Lost Innocence


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Diana Lorenzo Steel has always been alone. Alone, but coping. What was worse in her lifetime, was the untimely death of her parents. But with how she was taught and grown up, she refused to let her dreams of getting accomplished, be shattered by her horribly, cruel reality. Thus, enrolling herself into Réussi Academy, France, she continued her education, and moved on.

Now enrolling herself there, she doesn't make friends nor any boyfriends. Why, you may ask? Because life for her has never been stable after her parents' death, despite trying to manage. Like Hell, it never stopped being known in her mind, and terrifying her deeply. And so, this provoking thought, led her to not be social, and let the world think her invisible, with her being truly all on her own.

Now enters Sean McAllister Knight. A bad boy through his good looks, but a broken person at heart. Like Diana, having a hard past with his family members was not his healthy yet prosperous childhood, nor how he chose to live. Having good grades and killer looks he knew, wasn't his identity. But to go on with life, he knew he had to hide, and become someone else. Someone, who refused to let anyone see his true self.

But when he meets Diana one day, who sat against the cafeteria wall with a stone face, dismissing any conversation anyone tried with her, he knew he had met someone like him. Someone, that could understand what he was going through, someone who knew how he had no innocence left. And he knew he could be what Diana needed: A person to give her lost innocence back, despite her not showing.

Now let's see what happens, when these two meet...


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Summer Murong

Alas, I can finally post comments. I love the beginning very much. It's no-nonsense and intriguing.

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Thank you so much, besides don't we all love a feisty person?

Chapter 1

Routine, routine, routine.

Everything was going according to the word that I was accustomed to, day by day. Every day, I would do the same thing over and over. It was like a never ending roller-coaster. What with the pain of my parents dying and having no sibling around, my life was thus nothing, but routine. I had numbed the pain to the level, of almost removing it like an old newspaper. Too old, but still there.

A Robot.

This word applied to me in almost every way. Why? Because in life, I had two choices. I either had to weep and weep about my miserably-routine life, or I could numb the pain a bit, but still move on, except for behaving like a robot and doing things mundane.


Every day, I felt pain. Despite it being quite some time, the thought of losing my parents shattered my heart, every day. The thought of never seeing them again, makes me realize how I wish that I could change the things I did, and said to them. I wasn't a bad child, no in fact, I was a very obedient and easy to go child. But still, everyone does terrible things in their lifetime, that they wish they could change.

But one thing was certain.

If I couldn't change my past and present time, I could try to alter my future to look better for me.

​And to do this, I had to change the way I was living life. Miserable was not the way I was going to live. Not anymore.

Ever since that so-called goal, like New Year's Eve, I started doing things that any girl at the age of 19 was doing: Buying necessaries for myself, clothes to wear and all that jazz. I did stuff around my house to make sure it didn't depress me further of those memories, that I suppressed deep inside.

After that, I continued my education. By going to an academy, here in France. It's the top academy in Paris. Today was the starting day of my second year. My parents could very well afford the education, thus they sent me to this academy.

Now I was just preparing my outfit for today. A black top, with blue matching the color of sky, jeans and black sneakers. Taking my essentials consisting of, earphones and my laptop, as I was a writer, so I could get inspiration to write anywhere. Also, a sweater for possibly windy days. I was all set, but I needed breakfast.

So quickly getting my breakfast and eating it like I was going to die without it, I left for the academy. I couldn't afford to be late for my first lecture with Prof Lacturne. He was quite a professor in science. No fascination with the subject myself, but he did teach quite nice, but he was strict.

Anyway, reaching there, I quickly went into the lecture hall. Whew, made it in 5 minutes!

"Good morning, ladies and gents. Today, we are going to start learning about the environment and how people immerse themselves in it, how they try to understand, and help the environment sufficiently flourish throughout the world. Please open your books to page 456 and start making notes. Thank you." Said Prof Lacturne, while writing something on the board.

Soon, after my two lectures, morning tea came. Oh, the heavenly time to write something! But before I could do justice to myself to write something good, I had to eat. I am not a foodie, by most people's opinion, I am not. I just like to eat my food on time. Anyway, enough talk about food. I had just sat down to my amazingly good food which I was desperately trying to eat, when a group of girls came by.

Let's just say, they could resemble being Mean Girls number 2. Anyway, they made their way over to me like last year as well, to let's assume, making friends. As if. I wasn't here to make friends, I was here to make something out of myself which I promised to, after pitying, and being miserable on my parents’ death.

"Hi Diana, would you like to come join us?" Asked, one of the girls.

"No thanks, I quite frankly like being left alone." I said agitatedly, as I wanted to eat my lunch so badly.

"C'mon, I am sure our friends will enjoy your company." Said another.

"Certainly." Cried the third.

"Again, I thank you for the invitation, but I don't think we will ever form the social bond you want me to form with you. Goodbye now." I said to them as I put in my earphones, started some music, and ate my morning tea.

"That is surely rude of you to ignore our invitation. Never mind though, c'mon girls." Said the first one leaving with her friends, and finally leaving me in peace.

