Scar (chapters One Through Six)


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Chapter one

 Chapter 1**

When you’re a mutant you have two options be a villain or in jail. 

Me not liking option number two, decides that villainy was a better option. Anyway I work for a group of people called the FrightWolves. They’re called that cause they’re scary. Anyway me and these big tough guys were robbing the bank on Weston avenue. My job was simple. Keep the cops from noticing. That also means taking care of security cameras. I was sneaking my way into the room when I heard a sound. As you always should, I turned around. Behind me a girl about my age had a gun directly to my face. “Who are you, take off your mask!” She yelled. I stupidly took it off. I mean I don’t want to die!

She looked surprised when she saw the huge scar that went across my face, a gift from the man who gave me my powers.

“What happened to you?” She said as she looked closely. “ GOT TO GO.” I instantly ran away. I tried getting through to the guys while I stopped for air. I looked behind her and saw the cops getting my partners into a car. She looked very pitiful and concerned. “ Are you guys robbing the bank?” “Hmmmmm it’s complicated?” I said . All the sudden I felt a  huge pain in my arm. I yelled out in pain and fell. She ran over to me as did the cops after I had fallen down. They all started lifting me into the cop car. I wasn’t fond of that plan and did something I’d never done before. I sent out all the strength I had left and knocked down all 

the cops  with a sort of power wave. That’s when I blacked out.


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Chapter two


**Chapter 2**

When I woke up I was in a alley. 

Guess which one, Allen-burg Drive. The girl who tried to shoot me was standing across from me. I did my best to stand. “Oh, you’re awake!” She said. “You need to get to a hospital, cause that magic isn’t going to remove that bullet. I suppose I could help get a doctor.” Still in a daze I muttered something like, what...ehh..or um.

She looked confused and asked  me again if I needed a doctor. She got that I was still confused about what happened so she came close and pointed to my arm. It was rapped up in bandages but covered with blood. Then my eyes widened with shock. I had been shot. And it hurt a lot. I winced and she looked outside the alley to make sure no cops were around. She told me that she could get me to a hospital especially for mutants. I wasn’t quite sure about that. “I-I don’t think there’s one close to here. But Do you know where one of them is?” She replied , “Yeah but it’s farther then you can walk. “ I thought about it and asked how far it was. She told me it was about ten minutes away. “Can you walk? I’ll drive you there.” She helped me get to her car and we drove to the mutant hospital. She dropped me off and I thanked her. What I’m not that evil! Anyway they took out the bullet and cleaned up the blood. Now that I was okay more or less, I had to go face the FrightWolves.

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Chapter three


**Chapter 3**

The FrightWolves sent me on a mission and I failed. They aren’t especially known for forgiving.  

When I walked through the door it was loud as usual. There were deals being made, money being given, and gangs that were on the top wanted lists, beating each other up. When I approached the huge metal door I was completely terrified. Through my fear, I slowly opened the door. The leader of the FrightWolves was in a chair at the desk in the middle of the room. He was real scary. He  was huge and was covered in scars. In his rugged low voice he said, “I saw what happened on the news.” I stared at the floor in shame as he kept talking. “You failed your job and the security cameras caught everything. What happened. Tell me now.” I knew he would call me weak but I told him about how the girl had put me at gun point and how I hadn’t had time to get there before almost getting shot. He looked toward my arm. “ Looks like you got shot anyway.” I glanced at my bandage and noticed it got more blood on it. “ You have failed me more than once Cas, and I don’t think it will go unnoticed about how we have a failure for a teammate. I refuse to let you work with us until you can successfully be a villain.

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Chapter four

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Chapter five

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Chapter six

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