I Am Not My Keeper

Welcome to my own personal hell. Just living my life and trying not to die in the process. While dealing with my depression and anxiety, I've become the driver of the Struggle Bus, taking us all to Procrastination Land which is where I currently reside.

Please Don't Remember Me

NaNoWriMo 2017 Project! Work in Progress!!! Rebecca Thomas is your average senior in college, struggling through life's ups and downs. Very suddenly, her twin sister, Kathryn, is killed, causing Rebecca to stumble into a world of depression and anxiety.

I Was Never Here

Just then, Shelley burst into the room. “Come on you two! You guys have to go!” She exclaimed, frantic and still out of breath. Natalie and I picked up our bags and stormed out of the room, heading for the front door where the boys were waiting with the car. All of a sudden, everything seemed to slow down. “Come on!” Shelley...


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The Antidote

When eighteen-year-old Mia survives a mass shooting at her high school she is left traumatised and confused. The shooter is her best friend. She attends college where she is the only witness to the murder of a man, who unknown to her, is working for a secret organisation to produce a genetically modified virus. As he dies he transfers...


A new life awaits Jordan Matthews, but it isn’t the one she wants. Not by a long shot. When sixteen-year-old Jordan Matthews’s mother is arrested, Jordan has no other choice than to move to a town she’s never been to and live with an aunt she barely remembers. In the small town of Cooper’s Landing the kids have all grown up together,...

The Collecting

Sleep has never been a terrifying concept to Elizabeth Callings and Jonah Montry until the Collecting. Neither of them have ever had to run for their lives, search in dumpsters for food, or kill. They have no other option but to survive, for if they die in the Collecting they'll be killed in reality. In the year 2343 the world has...


None of them were ready for death. None of them had been able to let go of the past. Then the Domes failed and their last memory is of life threatening injury. Samantha Dupres and several others wake up in Empyrean, a deadly maze prompting them to relive painful memories and analyze their loses. Holograms of their dead parents are...