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Hi this is my first book and this is my first book so sorry if it's crap. so i hope you like it and waning this book has cursing in it.

what is the book about: you are a girl that lives alone in her house you mostly watch markiplier and jacksepticeye. you don't have a job one day you were walking down the street and bump into a green hair man.


y/n:your name 

f/c:favorite color

A/n:author notes 


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Chapter 1

 *your pov*

It 4:30 pm  i could see from out my window it was a gloomy day and fogie ,but i need fresh air because i have been  watching  jacksepticeye and markiplier all day i walked to my dresser and put on my favorite shirt and denim jeans i walk to my door and put on my jacket and started walk out. the fog got even worse i could only see a few blocks ahead of me.I look at your phone while i was walking  and  i bumped into someone making me fall on butt. "im so sorry." he got up and turned around.

It was jack i thought to myself.  he put his hand out to me. I look at his hand for a second and grab it and he pulled me up. jack "what's your name."  "m...my is y/n."  "Hi y/n my names is sean but call me jack."It start to rain rapidly "you can come to my place if you want to and hang out." why not i was just going to watch youtube all day i though."sure."

He starts walking to his house i follow him."what do you like to watch on youtube?"  "i actually like to watch your channel and markiplier."I blush slightly. "Tell me about yourself." "I love to draw playing piano also  playing video games ." jack smiles at me.me and jack finally get to his house.

"this is my house make yourself at home y/n." i was  play games with jack for hours. me and jack heard loud noises in the kitchen both of  as rush into the kitchen,but i saw nothing jack didn't ether." weird no one is here i don't know what made that noise." "It was probably nothing."  "i'm going  to make diner is that ok." yeah it's ok.

*Time skip to night time*

 *jacks pov*

i notice that she getting tired."If you want to y/n you can sleep on my couch". she nods her head she put her head on my lap. she look up at me smiles and she fall asleep. I didn't notice my face was bright red.shes so peaceful when she sleep  .

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Chapter 2

 *Your Pov*

The next day i woke up to the smell of bacon i had a blanket wrapped around me i took the blanket off and got up and head throws the kitchen sliding on my socks. "good morning" jack greeted me.

I smiled at him. "What are you cooking?" "I'm making eggs and bacon do want to stay for breakfast?" "sure i'd love to but after breakfast i have to go home and take a shower"  "ok."

After breakfast

"I'm going to head home here's my phone number call me if you need anything." "ok see you later." i walk out of jack's house. "Did i just stay the night at jacksepticeye house!" i say to yourself .I look back too his house and see one black eye and blue glowing eye staring at me. i rub my eyes and it was gone this sent shivers down my back.kind of freak out i start running back to my house i get in my yard run to my door and slam it shut and regand my breath."what the fuck was that!"

i notice my hair was kind of  grease so i went to take a shower.I grab my towel also some clothing then i went to the bathroom  took off my clothes and jumped in the shower 10 min after taking a shower i got dress up and dried my hair.i looked at the mirror and saw a man that looked like jack but he had the same eyes that i saw earlier i screamed and ran to the living room.

he grabbed me and i ran and i hit him with a bat. "Your fighter aren't ya." he said in a low demonic voice irish tone i ran into my room. "You can run but you can't hide." i went under my bed my heart was pounding so loud i could feel my head  pounding.I tried to call jack but i heard him say "I know your under the bed." sivers were sent down my spine when i  heard him say this he pulled me out from underneath the bed i feel a rag go over my mouth then it when black.

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