Oh....that One Night


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Oh....that one night


I  was  standing  on  a  solitary  road  which  was  densely  covered by  trees,  on  a  thick  and  dark  night with  the  presence  of  my  own  self  and  the  light  coming  from  the  bright  lustrous  moon  followed by  some  barbarian  commotions.  It  was  a  dreadful  time  when  I  realized  that  by  standing  there  I  couldn’t  breathe  properly. My heart was pounding so briskly that I couldn’t even recognize the undesirable hurdle which led me to this situation. I tried hard to get it right and suddenly I woke up from my sleep and then was apprehended that it was just a small dream, but after all this my breathing problem still retained. I gazed and understood the solution to the problem which was that,“ l woke up from my sleep in a coffin!.”

 I couldn’t remember a single moment of getting into this casket. I hurriedly started to get out of the crate,for some time I also screamed till my throat became sore but I felt like the world has banished and I am the only one left. I tried and persuaded to free my self from this state of fright but I failed. At last when I came out my legs were trembling with an ecstasy of terror which was not in my heart but my soul felt it. I knew that my life is going to experience something that my soul haven’t had in years. I found my self not in a grave yard but in my home’s lawn. 

I ran towards it and tried to open the main door. But something there prevented me to do so, I don’t know may be it was wind or just my imagination I left it unnoticed and moved to the back door which was also locked. Then I standing alone in my lawn with just me, and the darkest fearful night I started to heard some loud noises from the house, I tried to peak through the glass window which was dirty with some mud and silt. As the lights were not turned on so nothing was visible. 

I wandered here and there for sometime to find my parents and brother. But my house just looked haunted an deserted. I wasn’t able to understand the reason, of all my house doors being tightly locked. I sat beside the garage and started to cry, I couldn’t find my family and  was in a state of serious confusion, “what’s happening, where is everyone?.” I asked myself but the night grew darker and the answers  to these questions were not there,  I felt more and more alone. But from the beginning I knew that I wasn’t alone and this was the one thing that my brain wanted to tell to my heart but it won’t listen.

I was sitting their crying, suddenly I heard a whistle, everyone likes the sound of sweet whistle but imagine it as a silence breaker, followed by dragging of some hard metal object against the surface with a clatter of fearfulness. I just saw the vague shadow. He with a spade in his one hand and the keys in the other unlocked the main door and he went inside, I stealthily followed him. When I entered the house, Blood was splattered all over the place and as I went in my curiousness increased, but what I found next was intractable by me, on floor warped in blood was my maid’s dead body. It wasn’t able to control myself but I managed to follow the man who was stepping up towards my brother’s room.

He opened the door and in was my younger brother sleeping, he made him to wake up and murdered him in front of me, a wild stroke of the spade killed my brother, tears rushed towards my eyes and I wanted to kill him but as soon I went towards him the man was gone, he literally vanished like smoke in front of me.” What is it happening, is this a joke of some type, ?” I was crying with my tears overflowing with depression. I went in my room which was upstairs and wanted to take some rest, imagining it as a very bad nightmare I stretched my body on the cotton bed. The breeze from the window, the moon’s light made me feel relaxed a bit, very shortly I was feeling sleepy. But suddenly I heard my mother’s voice calling me, I in amusement stranded erect on my feet and discovered that she was calling me from downstairs and from the window I could she her glowing face.

 I rushed towards the lawn where she was standing, but when I went there my mom wasn’t present but instead of her I found a large, gigantic and the most dreadful shadow of terror. I standing their with the basket of frightful ness, thinking what was happening. The shadow held a spade in his hand and I knew what was his motto I  wanted to run away from the grave danger, but I was late the anonymous shadow in a one blow introduced his horned nails into my leg , piercing the whole of it. I tried to scream and cry but,

The agony of it was so extreme that I fainted. Everything seemed dull and lifeless I thought it was my end, but my eyes were pinched by something which seemed irritating, as they were burning and it was sunshine from my room’s window filling the space generously. I immediately woke up and again it was just a night mare! And indeed was the most terrifying one.

I ran to my parents and brother all were fine. My breathe and heart started to live again and indeed it was a very bad night mare.  I was happy and satisfied until I  found out some bruised marks on my leg as if some one had pierced them!. And my legs were still bleeding. So was it all real? Is my family not my family? So is my brother really dead? Oh…….. . 

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