Dragons And Gods


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Written By: Terrelle Shelton


All Characters in this book are a complete imagination of my mind. I would like to thank my dear friend for being apart of this book. I hope you guys are ready to jump into this brand new world that I’ve created. Thank you for taking the time to read this story and I hope you enjoy it. I now present to you the world world of Dragons And Gods

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Chapter 1: Battle  

“It was the middle of the day, the castle that was once standing has completely fallen. The ground is completely covered in rubble. The soldiers that were once standing tall, armed and ready to fight are now either dead or badly Injured. Even I myself am in no shape to fight, my magic is almost used up. It’s taking all I have just to remain conscious. I haven’t seen Fea at all. I hope she’s alright. I wonder if she has fallen or has she won? I wish i could help but I can't move. I can’t just stay here I’ve got to go help her.”


Just as i was about to get up I heard a loud thundering crash in the distance. i wondered if that was Fea. I gathered what little strength I had left and ran towards her. But it was useless I could only go a few yards before falling to my knees. All of a sudden I heard a voice say “Mireu Magic go!!!!!!” Instantly I knew it was Fea. As the thundering blows came closer and closer I couldn't help but feel the tremendous weight behind every kick she landed. When she came into range I could follow her every move. I could see her Crimson hair as she turned as fluently as the air. I could see her piercing Midnight blue eyes as well as the smooth sleek lining of her scales as they ran down her arms. I could see her beautiful crimson red wings that matched her hair. The white tank top that she was wearing, which was cut to show off her stomach. her slightly torn pants, and finally her Crimson red sword which she named “Fang.” I watched as she was knocked backwards into a pile of rubble. My heart stopped for a minute as I wondered would she be alright? Would she be able to get up, or would this be the end? Just then I saw her yell with all her might and charge after him with a strong blood lust in her eyes. She started to move swiftly from side to side. I could tell by the look on her face that she was planning out each and every strike with careful precision. She swung her sword with all she had, never taking her eyes off of him. Watching the way his body moved and reacted to each strike. I could tell her rage grew stronger and stronger with each swing. i could see her fangs begin to show the angrier she became. Then i noticed something different about her. I started to notice that her sense of reason begin to fade. She began to lose control. This wasn't just a battle to her it was life and death. Fea had lost begun to lose herself in this fight. She started pushing herself even harder than usual. As I watched the battle unfold between the two of them i couldn't help but watch him as he moved around her as well. By the smirk expression on his face he seemed calm. There wasn't an ounce of worry on his face. Instead he started to taunt fea. The harder she swung the more he would taunt her by saying.


“You poor pathetic girl, you can't lay one finger on me with that sword of yours and you call yourself a dragon. You're not worthy to call yourself a dragon. With the way you're handling that sword you'll be out of magic in no time. And once your magic is gone that’s when i’ll kill you.”


I could see the look on her face as she listened to his words. I could tell they stirred something within her. They lit a fire within her. I could tell she was boiling over with intense rage but she never took her eyes off of him. Her speed began to increase more and more. Each time she flapped her wings there was a loud boom that followed afterwards. By this point she was a blur. I couldn't track her movements at all. When i looked at his face I noticed his expression changed he had a more serious look on his face. Just as his expression changed i began to notice small drops of blood. but they weren't coming from her, they were blood drops from his body. I don't believe he had noticed that he’d been cut. All of a sudden I felt the wind hit my back but it hit my back like sharp knives. Just then I heard her voice call out to out to me in a rage saying.


“Hey what the hell are you doing just standing there, you need to get moving now! Go see if there are any more survivors out there and when you're done I’m going to need your help taking this bastard down. Get going Now!”


I got up as quickly as i could taking off as fast as possible looking for anyone still alive. I ran as hard as i could scanning the field for anyone I could find.  But the harder i searched I harder it became. So I headed back towards the fighting to let fea know what I found.


“Fea they're all gone there is no one left. The battlefield is empty for miles.”


“Great, just great, are you absolutely sure you saw no one else around?”


“Yes I didn't see a soul, God or Dragon.”


“Damn, oh well looks like it’s up to you and me. If we don't stop him here who knows what he will do if he gets to any other realm.”


“Yea you're right. Got any ideas?”


