Midnight Memories


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nighttime habits

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they don't read out loud.❞

"What the fuck?" He whispered, squinting as he leaned over the dashboard, craning to get a better look at the strange lump in the middle of the road. As he sped down the darkened neighborhood street, the limp figure that was once in the distance quickly became more clear.

The sound of screeching car tires brought her out of her trance, causing her to sit up at the same time as someone shut their car door, most likely the one who had just slammed on their brakes.

"Are you fucking crazy? Why are you laying in the middle of the fucking road?"

She laid back down as she finally realized it was just someone concerned with her strange nighttime habits.

"I'm thinking," she replied calmly, examining the stars glowing brightly in the pitch black sky. "And must you use profanity? There are so many more beautiful words in the English language."

"I didn't pick those words to say because they're pretty," he snarled, seemingly annoyed. At what; well, neither of them really knew the answer to that.

❝the sun watches what I do,

but the moon knows all my


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