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This is a compelation of things I write for my book ‘a world on fire.’ As I’m not writing the book in a perfect chronological order, but still want to publish the earlier chapters, this is where all the unfinished, or future chapters of the book will go until they are implemented into the book

(C) means completed, not that it won’t changed

(U) means unfinished, still in production

(D) means completed draft, so it’ll probably be rewritten

(X) means discarded, it won’t appear at all

(N) means notes, just random thoughts jotted down

(K) means non-canon, and is just something a wrote for fun about these characters.

[] is an author note that won’t appear in the final copy of the book, but shows up hear to provide clarity, or as a thought I had while writing.

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Zack vs Yung (UX)

  The door to the church swing upon. It entered. As soon as both feet were inside the door, a sheet of metal shot up from the ground to block its escape. 

The church was almost completely empty. The back half the room had the aisles cleared out, while the forward half didnt. A podium stood in front of a large cross, both of which were elevated half a foot above everything else on an alter. All the furnishings were wooden, but appeared to be in a state of decay, excluding the cross, which had been polished very recently and throughly. A total of six painted windows permitted sunlight access to the room, bathing the room in a bright, multicolored light. The only exit was the now sealed door, and a small latter  that provided roof and bell access.

Zack stood in between the aisles, looking up at the cross. He turned to face his opponent. Boom, ten seconds, that was his mark. This was it. Zack sighed deeply.

The song of a cardinal reached his ears, and began to get mixed in with the songs of other nearby birds. “Welp...” Zack spoke, as it began its approach down the aisle. “You helped start this war...” the bell outside rang loudly. This scared off a couple of birds, but many continued their songs. “Today, I’m gunna take the first step towards ending it.” The bell rang again, but the birds kept singing. 

Yung grinned wildly. “I’m a bit of a poet... let’s start things off on a good note.” The bell rang for a third time, and fell silent. The birds were used to it, Zack supposed, but would they sing through what happened next? “Roses are red.” The screams of men filled the room, and seconds later the sound of automatic gunfire and explosions begin echoing through the hall.

“Violets are blue...” all the birds had left, except for a scared cardinal, which could be heard squeaking desperately. 

“This is the end... for either me or you.” Yung finished with a grin.

Zack chuckled “pretty good... my turn.” 

“Roses are red, violets are blue,” A metal spike shot from the ground and impaled Yung, bringing him to the brink of death,“this is the end for you not me.” Zack turned around, and added a sratch to his tablet. “This better work...” 

Zack opened his eyes and felt something prodding his back, it had begun. This mark meant this was attempt two, which Zack intended to end quicker than attempt one. Yung took a single step forward, and was immediately impaled by a spike from behind. 

Zack grinned, “four hundred and ninety eight to go.” Zack pulled out his tablet, and added a mark

Zack opened his eyes and felt something prodding his back, he reached out with his mind and tried the same trick again. 

Yung side-stepped the spike easily, but had lost face when he turned to face Zack “ho- how did you!?!” Zack grinned “your time revert can’t effect everything, all it took was me finding something it didn’t to swing this battle in my favor. Welp... see ya at four.” From the spike that Yung had previously side stepped, shot a new spike which stabbed him through the head. Zack marked his tablet.

Zack opened his eyes and felt something prodding his back, it was working, it was really working. He had a chance. “Hehe, ready to take a fourth stab at killing me?” Yung frowned and charged at Zack


Zack fell back onto his butt, Yung lay dead at the other end of the church. A small cardinal came and landed at Zack’s feet. Zack looked around the room, “huh... looks airtight... are you trapped in here too?”

Zack opened his eyes and felt something prodding his back, “try number five, give me your all!” Zack shouted as Yung charged at him.

 It wasn’t long before a well placed spike tripped Yung, and Zack got the better of him with his needles. Zack fell back on his butt, which... felt oddly fimilar at this point, and was hit by a serious moment of deja vu when a small cardinal landed at his feet. “Wh-what?”

Zack opened his eyes and felt something prodding his back, “Alright... thus beings the grind!” Zack began his assault and Yung did too.


Zack fell back on his butt... again... try 136, another victory for Zack, but Yung was catching up. This all felt... so familiar, like he had done it before... like it was something he had done at least a hundred times. A cardinal landed at his feet.

Zack opened his eyes, and... why were birds important? Zack shook his head and began attacking. 


Yung was visibly upset, try 200 had just failed. “You had better pray to God  that I don’t start taking this seriously.” Zack grinned, “heh, sorry, I don’t believe in God.”


As Yung lied dead at one end of the hall, Zack stood panting at the other. He was exhausted, was the battle always this close? No... he didn’t think so. It was try 234 for Yung, but Zack feared that he would kill him before he reached 500. Zack felt like he was waiting for something, and almost on queue, a small cardinal appeared and landed next to Zack. “Huh...”

Zack opened his eyes, he didn’t need the tablet to tell him he had done this before. “Let’s keep going... shall we?”


Zack ducked, watching as one of Yungs needles flew by his ear, Zack ran up and kicked Yung as hard as he could in the leg, causing him to fall over... right onto a bed of spikes. Zack was drenched in sweat, and he nearly collapsed from exhaustion. Yung was getting closer. A cardinal landed by his feet, “hiya bud...”


Yung fell face first into the ground, dead. Zack sank to his knees, 400. A new record, Yung had actually started to look a little worried.

“99 times left to fall, take you down, stab you down, 98 times left to fall.”


Yung had just died for his 498th time. After this next life, they were playing for keeps.

