Beware Of Dog


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 I always knew it would happen one day, I just knew it. I bet you're wondering what's happening, well, I'm StarPlant, an element wolf. Unlike other elementals, I have two elements, and I can transform into a fox.

My clan is FallenClan and I'm one of the hunters, hunters aren't allowed pups/kits/Cubs because they are 'distracting animals from hunting'. Today I just had pups and I've had to abandon my post as hunter and find a bigger den, the one I was in earlier was good, but it only had one bed, nothing else, it was so comfortable but too small.

So now I've just moved to a larger one, two beds, one pond, and holes that you can store stuff in.

I've named my first pup 'CrystalBlood' and the second one 'BirdWing'.


CrystalBlood PoV 

When I first woke up it was a bumpy ride, then it was like someone dropped me on a itchy pillow... Then I fell asleep, when I woke everything was blurry, my eyes were half open, the blur turned into colour, lots and lots of colour. There was another wolf in front of me, a bit smaller than me, their eyes were already open.. A light green.

Their fur was a shiny dark red and they had yellow, blood red, green, and dark blue stripes on their tail, arms/legs, and neck.

Their light green eyes were staring into mine. What is my eye and fur colour? Do I have markings too? Where am I and who is that? I thought. Then looked down at my paws, they were a crystal purple and blue and they faded into a blood red at the lower leg/arm. That's all of me I could see.


BirdWing PoV 

A few minutes after I was born I opened my eyes, in front of me was a wolf slightly bigger than me, they were a crystal purple and blue, their paws faded into a blood red at the lower leg/arm. Their neck faded into a blood red, so did their tail, muzzle and ears. I looked around, my eyesight must've been amazing to see it, but far far far in the distance was a metal fence behind a sign, the sign said 'Beware of dog'.

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