he had kissed someone else.. 

Tough i didn´t know, that he had kissed a boy.

"From that moment we were just friends, and nothing more. I wanna tell you a lot more, but dinner is ready. See ya soon! 

Don´t leave your seat.."

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