Thank heavens, those girls went. Surely, me going with them would be like me going to Mount Everest. Which surely isn't happening anytime soon. Soon, I finished my morning tea and started writing. I already had a fabulous idea of what I was going to write. Because for me writing was special, sure I wasn't a good artist like Monet, Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Picasso, Van Gogh, but I loved writing. And so, I wrote.

Until once again, someone had disturbed my peace.

"Hi, what do you want, if I may ask?" I asked the person as they weren't going to get out of here, without me telling them to go away, and disturb someone else's peace.

"Can I sit here with you?" Asked the person, who apparently hadn't left yet.

Time for me to show them the way out.

As I took out my earphones and turned my face, I saw who it was.

And my first thought was: Why him?


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Summer Murong

haha, here comes the bad boy.

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Yup, excited, are you?

Chapter 2

“Can I sit here?” He again asked.

“I wish you could, but apparently, I say no to that notion.” I agitatedly, said again.

“Why, you think that I am interfering in your space?” He asked, with an amused look.

“Well, gee I hadn’t thought before, but you know what, you’re right. You are interfering in my space.” I said to him, before giving him that “rude” speech to him about going somewhere else. But apparently, he hadn’t changed his mind, as he sat next to me.

“I told you to go away, did you think I was speaking in Spanish?” I said irritated, as he started eating his morning tea.

“Well, I’ve sat down anyway, so it doesn’t really matter.” He said yet again, but with a hint of amusement in his voice.

You jerk, why I should, throw you into the 7th heaven, and never let you come back even if I die. I thought bitterly, as I started eating my own morning tea on the third try.

Who was this jerk, I was talking about? Meet Sean Mcallister Knight, a known personality in our academy. How is he well-known? Good question, though be warned, there are a lot of answers to give on his behalf. First, he is quite a well-known bad-boy. Yes, I know he sounds like a cliched person, but there is more, just you wait. He’s not just a bad boy, he’s a smart and sensitively caring. Weird, right? Because these kinds of guys rarely exist between the ages of 17-20.

It’s not fun when I meet people opposite of what he is. But let’s not ramble on this, only. You see, he’s also a writer like me, and can speak many languages. How do I know all this, about him? Well, all I can is say that I’ve known him, before I even started attending this academy. The rest shall be told later. Anyway, he also is, and behaves like the golden boy of the academy, which in my opinion everyone respects. Don’t know, don’t care.

Anyway, that’s all about Sean. Oh, but he’s in my year, and not a player as well. Once again, weird qualities for someone like Sean. But who’d give a damn? Certainly, I wouldn’t. Anyway, that’s all from me about Sean. Let’s get back to Sean being a jerk, and me being irritated.

“I told you to leave, then, why didn’t you?” I asked him, because I knew I was seeing red, and this usually meant for me to lose my temper, which I always tried to control.

“Because, you can’t exactly push someone out, once they’ve made up their mind.” Sean said with a smirk, as he started munching on his sandwich.

Pourquoi dois-je traiter avec vous?  I thought, as I finished my morning tea, and started writing about my new story.

It was about how a girl’s dead lover came back to her, and saying he wasn’t going to heaven, and leaving her alone. I know the summary is romantic. The irony is that I can’t stand romance in real life, but I can read about them anytime.

Translation: Why do I have to deal with you? (This is in French.)

But Sean had to reply again.

« Parce que tu me connais trop bien, mon amour. » Replied Sean, as he finished up.

Translation: Because you know me too well, my love.

« Comment savez-vous ce que je disais ? » I said, but then suddenly I realized that I had said my thoughts out loud. How could I be so stupid? Lord knows.

Translation: How did you know what I just said?

« Parce que chéri, vous avez dit que vous avez parlé à haute voix. » Sean said again, being the nice person, he is. Note the sarcasm.

Translation: Because darling, you spoke your lovely thoughts out loud.

Soon the bell rang. Signalling all the students to quit their unfortunately important chat and leave to the world of dreadful obstacles, called teachers and assessments, which to my opinion and observance is crap. Then Sean decided to stand up, and open his big mouth of his, which I wish I could zip up.

« Eh bien, je vous souhaite mon amour. Je vous parlerai bientôt, jusqu'à ce moment.  He said, as he walked off to his class.

Translation: Well, nice to meet you too my love. I will talk to you soon, until then.

Well, isn’t that nice, again note the sarcasm. Sitting down with me, even though I told him not to, then he has the nerve to tease me. And he teases me in French. How humorous! And then he leaves, without any explanation.

How typical of Sean! Lord knows how much I cope with idiots, like him. Hence, me not socialising just as much.

But it was my time to go to class, since I was not a fool,  thinking about someone else’s words, like everyone else would have. As I walked off to my class, all the people stared at me. What the hell? I am sure talking to some golden boy in our school, wasn’t a prestige. Even if it was, well they should suck it up.

Sitting down in my seat, I stared ahead, ready to wait for our teacher to come in. But then, the conversation between me and Sean replayed in my mind, not by purpose of course. Why did life have to be this cruel to me? Oh well, the logistics of being in a world like this.

But one question popped in my mind: Why the heck had the great Sean Mcallister Knight (note the sarcasm) decided to talk to me?


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Summer Murong

A bad boy and a feisty girl. Hmmm...an interesting couple...

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