“Yea a few, have you been paying attention to his movements?”

“Yea I have.”


“Well what have you noticed so far?”


When she asked me that I couldn't help but think of everything I had seen up until this point. I noticed how he would move to slightly to the left if would would strike on his left side and vise versa whenever you would switch up your attacks. But each time he moved he needed at least one second to reposition himself or he would be off balance. I noticed how he would stay just out of reach of fea’s sword. Which would be a great strategy except that wont work on fea at all. I started to think about his eyes. Usually they remained calm and relaxed but whenever he got serious his eyes would sharpen to a fine point like the tip of a blade. I wonder if she noticed the same things that I had or if she noticed even more than I did?


“I noticed that he slightly shifts to the left or right depending on where and how you strike. However he takes a second to reposition himself, any longer than that and he would be off balance. Also I noticed that the quicker you strike the more his eyes would sharpen. but as it seems he can not stay that way for long. Also i believe if we were to double team him we could catch him off guard.”


“Yes you're right if we double teamed him he wouldn't be able to change so quickly, but i don't think he would fall for that so easily.”


“So what are you saying, should we not try to attack him at once?”


“No i’m not saying that, what I’m saying is if we attack him at once i’m sure he would be expecting something like that. I think he’s counting on it. So here’s what I think we should do. When I rush him I need you to stay three steps behind me at all times. I want you to watch my feet. Every other step I take I want you to increase your speed to match his while I slow down and when you see an opening I want you to strike no matter what got it?”


“Yea I got it.”


“Good, let’s go.”


I watched as she took off I followed soon after. I watched her movements as she charged after him with all her might. I summoned my twin swords called heavens light and stayed within three steps of fea. But then I began to notice something was a little off. It was as if I could sense another presence. I couldn't put a finger on just what it was but I just knew there was someone else watching this fight take place. I just couldn't shake this feeling at all. As i waited for the right moment to strike I noticed that fea’s fangs began to show again and all of a sudden the red scale lining on her body began to glow and change color to a pure white light. Then a white light began to illuminate itself around her. What was it about this man that got her so heated? Whatever it was I had to keep up. I called on the magic of Astraea to help aid me in this fight. I began to grow stronger and stronger with each passing second. Pretty soon it was just as fast as fea. When I got within range she reduced her speed and that's when I took the opportunity to strike. With one blow of my sword he went flying backwards. I knew I couldn't let up so I let out a full scale assault. I knew if I let him breath even one second longer he would destroy both realms. So I unleashed everything I  had letting myself go completely. I had forgotten where I was. I didn’t notice fea was right next to me. All I knew was at that moment this man had to die. After the lives he took, the people he’s hurt and destroying my home. There was no way in hell I was going allow him to live another second. As my rage grew so did the strength and power of my attacks, Each strike that landed made a sound like thunder crashing down from the heavens. I completely lost myself in the battle I couldn't help but picture the ravaged streets. The innocent bodies ripped apart like pieces of cloth. Then I remembered what he did to her. I remembered just how we found her that night. I could never forgive him for what he did to her. How much pain that caused fea. How she swore she would have his head. I swung my sword harder and faster making sure to hit all of his vital spots. With each strike I felt the swords pierce his flesh. I felt every muscle and tended spilt. With each cut I began to wonder will killing this may restore my home world. Will it bring back peace to a now dead land. Will it bring her back to me? Will it bring fea back or has the damage already been done? A million questions began to flood my mind all at once. I didn't have a single answer for any of the questions that flooded my head. All I know is I wanted this man dead. But after I remembered everything he had done, it hit me I didn't care if that would bring fae back to me. Hell I didn't care if I would ever see my land restored again all I knew is his life was mine. Just then I looked over to my left and I saw fea charging in with full force. The intent to kill was burning from her eyes. As soon as I blinked she was standing next to me.


“Hey what the hell were you thinking taking him on like that. Do you have any idea how reckless that was, you idiot you could've gotten yourself killed!!! Next time you want to charge off like that, how’s about giving me a heads up first?”


“I’m sorry feat you were right I shouldn't have charged off the way I did. So what do we do with our fallen friend over here?”


“That’s simple we just.”


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Chapter 2: Fea.



