The Watcher


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A creepy message

 A girl named Chloe was just living her normal life when her phone started dinging. She checked her text messages. It was from her dad. Here are the text messages. "Are you in your room"  "yeah..."  she responded as she read on "are the doors locked" "BUT I THOUGHT YOU WERE HOME DAD"          

"I'm on the train"  "why didn't you tell me you were going to town" Chloe responded. " what do you mean" he responded "unless you went to see mom" Chloe said " I'm going to talk to mom about the divorce" " Chloe look out your window is there anything there" "dad what's going on you're scaring me" "Sweety I know it's scary but please check"    

"OMG DAD WHAT THE HECK IS THAT" "Chloe if it texts you DO NOT respond" "WHY WOULD IT TEXT ME" "wait if it can text me does that mean it's human" "I don't know Chloe but keep your eyes on it" "as long as you watch it it can't move" "that's the dumbest thing I've ever heard" "but it's true" "that's it I'm going to the safe room" "NO" "WHY NOT" "it's not safe" THEN DONT CALL IT THE SAFE ROOM" "oh no" "what Chloe what happened" "I looked away for a second" and it's gone" "NO IT CANT BE" "I'm going to the safe room" "NO" "I'm done listening to you until you start explaining" "Ok dammit Chloe" "that thing kinnaped your sister from the safe room" "sister?" Chloe asked. "Yes it was 14 years ago" "why didn't you tell me" "Chloe it was before you were  born" "I can't believe mom never told me" "it was her idea not to" "What why" "it wasn't her daughter" "when that thing kid napped your sister it drove my first wife insane and she killed herself" "you happy now" "Wait..." "what Chloe" "I heard something slam" "a door" "no" "there's no way that thing could" "WHAT CHLOE JUST SPIT IT OUT" "get through the chimney right" "it's way to big" "it can do things you can't imagine" "its unimaginabley cruel" "worse then you not telling me  I had a sister" "it was 14 years ago" "it lies and decives like only we can" 

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The Monster

 She started getting messages from an unknown person

"Are you scared little girl" "don't worry fear is a good thing" "come out" "I know your father" "we can get to know each other too" "Chloe" "how do you know my name" Chloe finally responded "I was sent to find you" "for that I needed a name" Chloe thought we live in a mansion and I'm in my top seceret hiding spot. "My father said not to talk to you" "why do you want me" "parents care more about technology than their children" "that's when we rise" "we?" "When parents don't take care of their children" "we take them" "who is we" "all it takes is" "a small crack" "a closet door left open" "a foot hanging over the bed" "or a father that locks his daughter in a room to protect her from himself" "and that little girl is gone" "why do you want me" "you can't trust your father" "why" "he lies and decives" "and can be unimaginabley cruel" "how  are you reading our texts" "I'm not" "but I know things" "funny because he said the same about you" "by the way" "who sent you" "someone you never want to meet" "trust me" "I don't" "probably a smart way to start off" "you're a clever one" "clever enough to avoid you" "barely" "I know where you are" in that dark basement" "in the corner" "behind the piano" "underneath a rusty old blanket" "you're wrong" "oh really" "because when I went past you" I could hear your very heart" "beating like a drum" "why do you want me" "your mistrust is misplaced" "I'm a watcher" "watchers watch" "snatchers snatch" "and killers kill" "I'm only here to play" here's a riddle" "answer it correctly and you get to ask me a question" "a man gets a call at work saying his wife has been killed" "the police ask him to identify the body" "he drives to the location she was killed where he gets arrested for murder" "why" "that's easy" "the only way he would've known where she'd been killed" is if he killed her" "very good" "let's hope you get your brains from your father" "what does that mean" "is that your question to me" "no" "then ask it" "no" "why not" "I'm gonna save it" "you can't" "you never said that" "or are we lieing to each other now" "you really are a clever one" "here's another riddle" "no I'm not answering it" "you can answer it" "or I can go down there and rip your throat out right now" "fine" "where are the police" "what" "where are the police" "your dear father said he called them 20 minutes ago" "where are they" "that's not a riddle" "but it's puzzling no?" "Yes it is" "but I don't have an answer" "then I'm coming for you" "good" "why is that good" "because I have a riddle for you" "how fun"

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The Murder

 Chloe started texting her dad again to find out something horrible. "Dad" "Dad it's me" "I'm waiting in the cafe by the train station" "it's safe here" "I locked that thing in the basement" "good sweety" "just stay in there" "so I'm just going to watch the news until you get here?" "Yes" "I'll be there soon" "DAD OUR HOUSE IS ON THE NEWS!" "What do you mean" "HOW COULD YOU" "WHAT CHLOE" "you" "you killed mom" "I would never do that" "it makes sense" "first you sneak out to see mom and now she's dead" "I swear I didn't do this" "wait outside" "but you said to wait inside" "I was wrong" "I'm going home" "NO" "Chloe" "Chloe stop" "to late I'm already home"

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