The burnt roses


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World is a gamer's pub

Writing u something in great agony
something love something tacky
Worlds plays a play so
Play it as it would end some day


Be generous  and humble
Be courageous and bumble 
No friend but non a foe
No where to scream nowhere to cry


As worlds so aloud
Can't hear ur sigh
Writing u something in great pain
Listen to me ho some


Tears so gold so as pure 
But are wasted on some fool tool
Trust the God and be strong
Worlds a bitter story


Can't be foretold 
Souls so ugly and so manure 
Hearts so dusty and so doom
Like a dirty city after a storm
People flying in skies


Like a glimpse of a butterflies 
Writing u something in great sigh
Time travels and have none destiny
Can't take rest for you


As it want to end its journey one day
Time to tide everything so selfish
Can't stay can't be remembered as passes away
But old memories can remain unswayed


But not sure that I can be deceived
So just find your way like air
Not so hot not so cold
Lifting the old seeds into the soil


And bringing the plant to a new life .
Oh people of the play
I see stars in the day
My minds galaxy can be unimagined


Like my souls desire can be undoubted
Thousand wishes were there to be asked
But one was just so close to my heart
I whispered the rainbow of the colors in the dawn of midnight
Give me the life that has the judgmental sight.

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People are of values, and things are of prices, unfortunately today we are pricing the people and valuing the things.


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That was my mistake

 I seek through the broken windows of my past 

Glimpses of a distorted time in my soul casts


I lean to touch it with my pointed thumb 

The thorns and venom makes my heart numb


I try to cry, try to sigh, I try to shout  

But then I realize it was just a sprout


Planted by me, with the tears of regret 

I can do all now but the mist of it will I never forget


People in front of me faked themselves 

I was so curious that I became suppressed 


The glory days they say Were only 

the wreths of shattered hopes in midday


I know they say follow your heart 

But the echoe is to hound the society's part


I wish to see one day the light 

That will not judge me or you by usual sight

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