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Chapter 1

 Have you ever hurt yourself so badley that you couldn't feel a thing? Have you ever woken up the next morning and thought that you had been dreaming? I have. Since I was seven years old I have had a wheel chair. Even though my fall happened five years ago, I still remember what it was like to walk. I remember the feeling when I went bare foot in the snow. Or the feeling when I ran accross the school yard trying not to be caught in a game of tag. I remember the tingling sensation when I got up after sitting on the ground for too long. And yes, I miss it.  

My name is Jasmine Silnor. I am twelve years old and I live in Ottawa. Why Can't I walk? Well it's simple. I was running around in my apartment complex playing with a new toy my dad had just got for me. My mom had been replacing the glass windows  in our living room because our windows were foggy and for some reason even when you wiped the windows they would never look clear. Anyways, I wasn't paying attention and I tripped and fell out the window. I somehow landed without hitting my head. which was really lucky. we were also only on the third floor. Which was also lucky. I was rushed to the hospital. The doctors told us that I had broken all my bones in both legs and paralyzed my lower spine. I would never be able to walk again. 

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