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 August 23, 2005

The year I was born. Mum and Father told me that I was a few weeks late. I was supposed to be a Leo, but came out as a Virgo instead. I don't mind, Father calls me a sphinx because of it. I was always interested in space, or zodiacs, or arts. Mostly drawing. I started off drawing at an early age, 4. I've kept going since then and I'm happy that I did. 

October 30, 2017

The current day. I can't believe it's already Sunday. What I don't find surprising is the fact that I'm up at two in the morning writing this down on my phone. Hi phone. My name is ς∑иㄅ◊Я∑∂. I have at least 2 friends and attend WillowBark middle school in Texas. I only have one sibling and tons of other family members. I'm currently 12 years old, play the ukulele and draw. Oh, and I might have a slight obsession on this kid I've never even talked to. Yep, guess I've been bitten by the "Boy Bug". Well, that's what father calls it. My best friends' in the verge of getting the sideffects. Her name is Mona. Kind of the emo of the group. Now when I say "group", I mean the three of us. Me, Mona and Kolette. Kolette is also a bit emo, but has her happy times a little more than Mona. Anyways... The kid that I'm obsessed with is named Moe. He has this kinda nerdy group of friends, but they're no different than the other kids. Immature and witty. Only Moe was different, he really stuck out. Which is what I liked the most about him. He had no phone, no interest in getting a girlfriend, no absolute care in the world about gossip. That was Moe. Until one day I decided to leave a note on his locker. I would stay after school until no kid could see me slip the paper. Then, In the morning I'd hide in the crowd while I walked inside the school just to see him open the note. 

"He put it in his pocket! He put it in his pocket!", Mona whispered to me.

"I know! I saw!!"

The note thing only went on for a week and a half, but one of his friends found out who was the anonymous writer of those notes. His name was Abe, short for Abraham. Now he teases me about it. Just yesterday at lunch, when he was behind me and Moe behind him, he shouted,"I heard you put another note on Moes' locker." I only ignored that comment, but I could hear him and Moe talking about it. Then I heard Abe whisper," See? I told you it was her!" I turned around and saw Moe giving me quick glances. I couldn't tell if they were glances of fear or surprise... I remained silent towards him during November 1st, 2nd,and 3rd. I'm not sure what'll happen next week but  I feel so bad, I wanted to apologize to him. There's this feeling that I have which quarreled in my head. Does he like me or not? Judging by his expressions I think he'd care less if I jumped off a cliff. But I don't need to jump off a cliff for him, I don't even know him that well. One of the last things that I ever said to him was "Wanna be friends?" And he only responded with "Uhhhhhhh".

I wouldn't blame him though, it did come out of nowhere.

November 2, 2017

It's been weeks since I stopped the whole note thing. Everything just got more awkward for me and Moe. Now I just feel his stare... I caught a glimpse of him turning around, opposite of me. Is he shy or just uninterested?.. My father has been calling me "Boy Crazy". Says I've been bitten by the bug. You can't stop nature anyways, it was bound to come for me eventually. Mona, on the other hand, hasn't been bitten yet. Sure she's had her crushes here and there but she always said they wouldn't work. I don't like how she always gives up hope. Then...

"Him?? He's in the eighth grade!" Mona and I were currently having "girl talk".

"Shh!! Shut your trap!! He'll hear you!!"

"Dude!! Don't you think that's aiming a little too high though?"

Mona hesitated to answer.

"Uhhhhhh, I try not to think about it too much... Plus, he's really cute.."

"Plus, he has a girlfriend! She's a cheeky rat with braces, c'mon!"

We stood silent for a bit as Mona stared at him, Ambrose. The fairly popular pretty-boy who had everything. Especially looks. Now, Mona already knows me. She knows that I hate the people who crush on the popular, hot, rich kid. Even if that included me. I'd think if it as a huge cliché that happens in every chick flick. Mother loves those type of movies too, so that means I don't have a choice when she's asked me to watch them with her.

"He's got a cool name though.."

"Yeah, wonder what it means." I said that sarcastically.

"You don't have to be such a bitch about it..",Mona replied, seriously this time.


"What? Do you just want me to tell you lies?"

"Sometimes it's better than your bitter truth!"

"Quit being such a little kid!!"

Pretty sure this was a "best friends are gonna fight" scenario. Too bad this wasn't a movie cause no one surrounded us or chanted.


Mona sighed.


The bell rung. We started making our way to the doors.

It was a huge crowd, like always.

"So, have you seen your little boyfriend around?",Mona teased me.

"Who? Moe?"

As I said that, I heard running footsteps towards us. I was barley about to go through the door when this kid ran into me.

"Hey!!! Watch-"

I stopped myself from saying anything else. That kid was Moe himself. I don't know why but at that moment everything got silent, kids' lips were still moving but I heard nothing. Im taking about instense eye contact here. Either I hadn't noticed this before or I was just blind, but his eyes were mesmerizing to gaze at in a way. I've never seen someone's eyes as exact as the ocean....


                ς∆Я ㄅ◊Яɬ∑∂!!!! "

"Huh?..." Mona tried to get my attention.

" ѕ-ѕorry.  ι dιdn'т мean тo-"

"It's okay.."