“Hello my name is fea and welcome to the realm of the dragons known as fealeyor. I’m not sure why it’s called that but it has a nice ring to it. The world of fealeyor is a vast and wonderful place. full of life and excitement. There are many things to do here in this realm. We have our training grounds where we practice magic and fighting techniques. To the north of the training grounds there lies a town full of laughter and joy. it’s where you can purchase weapons, get some clothes and a small market where you can get food. Though most of us tend to hunt our own food, we sometimes shop at the market. Oh i almost forgot to mention all of the creatures that live alongside us in the forest. These creatures are massive beasts. They love to roam the forests and scare the children. But be warned if you're caught by one of them they will hunt you until you either kill them or they kill you. Hear in fealeyor we believe in living as freely as possible although there are rules in place we tend to just follow our own path. And over there to the north is where we have to beautiful Kiaru stadium. If you want to test your skills that is just the place to do it. If you’ll follow me over here you’ll get a chance to see kiaru castle. No one knows just how long it’s been here but there is a story behind the castle. Long ago there was a great war that took place. This war was for the fate of the realms. An evil king named dais wanted to seize control over the realm of the dragons and gods. So he decided to stage a war between both the realms. The battle went on for days, many people lost their lives and so, at the end of the war the elders split the two realms in half to prevent another war from taking place. However it is said that one day a new leader will rise up and take the throne and when that day comes both of the realms will be whole again.”


“But miss fea how does the castle play a role in this story?”


“Simple children. That castle is the very place where Kiaru once ruled over this realm. It is said that the first born child of the highest village will rule over this lad.”


“Do you think that will be you one day?”

“I’m not sure little ones, maybe it will be.”


The children watched me intently. Their eyes were eager and full of amazement. I don't know how much truth there was to the legend, but any and all questions I had would have to wait for now. Right now I had to focus on the little ones.


“Alright guys follow me, now we’re going to check out the villages.”


When I told them we were going to look at the villages the children looked at me with a bit of discuss. I mean i could understand why they would I mean they lived there after all, and once you've seen something about one hundred times you wouldn't want to see it again. But This time they would be getting a huge surprise. You see every year we get the dragons from each of the four villages to come out and put on a show for the children. And since I was tasked with taking them around the realm for the day I figured now might be a great time for the dragons to show off a  little  bit.


“Alright children I have an Idea let’s make this a game. Here are the rules. we will split up into teams of two since there are ten of us here. Each team will pick a spot to start from and the first team that makes it back to the village first gets a prize.”


Just as we were about to start our little race, two of the children approached me and asked if we could fly back to the village. I thought about it for a minute and said.


“sure we can. let’s go. Now you all remember the rules correct?”


Yes mis fea they replied with joy and delight.


“Alright let’s go.”


We split into teams of two and spread apart about three hundred feet from each other and took off into the afternoon  sky.   once we were up in the air I started to let my wings spread. I stretched them out under the warm heat of the mid day sun. I soared high into the skies free from the cares of the world. Free from responsibilities. Free from everything that could harm me. As the cool breeze ran through my crimson hair I felt at peace. I felt as if lord kiaru was with me, just the two of us in the skies. But there was something that puzzled me about the legend. Something I may have overlooked. I remember my mother telling me that same legend when I was just a little girl. I remember the look in her eyes when she would tell me the story. It was as if she was telling me a part of my past. maybe she was who knows? As I soared through the skies I looked out over the horizon, I could see the village just up ahead. It was so beautiful a little ancient but it’s home. As I approached the village I had completely forgotten about the race. oh well at this point it didn't really matter, once I saw the village I noticed that all of the children were there waiting on me.


“Hey miss fea, what are you doing lazing around up there? Get down here!”


“Sorry kids, I’ll be right there.”


I wondered just how much the legend had to do with me? I wondered if i was supposed to take the throne, or was it suppose to go to another? Either was I couldn't focus on that now I have these little ones to look after. I landed just at the entrance of the village were the children were waiting for me.


“Um miss fea who won the race?”


“Oh yes I'm sorry children I got a little distracted. I guess the winner of the race is all of us.”