Zack grinned, “hehe, has it been 499 times already? Damn, time flies!” Yung kept a stern face. “Aww! Why so-“ Zack got cut off as Yung began his assault. Yung threw three needles, all of which were blocked by a spike that Zack summoned. Yung dodges around it and swung his stone knife towards Zack’s head. Ducking beneath it, he delieved a quick punch to Yungs gut, causing him to double over. Zack raised both his hands over his head and prepared to bring them down on Yungs head. One moment to late did he realize his mistake, Yungs knife came up and slid through his chest. Zack fell limply into Yung’s arms. His vision dimmed, and his eyes grew heavy...

Zack closed his eyes and saw her, it warmed his dieing heart. Charlotte... he could die knowing he tried his best. Yung whispered into Zack’s ear, “she’s next.” Zack’s eyes shot open, “like hell she is.” 

A massive spike shot out of the floor, stabbing through Zack’s back and into Yung. For the first time, they died together.

Zack’s eyes opened... he had died last time. A draw wasn’t acceptable this time around, he’d have to win.

“No joking around this time.”

Zack started off by summoning spike after spike to try to impale Yung, unfortunately, Yung seemed to have a lot of practice. Yung got close enough to swing at Zack, who took a step back and some spikes from his pocket at Yung. Yung dodged and continued his assault.


Mike had been having really good luck, he had found a four leaf clover- on a battlefield no less. What was amazing though, was when he picked it up, the thing literally combusted. He had no idea why, but his luck was exponentially better than average. He wasn’t the best soldier, but based on his preformance that day, he’d definitely earned his place in some sort of hall of honor. Mikes opponents never failed to make stupid mistakes, but today it was almost hilarious. At one point during the battle, when someone was shooting at Mike, he tripped over a small rock and Mike managed to finish off what could have been his killer.

Mikes snapped back to reality as bullets whizzed over his head, he shoved his gun over the piece of wall he was sitting behind, and fired a burst of three bullets into the enemies.

The first bullet collided mid air with a bullet flying straight for Mike, the second hit his assailant in the head, and the third whizzed off towards a church...


Zack fell on his butt at the feet of the podium. He was so exhausted he could hardly stand. He had depleted his metal reserves entirely, and all the metal in the room had been poisoned. He was done for. So he did the last thing he could think of, he shut his eyes and begged for help.

 Yung began his final approach, and for the first time he observed Zack with his eyes shut all the way. “Wait... are you... praying!?! That’s hilarious, you said it yourself,” Zack opened his eyes and looked towards the window, “there’s no God in this world and if there is one, it’s m-” the window exploded, glass bathed both Zack and Yung, Zack’s mind instantly locked on to the small metal object which had breached the window, a 7.62 caliber bullet. He picked it up with his mind and threw it as hard as he could at Yung. 

Yungs eyes widened, before closing for the final time. Zack was absolutely exhausted, but he had done it. He had killed Yung, all 500 times. Zack began to loss consciousness, only to be scared awake by a cardinal, which had landed at his feet chirping worriedly. A small blue bird flew into the room, clearly happy to reunited with the cardinal, then together they flew out. “Huh... that’s why he never left, he was looking for his buddy...” Zack said as he slipped into sleep, knowing that both him and the cardinal had beaten whatever the world threw at them.


ICEs decision to withhold information from literally everyone around him was about to pay off. He flipped the switch on a detonator, putting stage two of his plan into play. All at once, the Althean planes burst into fiery balls, and crashed throughout the battlefield. “Shoulda down your research... daughter of your only manufacturer is a sub human.” 


The sound of helicopters flying to close to the ground almost proved deafening to Mike, ICE had done it. The role air support played completely reversed, with Elthean helis proving absolutely devastating to the Althean forces. The Altheans expected their planes to prevent any enemy air support, which had proved to be a fatal mistake, as now the roles had reversed. Endless missile barrages were deployed by Elthean helicopters, and bombing runs had begun by Elthean bombers as well. The two questions remained, how did ICE pull it off, and where the hell did all these aircraft come from.


“What do you mean our aircraft carrier is missing!?!” General Rogurd was not happy, how the hell did his staff manage to loss an entire aircraft carrier? Not to mention it was fully equip with all the latest planes and was carrying three nuclear bombs. “Reports are in; turncoats, it’s safe to assume Elthean rebels have control of the ship.”

Rogurd almost blew a blood vessel, “and how the hell did they pull that off.”


Jon stood at the helm of the aircraft carrier, eye twitching. “How much soda did I drink?” He felt the end of his high coming, “This is gunna suck soooo much.” D3 stood balling her eyes out as Jon had an anurism.

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Zack joins the rebellion (UX)

 Zack sprinted along the paved road. Quickly approaching the town where the execution was occurring. As he neared the building closest to the edge of the town, a metal steps shot up from the ground, providing him a passageway onto the roof. As he got on top of a flat-topped office building, he looked over the sub-urban town. He quickly located the town square and began jumping roof top to roof top to get there. 

Judging by where the sun was, he had about ten to twenty minutes till noon. Zack was in peak physical fitness due to the previous months of almost non stop exercise, but he was exhausted and his muscles were growing heavier by the minute. Looking to the streets beneath, he noticed almost no traffic at all, he imagined they were all heading to the execution. As Zack neared the location, he began to see more and more cars. He began to hear someone speaking loudly into a speaker, and it didn’t sound pleasant. “These terrorists are a threat to national security! They aren’t contributing to 

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Battle of Birthright harbor U

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