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 Sometimes everything around you, turns against you. And things you once loved, overwhelm you. As you gasp for air, you begin to suffocate. Suffocate on your own world. And drown, in your insanity.


I was sitting in my room crying, again. After repeatedly watching my father beat me and my mother, my life was scarred for another day, physically and mentally. I was only 12 and had grown up only knowing about pain and death. I went to school and got fair grades but for my father it didn't matter. I used to have a brother but he died when I was only 6. I can still remember him. He was amazing and was like the father I never had. After our 'beating session' he would always sit next to me while I cried, and tell me stories about when he was little and about how caring our father used to be. He was 15 when he died and I can still remember those last, terrifying moments of him trying to protect me and our mother before our father got angry, and ended his life.

I kept crying until I heard the heavy footsteps of my father's boots outside my door. I stayed on my bed, hoping he hadn't heard me crying and I tried to stop crying, even as the tears rolled down my terrified face. Then he slammed open the door and walked over to me, madness in his eyes but a stern expression. He was a towering figure and looked down at me as if he was the hunter and I was his prey. He grabbed my wrist suddenly and pulled me up and I felt a pain shoot through my arm. I was so weak but still, I tried to escape his tight grip but failed. He dragged me out of the room, a scowl on his face, and continued to walk down the corridor until he reached the lounge room, where my mother was, whimpering in the corner. "J-John p-p-please not him..." I heard my mother seem to whisper as if in pain and it suddenly dawned on me what he was going to do with me. My father just glared at my mother, which made her just cower back closer to the wall, "I'll deal with you when I get back!" he snarled at her and dragged me over to the front door and thrust it open. I knew that was going to be the last time I would ever see my mother again and I started to cry, a silent weep that would be my last.


I was now in a boat, my arms tied behind my back along with my legs. He didn't cover my mouth because even if I tried to scream, I would not have the energy or bravery to do so. He was rowing the boat into the middle of the lake and started to untie my arms and legs. I stared out over the boat, into the water, to see a ghastly refection of myself with sadness in my dark green eyes. My refection rippled away as one of my tears landed into the deep, dark water that would soon be my final resting place.

My father grabbed me so suddenly that I nearly fell in, not that it would matter. I looked at him and in the darkness of night, he had a demon look to him. When he started to speak it was a mocking tone, "It will all end soon, don't you worry Ben..." he said and ruffled my grimy, blonde hair. I saw what seemed like triumph in his eyes as he reached into his pocket to pull something out. I was about to close my eyes, as I didn't want to see how he was going to kill me even though I already knew. I was about to say my last words when something caught my eye across at the bank of the lake. There was a girl, red hair green eyes and was running towards the water. I suddenly realized who it was, my only friend. The only one who had ever cared. What was her name? How had I forgotten her name?!

She was a friend from school, or at least the closest thing I've ever had to a friend. She had really been the only one to notice me. I started at a new school, but with all the abuse it get's difficult. At lunch I cry, and I cry under a tree so nobody can see the bruises and scars that show how weak and helpless I really am. But she noticed... she was the only one to notice. And through the bruises, cuts, scars, tears, she saw who I was. Instead of this helpless boy, she showed me somebody I had never seen before... she had been the only thing stopping me from jumping off a bridge.

I was trying to remember her name when my father noticed I was looking at something. He turned around and saw her. Before I could do anything he pulled out the gun from his pocket and fired. I saw her shirt start to turn red as if a virus had started to spread into her body. She went limp fell on the dirt next to the lake with a thump that echoed around the lake.*

I stared in horror. I couldn't speak. I could faintly hear my father's laughs next to me. I started to look towards him, just in time to see him get the gun barrel and hold it with the handle facing towards me and knock me over the head with the hard, metal gun. Then all I saw was blackness and I felt was the water start to sink into my clothes and the world started to fade and go numb. Then I remembered the girl's name. Amy. Everything faded away with all my pain and thoughts as my lifeless body, sunk into the murky depths of the lake.


And that's the first chapter! It's short I know but this is just a background type thingy so all my other chapter will be WAY longer and A LOT more exiting! Hope you enjoyed and the second chapter shall be soon...



Yo its TIL! I updated some of this, as it is no longer an x reader. I am going through and fixing the chapters. Let me know if I should rewrite this chapter completely. K thx.


*Part in which I rewrote

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