Is that.. His voice?.. It's....CUTE.. 

He helped me up and grabbed his stuff.

"ι, υн.…"

"Do you need any help-"

"goттa go! "

I stared at him as he ran off.

Mona laughed.

"Are you okay?? Here, get up."

She gave me my sketchbook and bag back.


I still haven't forgotten about that moment. Since then I've been drawing a lot more, I even managed to get the patience to draw a galaxy. Suddenly my head wasn't an art block anymore.

November 15,2017

This morning, Mona finally made me talk to Moe. It felt like one of those dramatic moments where he was standing in the crowd as people walked by. Only because he was.

"Go! You've had so many other chances and this one is perfect!"

"I don't know dude! Seriously I think I'll mess up!!"

She looked at me, kinda smug.

"If you don't do it I will seriously slap you."

I hesitated, you could even see me stomp on the floor of few times. Out of frustration..

"Fffffine!! I'll do it... But I feel so uncomfortable when you're watching-"

"Then I'll just turn around!"

She did. Guess I had no choice. I walked up to him, a little nervous with a few butterflies in my stomach but overall okay..



"Sorry.. About the whole note thing.. And bumping into you."

"ιт'ѕ oĸay…"

Oof, Jeez...

"So hey, I was thinking if we could.. Be friends or something, you know?"

"υн,  yeaн.  ѕυre.."

"Are you okay with that? Is it okay if I hang out with you?.."


"Okay, great.. Thanks."

"no proвleм…"

That. Was. Awkward.

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 November 17, 2017

Today was a little more comfortable with Moe. I didn't really talk to him this morning, out of shyness. Most of the morning was dull and I was about to finish 5th period. It was passing time, the bell had rung. I was about to go to Science, which was the only class I had with him. I bumped into him in the hallway.

"Hi, Moe."

Then I slipped through the crowd towards the room. I felt a little bad because I heard him in the distance.


That was a little cold of me..

He stared at me again in Science, I caught him 2 times. I think he's just a little freaked out about me. The bad way..

After Science I had Math, my last class. I didn't stop thinking about him, which can be funny because I bet he forgot about me completely. After school I met up with Kolette.

"Hey, where's Mona?"

"I don't know, I think she's still inside."

I texted her.

"She's in the orchestra room."

"Oh, okay. See you later then!" Kolette started walking with her other friends. I went inside and saw her, waving her hands at me.

"Come here!"

I ran to her.

"Woah... Is this what it looks like?.. So pretty..."

"Not as pretty as boyfriend over here!" Moan teased again..

Moe was there too. 3 people ahead of her.

"Okay, I'm gonna go wait for you outside-"

"Can you get my clothes from the my locker please?"

I replied.


I sped outside the room. Then Moe passed by me. I slowly followed him. 


He quickly turned around. This was one of the only times we ever made eye contact on purpose..

"Have a good break.."

"yoυ тoo. "

Then he slowly exited out the door.

I had the little happy feeling inside. The reason I said that was because we were having a whole week as our break. I liked that, but that means I'd have to wait a week to see Moe again. Unless I coincidentally bump into him during the break. If only. Great, now I sound desperate. I wish he had a phone so we could at least talk virtually.

Nov 19, 2017

I went over Mona's house today, it was pretty late so we were already in our PJ's. 

"So, what do you plan to do?"

"In what?"

"Talking to Moe."

Mona and I were sitting on her bed. I was curled up on once side holding one of her pillows. She was laying down staring at the ceiling, which was covered with glow in the dark stars.

"I don't know. I've been drawing a ton lately."

She quickly sat up.

"Lemme see!!"

Mona grasped on my sketchbook impatiently.

"Jeez calm down! There are some pages that-"

"Whatever just lemme see!!"


"..Can I see now?"

I sighed.


She yanked the book out of my hands and admired the pages. Then she stopped on one.

"Heeey... Is this Moe???"

The drawing had Moe floating in the ocean. He was pretty relaxed and his eyes were baby blue. His blonde hair was slightly flowing, and his glasses floated. Some of his face was fading away, turning into water. Including some of his arm and leg. Fish were swimming around him, as he was letting bubbles out.

"I didn't want you to see that page!"

I kinda yelled at her.

"Hey! It's fine! I'm not judging you or anything! I just wanted to know how you got the idea for this, it's so cool.."

I replied softly.

"Thanks. Now can I have it back?"

"Once you tell me how you came up with it!"

I stared at her, a little annoyed.

"Fine! Just... Don't laugh!"

"I won't!"

"....I had a dream not too long ago.. He was floating there with most of his face turning into water, his eyes were sparkling too for some reason. It was a really short dream, sort of a vision. It's just weird because any of the dreams I've had with him in them, it always had water as some sort of key element to the dream.."

Mona stared at the floor.

"That.. That's actually kinda sad."

"Yeah, but it's probably just my head messing around."

Mona laughed.

"Don't sadden me up even more! I get it. You like this kid. I won't judge you for it. I can be a jerk sometimes but that's probably cause he's not my type."

"Do you even know your type?"


We both burst in laughter.

"You think I should tell Kolette?"

I asked Mona.

"I don't know.. she's been lying to us for a while. How do we know we can trust her?"

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