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She served as a Master Distributor for JapanLife to set up business units for their products and after-sales service, since 1997.  At JapanLife, she pioneered and brought together many insurance products under one umbrella.  She listed JapanLife as the first Corporate Customer with HDFC Bank, when Multinational Banking was at a very nascent stage in India. Her association with the HDFC Bank, she created various events and presentations to promote awareness of various banking products, thus making it the largest and most respected in the Banking sectors.  In the pursuit of adding more value to the services and products for JapanLife, she did major tie-up with Insurance Companies to market their products in a channelized manner, she added all telecom and mobile service providers to promote and sell their products.  She facilitated Image Management Workshops and Business Development Training for Independent Distributors to make better business presentations and manage networking sales.  She was the first to promote the Audio-Visual Business Development Workshop for new comers. 


In 1996, she was the first to promote, co-ordinate, design, strategize, leverage, design, manage, execute and launch various products and services for Motorola Page Point.  She played an instrumental role in the Tele-marketing Division which was set up for the first time in India.  She networked, tie-up and listed all associations, giving India, it’s first Informational Database of Customers, along with geographical graphing and all details about the customer to assist on-the field sales persons.  This exercise itself helped the Motorola Sales Force, India to achieve its Sales Target faster than the American Sales Force.  She wrote the first master spiel for the Smarter tele-callers, which is still being practiced at most back-offices all over India.  Celebrating Customers Celebrating Targets were some of the special events she would host to encourage and motivate existing as well as new employees to achieve more. She has personally created more than a thousand events to activate and motivate employees as well as customers into the new era of marketing, new products and services.  All leading tele-companies and service providers still utilize her MIS systems.

During the formation of NASSCOM and India was venturing nomadically in the ITES segment, she was invited as the Guest speaker in most leading Institutions to make students aware about the IT Industries and career development for all students.  Soon the trend of students opting for vocational IT programs made colleges and institutions initiate many IT studies and degrees.  Today, almost each and every college has at least one IT program on it’s syllabus.  While we initiated the funding of the humble desktops for training institutes, it made many richer institutes start giving laptops to all it’s students.  This gave the makers of computers to create more economic educational pads.  Life in India has change from one rugged chalk and slate to what the world today calls a “Tablet.”

Her passion for writing articles are mostly published in leading local newspapers’ drafting upcoming consumer behavior markets and trend analysis and corporate social responsibilities.  While pursuing her Master’s In Personnel Management for India’s premier Institute for Management and Research, she did the first case-study in Customer Services for Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited, India’s leading Public Sector Undertaking.  She was the only person involved in the complete training cycle for Driveway Sales Person for their All-India Customer Services Project.  The training was set up for a value based customer guide, where in each one can train one.  Even though the sales force belonged to the lowest rung of the society, they were the main drivers and touchstone of the organization sales charts.  It was time that all the top management of Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited changed their perceptions about ground level staff, she organized events where all the top-brass honored and facilitated the ground level staff. 

She was chosen by Mr. Praful Manoharbhai Patel who is a Member of Parliament of the Lok Sabha of India. He represents the Bhandara-Gondia parliamentary constituency and is a member of the Nationalist Congress Party.  She was responsible for managing his Corporate Sales Accounts for his newly formed company, Auto Riders Pvt Ltd, the India Sales partners for Hertz Rent a Car.  She gave more than a hundred corporate companies to make Hertz Rent-A-Car to become India’s Hertz No 1 car rental company in the year 1993.  It was during her tenure with Hertz Rent-a-Car, she was sourced by Ricoh India Limited to manage their Customer Logistics Division, which was slated to get all the required ISO and other certifications for achieving top market and management ranking.  She was responsible to design and maintain world class service strategies for Ricoh to get the certifications, which they achieved. 

She was responsible to represent and present all training cum service guidelines and ensure that they were adhered too. A critical task to maintain cordial relations with International Consultants and the Indian counterparts, meeting the International criteria was of prime importance.  It was here she learnt the art of infra-structuring data to meet all service standards, guidelines, and protocols important to achieve International Rankings.

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It was in the summer of 1987, where the need to make some pocket money was offered by a local Samaritan who had been observing her at social functions making other people dance.  She was over 16 years when she was first offered to lead an aerobics batch for a five star hotel.  Her students included all CEO’s, Commissioners, Industrialists, leading politicians, top performing artists visiting and staying at the Hotel.  Getting the opportunity to get some of the world best leaders, competitors to come together and dance for fitness was an achievement by itself.  The management knowing that she was underage, paid her in accordance to the daily wage scheme.  As soon as she was 18years, she was officially appointed as the Health Club head.  She was personally groomed by Mrs. Shashitai Kirloskar, who was the Managing Director of Hotel Blue Diamond.  She was trained by Mr. Shantanu Kirloskar, who was awarded Padmabhushan in the year 1965 for his contribution to trade and industry.  In May 2003, Atal Bihari Vajpayee, the then Prime Minister of India, released a commemorative postage stamp marking Mr. S.L. Kirloskar’s 100th Anniversary. 

From the very beginning she was deeply involved with the St. Xaviers Church for serving Jesuit Clergymen from all over the world, some of the Dignitaries she has ushered are Pope John Paul II and Mother Theresa, her association with the Church has help her to undertake each and every opportunity as a Missionary task.  Her associations with German Theatre Academy, World WildLife Fund, TERI and others to spread awareness for Corporate Sustainability and Development through social messaging plays and performances.  Her passion for music and showmanship led her to give India’s first rock band concert in the year 1986.  She soon transformed musicians to Disc Jockies to begin the War of the DJ’s which is now conducted in most parts of India.  She encouraged corporate to contribute goodwill gestures to encourage musicians and performance artists, who are essential in maintaining peace and harmony in the socio-cultural gamut.  She has introduced many fund-raising events and products by physically handicapped, mentally-challenged and other socially excluded institutions. 

Her voluntary association with the Bharat Olympics, Chandigarh Chapter has seen eleven sportsmen represent India in Athens Special Olympics meet.  She pioneered an After School for the kids, by the kids and of the kids doing social activities and events to harmonize unity in the neighborhoods.  She is well-known in the society for bringing cultural and amateur hours for people to come together for arts, science, study or athletic activity as a pastime rather than a profession.  

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It is her personal vision to make, “Everybody Loves English,” a dream venture come true with events like, “Its Easier To Learn English With Santa Claus,” in association with the British Council and the Indian Council for Cultural Relations, Chandigarh.  It was an interactive educative drama where in the audience become actors to perform skits, sing carols, dance and learn various acts of charity and contributing to the society.  She had the audience build up a Christmas Vocabulary Tree on the spot, which was the highlight of the event, giving the British Council as well as the Indian Council for Cultural Relations more avenues to make more customers.  She also was a part of the British Council for their Customer Service Week, 2012, wherein she was playing the role of the Story Teller to encourage all schools to encourage children to participate in activities for their Children Library Sections.  All the parts of the proceeds were utilized to mobilize the Sunday school activities run by various missionaries of the Tricity for the education and moral development of migrant laborer children across the city.  Her project Helping Hands for, “Festivals Of Life” in association with the Morde’s Chocolate Factory, has created a history of all sorts in the City, by creating and moulding chocolates for one rupee by the kids in their very own chocolate factory, to be donated to the Mother Theresa’s home.  This article was covered and published by an online newspaper in the link:

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