“No way miss fea” The children looked a bit upset but eventually whey warmed up to the idea. Besides I really couldn't think about the race right now because I had more pressing matters on my mind. After all I had a lot on my mind. I needed to go speak with my mother. After I finished my rounds with the children I ran off into the woods just to clear my head. I started to think about the legend. As many times as I've heard the story I never put it together until today. Most times I just brushed it off. But today as I began to tell the story I really started to think about it. In the legend it said that lord kiaru died in the fight over the realms. That war happened shortly before I was born but I dont think he is my father. Otherwise mother would've told me. It just doesn't make any sense. I spent the rest of the day just running through the woods and I thought to myself, just look at how beautiful this land is. Everything is just amazing. From the tress, to the creature and even the dragons eye that shines over this great world of ours. I decided to head to my favorite spot in the village. The valley of rest. To most people this was just a place where the people come to lay there dead. But to me it was a place where I felt at home. I spend most of my days here in this valley just thinking of the legacy I will one day leave behind. All shorts of questions ran through my mind. What kind of legacy would I leave behind? Will people remember me after I am long gone? How will my future children see me? You see for me this place was a place where I could come to think about the future. A place where I can come and gather my thoughts.

A place where I could really find out who I am. I would sit here and watch as families would come by to visit their fallen friends and family members. And sometimes it would upset me because I wanted to come by and visit my father and tell him how my day was going. Or what new spell I learn today, or who I fought in the training arena. But I couldn't because I never knew him because he died when I was little. Plus mother never talk about him so I couldn't ask her. So I would just make up stories of what I think he was like. I would some times imagine that he was a high ranking official like the elders. Or maybe He was a normal person who had to work really hard. I would sit and dream up all sorts of things.

I even dreamed he was like lord kiaru. I could just picture him ruling the world of fealeyor from on high. I pictured him being a noble wise wise king. A king that everyone respected and looked up to. I thought of how he met mother. I would often come up with the scenario where he was just walking though the market one night and he saw mother standing there. Holding a bag of food. As he approached her he thought to himself wow she's simply beautiful. I know it sounds silly but I couldn't help it. That was the way I pictured my father. Since I never had any younger siblings I was always alone.

It hasn't been easy growing up by myself. In fact most of the time the only time I received any sort of compliment I was either helping teach the children the history of the village on the training grounds.. They say I'm a natural prodigy but I dont see how. Magic has always come easy to me almost second nature. But it's just something I'm good at. It's no big deal really. But you want to know the best part about being so great at using magic is? One day I will rule this land and get those filly gods to respect the realm of fealeyor. Damn those gods. What gives them the right to be above us?

What gives them the right to look down on us? Do they even look down to see if we need help, or do they just sit above us laughing as they look down. Well from this day forward I promise to fight and train, so that one day I become ruler and once I do I shall challenge the king of the gods and I will defeat him. I swear it! You see after the war ended the gods chose to be placed above us. Every so often the king of the gods comes to have a meeting with the elders because we do not have a ruler. He would often try to get the elders to relinquish rule over to them. Because their world can support us and it's only a matter of time before we fall to their hands, so why not go ahead and get it over with?

I heard that the elders had considered their offer however they ultimately refused the offer for fear that they would take our way of life from us. In fact the last meeting was about a week ago. When the god left everyone was talking. People were speculating as to what he was doing here. The people were all worried. I even herd talk that there was an up roar in the castle. From thee elders. I wonder what was said. I wonder if the realm of fealeyor will remain free. Or will we have to give up our way of life. I know fealeyor may look great on the outside. But on the inside we are a people on the edge.

It's as if we are getting closer and closer to giving up our home world. I try to keep it together but truthfully I'm scared. This is my home. This place, is where I grew up. I wonder if those people down at the button of the hill know that our world may be gone from use really soon. Or are they blissfully unaware. I promise I will do everything I can in my power to save this world. I would rather die then let this world fall into the hands of the gods. I cant imagine living under their rule. As the day begin to wine down I heard a pair of footsteps behind me. I turned to look around and I saw a man standing behind me.

Step into the light I said. When the man stepped forward I saw that it was cross. He's a sleek and tall man. His eyes are pure white. His hair is silver with black streaks going down. His skin was a dark brown color. And his voice was really smooth and easy to listen to. He walked toward me with an angry look on his face. I wondered what was wrong. I wondered if he was planning to start a fight with me? Which I was more than ready to take him on at any time. 

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