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A man was huddled in the driver’s seat, his body flopped forward against the steering wheel, the shaft of the wheel had broken and pierced into the man’s chest. The impact must have been terrible. The man’s head was thrown back, the neck broken in many places, and holding it dangled to the body with the help of a few tendons. Blood...

A Rockin Twist Of Fate

Charlotte never thought she'd be a single mother struggling in a small town and when it happens she doesn't think she'll ever get out of the small mountain town of Silver Springs, but even she knows that it only can take a second for her world to change and turned upside down by a handsome mysterious stranger. His name is Kyle Matthews...

MY LUCKY LIFE by Tony Mount

Here are a hundred tales, as accurate as memory allows, that together paint my eighty-five years. All are self-contained and with minimum overlap. If you spent you formative years in UK, were a National Serviceman, a "Ten Pound Pom", a student, a forest fire researcher; a husband, father and grand father; an Orienteer and a writer,...


After Sarah breaks up with her longtime girlfriend Morgan, she moves across the country and buys a fixer house with the intent of starting over. However, she finds herself living with a very unusual guest.

The Love Affair

This book is about two best friends who have been since forever but then someone else a boy if you must comes into the picture and that causes trouble between the two friends but one of those friends is blind to it which friends is it and what happens next?? Find out by reading my book 'The Love Affair' This story is finished enjoy!!!

The Bodyguard

Hotshot CEO Aiden Grayson is currently being extorted for millions, but what's even crazier than that is the wild crush he's developing on his new bodyguard, Julian.

Is this love?

Ariana has been through so much already, after learning she has now enrolled at an all boys school suddenly accepting girls, she struggles to stay on her feet when she encounters a variety of problems. Until she meets Lukas, someone who understands her pain.

Gothic Romance

It was pitch black outside, the only light came from the lantern at the front of the coach, bobbing crazily over the road. Wild gusts of wind threatened to tip them over every so often and the coachman gripped the reins even more tightly, swearing under his breath. Rain beat frantically against the windows as Jonathan peered out,...

Penn & Myra's Baby

Myra has a five year plan. Children aren't apart of it, at least not yet. Penn has a student loan hanging over his head, loves to party and is madly in love with Myra. Follow the story of Myra and Penn through the journey of becoming parents and what lead them to this life changing event. Sometimes love truly conquers all.

Against All Odds

Daimon is a rich man who is being hired to kill. One day, he was hired to kill a young woman named, Alyana, but accidentally, maybe accidentally he killed her boyfriend instead. After killing him, Daimon drag Alyana into his house and locked her up.


Demons, aliens and furries mixed together across time and space. It's fantasy, it's sci-fi, it's horror, it's erotica! What more could you want? This is the seven deadly vices like you have never seen them before. Updates every week!

Welt 3

2042 - Berlin und andere europäische Großstädte haben sich in sog. Interzones abgeschottet, in denen die digitale Bohème, das Kiez-Proletariat, HiTech-Konzerne und das Militär koexistieren. Die Freie Region Brandenburg ist ein wüstes Land, in dem die wwoofer, eine Gruppe von Anarchoprimitivisten, das Sagen haben. Als dann eine...

Slenders Slaughter

Meeting slender, finding out he is good, helping him, and nearly dying isn't all that happens but what more is there. This story is about a girl gets kidnapped by slender only to find out that he does good, she gets privileges than other people because of this and she gets to find away out of her abused life with abusing parents.

We are the gray

Dangling by a thread she must choose between leaving the man with blood on his hands, or dating the man she thinks is everything she needs, wants, and yearns for. But the second man has a much darker secret as he lures her for a trap like a cat. Her best friend’s death is like a cold reminder of the life she left behind as the...

Effing Dave

Dave is the immortal the other immortals can't help but hate. He pops up, makes himself famous, then fakes his own death--repeatedly. But, honestly, who can resist a bad boy like that?

Zen Daze by Allen Davies

Will Adam escape past abuse and homophobia? Do curses come true? Has an x lover doomed him? Can one transcend their abusive past? Zen Daze is a highly readable gripping love/ hate story. Adam escapes to Japan, and the reader is taken on a decadent and exciting journey. We will Adam on to find true Love on his quest . Witness the...

Standing Up

Colin Moran is living the dream. Isn't he? Steady-Eddy solicitor, nice flat, decent car, financially secure. Except Colin is divorced and bored and lonely, which is why he's taken to spending occasional evenings doing stand up comedy. He's not a comedian - anyone would tell him that, and he wouldn't argue - but he's got a couple of...

Tales of The Realm

Two children share memories of their lives, and in doing so open the door to a dark but beautiful realm. In this land imagination becomes reality, dreams become possibilities, and the dark recesses of their souls become the most frightening of enemies. Three stories spanning more than thirty years, Tales of The Realm follows the...

Beyond the Milky Way

When seven strangers receive a letter from the president of the United States, they have no idea what the government would want from them. They find out their mission as they gather in Washington, DC: to become the Earth representatives in an intergalactic race. The Earth team will travel beyond the Milky Way for an experience of their...

The Sound Of Silence

Silence can be a powerful force the source of many a divorce the solace for many an introvert the bane for many an extrovert these days I choose to enjoy it close my eyes and relax a bit Images in the book are free to download from Google they are not mine

Forever Alice

The scientists and technicians in the humanoid robotics industry were always in control of their creations, until something unexpected made them regrettably aware of the dangers associated with the development of artificial intelligence and machines equipped with the option of rationalization, self-awareness and independent thinking.


Yuki lever ett rolig liv sammen med boren og foreldrene sine i hamløper distriktet, men alt endres når Boroen hennes roter seg bort i noe som ødelegge tilværelsen de lever i.

A Time of Need

Drama/fantasy/ time ..shift. Arthur, King of Britons is in the 20th century. The timeline sees her/him moving from WW2 through to current times. Think planes, submarines, England, Japan, North Korea. Its a linear web that I hope has you up at night, turning the page.

Up There

Lily is a slave in North Carolina and dreams of adventure and exploring the world. What will happen when she finds out she's not even from Earth? In fact, she's from Up There...


Mary Shelley began writing Frankenstein when she was only eighteen. At once a Gothic thriller, a passionate romance, and a cautionary tale about the dangers of science, Frankenstein tells the story of committed science student Victor Frankenstein. Obsessed with discovering the cause of generation and life and bestowing animation upon...

Now That I Found You

“Reagan,” Professor Jameson said setting down his folder on the desk in front of hers as she packed up her belongings. Reagan looked up and then looked away quickly, going back to packing. “I know, I need to work on-” “Reagan.” “Yes?” She asked, stopping and looking up. Professor Jameson sounded very serious. “I need to ask you a...

Sensenderfer: to the Moon!

Come join the humorous adventures of the incomparable Count Sensenderfer as he launches into the 1870 race to the moon. Never before have the events of this moon race been told by a direct participant. If by some extraordinary circumstances you are not familiar with this intrepid figure, then jump on board the mighty airship...