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This book is dedicated to all children.  All youths are children of the sun who exist in many colors, shades and sizes. The Sun shines on all life on the planet.  Every being receives sunshine no matter who they are.  

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Chapter 1 Shaped In The Image Of A Spiral

Jamal enjoyed his walk home from school with his friends Tommy an Michelle.  Jamal loved talking, playing and spending time with his friends.  They always had fun.  At school, Jamal loved  playing with Michelle on the merry go round.    Challenging Tommy to see who could do the most pull ups on the pull up bars made him feel like a man. Jamal loved learning and he always participated in class discussions.  Jamal was dark skinned, the color of dark chocolate.  His hair was tightly curled or wavy as his Aunt Keesha would say to him as she lovingly rubbed her hand across his head.  His teacher, Mrs Wilson was light skinned, high yellow as Jamal's dad Joseph would describe her.  Today two of the boys, Conner and Sam who were light skinned and had thick wavy hair teased him calling him Blacky nappy.  Jamal was offended.  He felt bad because all the other kids laughed out loud at him.  Mrs Wilson, who was tall, slim, had caramel colored skin.  She also had  a weave.  Her hair was long, blond and silky.  She slung it around as she talked.  You could tell by the way she acted she thought she was all that and a bag of chips.

Mrs Wilson told the class to pull out their science books.  She said that's all she wanted to see on their desks.  So Jamal put his science book on his desk.  Today's subject was geometric shapes in nature.  There was a picture of a shell.  Mrs Wilson asked did any body know what was the shape of the shell?  Jamel remembered collecting shells with his dad on the beach.  His dad told him the shells were spirals. Jamal raised his hand as high as he could.  Mrs. Wilson nodded her head for him to answer.  "Spiral"!  The shell is shaped in the image of a spiral.  "You're correct Jamal".  By that time, Jamal heard  Sam whisper "Blacky nappy".    He ignored him, pretending he didn't hear it.  Although he did hear a few of the kids snickering.  Mrs Wilson said that the shell was in the shape of a spiral and that it was a sacred geometric shape found in nature.  Jamal, pulled a strand of his hair and compared it to the picture of the shell.  He discovered it was in the shape of the shell.   Or the shell was in the same shape as his hair.  Raising his hand again, Jamal excitedly told Mrs Wilson and the class of his discovery.  Mrs Wilson proudly acknowledged and confirmed Jamal's observation that his kinky hair was in the shape of a spiral.  Since his hair was in the shape of the shell.  His kinky, nappy hair was sacred geometry.  Jamal felt great.  He felt like he had been blessed to have hair that was sacred geometry.  He felt grateful to have hair shaped in the image of nature.  Jamal began to realize he was nature. Jamal then exclained "each strand of African people's hair is a spiral, a sacred geometric form.  I love my nappy hair."  The whole class clapped and yelled in response.   Conner and Sam stopped teasing Jamal.  They too had nappy hair.  They just picked on Jamal because he was dark chocolate covered.  He had distinct facial features which many of the girls in class found cute.  Secretly they were jealous because Jamal seemed to have more energy, run faster and he could beat both doing pull ups.    Mrs Wilson felt good that the children had learned something they could apply to their lives.  She even made plans to remove her weave and go natural later that day when she got home from work.   

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