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The last speech

 “Look,Anna you have to go back-take your siblings and run. Anna this is not just for you but this is for our whole world....go and take them to aunt Sophie. If you stay here they will dust you and them keep it as their elixir run...run Anna do this for your family.”

Aunt Sophie these were the words of his last speech he told me to come here along with Henna and Ben.

 Aunt I am not contented my mother on her deathbed took a promise from me to look after my father and siblings. And now miserably I am sitting here. 

“What about letters?” Aunt asked Anna.

“Not a clue he hadn’t sent any in months, what if something happened to him.....”.

“No, Anna be polite and stop crying dear the country will soon come to peace.Your father is one of the best soldiers I have ever known, those filthy creatures would always remember that they messed with wrong stileons” Aunt Sophie consoled her.

Radio voice over:

The war between stileons and furigees is resulting into dust of many stileons, many soldiers of stileons dusted in combat today dusted stileons include:.....

Anna came closer to the radio and tried to console her self that the list wouldn’t contain the name * Henry goodlewood*.

..........dusted stileons include: ken ferry, Oswald den ward, Fesle sweet, Biher Sheol, Henry......,

“My life would sink to the bottom of earth hemisphere if this name is the one that I don’t want to hear.” Anna thought.

....Henry starlet.., oh it’s Henry  starlet not goodlewood, I was just intensified without any reason.

“Oh! Aunt I am so happy he is all okay”

“Yes, I told you not to worry just relax sweetie.”

“Aaana, Aaaaana a letter arrived for you.” Ben shouted from the corridor.

Anna replied “ for me?, oh I see, it would be from dad.”

“No, it’s from an agency.” Ben acknowledged her.

“Ok, handover to me. It states that it is from F/54 house. And the address with f on it means it is from a furigee.”

“What is a bburigee?” Henna murmured to Anna.

“Sweetie, a furigee is a hideous monster, with sharp fangs and a foul breath which turns a stileon into dust. Then they eat the dust to live a longer life. And now after their season of shorter loge span they are dusting more stileons.” Anna replied. 

“Read the letter Anna” Ben ordered her.

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Letter from a furigee

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