Princess Fleet Admiral


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Chapter 2.

~Eljah's Point of View~

I saw her in my dreams. Her physical features were still the same as it was when she was bawling her eyes out at the airport as I boarded the plane to Monaco. I still cannot believe that it has been that long. Ever since I've left Chicago, I feel like my life has been a dump. I can't get her out of my mind. She's was like a lifeline to me and still is. I mean like, its not like I love her, but she is like the little sister that I've never had. I hate myself so much for not forcing her enough to come with me. She still doesn't even know that I was a prince, and now I am the king of Monaco. 


"Come with me, Joanna." I told her as she started to sob shortly after. "Don't worry about bringing anything. You can leave everything behind and I'll get some of my people to retrieve it as soon as possible. I promise."

"I can't," she stuttered as the tears came out of her eyes uncontrollably. "I have my family here. I can't just leave them on such short notice. Elijah, you know just how much they mean to me."

"Please, Joanna. I beg of you." I pleaded her.

"Just do me a huge favor and don't forget about everything that we have been through together. Like when you were there for me when the guy who took my first kiss broke my heart, and that you were so pissed that I kissed him because you always wanted a kiss from me. Or when it was my tenth birthday and my mother invited a whole bunch of people, but only you came." She told me. "I can't believe that you're leaving. I'm going to miss you so fucking much."

"I'll be back for you. I promise." I told her assuringly. "And when I am, I want you to come to Monaco, and then we'll be together again."


I never went back to Chicago. I feel like even more of a jerk to her than ever because of that lie. 

~JoannaChristina's Point of View~

"JoannaChristina Rosalie Patawaran-Liwanag!" My mother yelled at me from downstairs in the kitchen. "You have a call from Elijah! He's waiting for you."

"What the heck mom! I'm sleeping. Leave me alone." I told her while getting out of bed. I made my way down to the kitchen nearly falling face first into the living room. Damn, my two left feet. I can't believe that I still live at home. I'm nearly thirty years old for God's sake. It's alright though because after I get married, I'm going to move in with Rafael. Speaking of him, I remember when I had first saw him. He was in the trauma tent in Iraq, and I was blacking in and out or conciousness because the bullet hit me in the shoulder.


"Kernal JoannaChristina Liwanag, my name is Dr. Rafael Padernal." I heard a warm voice tell me. "You have been shot in your left shoulder. Do you know where you are right now?"

"Umm, in a tent, in Iraq." I said. Gosh, my mouth is dry as hell. "I'm so thirsty." I took a look at Dr. Rafael Padernal. God, he is sexy. Six foot and three inches with brown hair, muscular arms and legs, tan skin, and a pair of soft hazel brown eyes. He looks even sexier with those green scrub pants hanging off his waist, and that green scrub shirt hugging his arms with those tattoos.

"Here is some water." He said while handing me a bottle of ice cold water. "How are you feeling?"

"How am I supposed to feel?" I asked out of curiousity.

"Like shit." He told me straight up. I am completely shocked that he told me that. "But considering that you were alseep for about four hours after I took the bullet out, you are pretty calm."

"Holy shit, I was out for four hours?" I asked while full of shock. "What happened?"

"I can ask you the same for myself." He told me while chuckling and his eyes looking at me with that spark. "So, you're Filipino?" Is he flirting with me? Oh my gosh, I think he is. To be honest, I've never had a guy flirt with me until now.

"Yup, and proud." I told him while boasting.

"Well, saan ka galing sa Filipinas?" He asked me. (Well, where are you from in the Philippines?)

"Sa Bicol. What about you?" I asked him. (From Bicol. What about you?)

"Ako? Sa Manila." He told me with a smile. (Me? From Manila.)

"Really?" I asked him. So thats were the hair, and Asian looking eyes came from. Well, that explains alot.

"Yup. I came here when I was about three months old. My dad is Filipino, and my mother is American." He assured me. "Hey I have to get going, maybe we can talk a little more later or something. Here is my number." He said while scribling his name and number on a prescribtion pad.

"Ok, it was nice to meet you, Dr. Padernal." I said while trying not to blush.

"Please Kernal Liwanang, call me Rafael." And with that, he left my beside.



"Here, he's still on the line." She told me while tossing the home phone to me like a grenade. I dove down to the marble tile in order to catch the phone. Thank God for my military training that I was able to catch it in time before the phone broke into a gazillion pieces.

"Hello?" I said as confidently as I could as I placed my ear onto the phone.

"Good morning," the familiar voice told me. Was it really him? "This is Elijah Can I speak to a Miss JoannaChristina Rosalie Patawaran-Liwanag?"

"Yes, this is her speaking at the moment." I said after clearing my throat.

"Well, its been a while JoChris. You know who this is right?" He said while making the biggest smile and blush form on my face. He always came up with weirdest nicknames on the planet.

"Bruh, you think I would forget who this is? You broke my heart. You promised that you would come back for me and then we will go to Monaco together. You liar." I told him as the tears started streaming down my cheeks. I didn't expect to have this type of outburst. "Elijah, its been ten years. Ten fucking years, and now you think that you can just call me in the most ungodly hours in the morning. You didn't even call once or even dare to contact me. I bet you don't know what has happened in my life ever since you left. I became Fleet Admiral of the Navy. You don't know how much recongnition I got for my work as a Navy Seal. Nobody has held that rank ever since 1945, Elijah, plus I am the youngest person, and I am a girl. Its not every day that a female gets that rank. Think about that. How many missions and hours I put into the service. How many times I slept in the middle of nowhere. Thank God that I never got seriously injured. Or else I wouldn't be explaining everything to you. How much blood I have on my hands from my dead and wounded comrads because I would never leave anyone behind no matter what. You don't think that I cried my eyes out for you? Well, here is your answer, I did. More than you can ever imagine. I can't believe that 17 and a half years of friendship has gone down the drain." Oh my gosh, I didn't expect to be this emotional.

"JoannaChristina, first of all I do know what has happened in your life because I saw the ceremony happen when you were awarded as Fleet Admiral of the Navy by the President. I read the book that you published about your horrid experiences as a Seal. I've been in contact with your brother ever since I left." Elijah was explaining to me while starting to sniffle into the phone. "I'm so sorry Joanna. I wish that I can reverse everything on the day I told you and made it better. Do you know how much I regret all of this? My grandmother was pronounced dead the second I got off the plane. I didn't get to hear her last words come out of her mouth. I couldn't even get the business once I got there. I didn't even inherit everything until about three years ago. I've had so much pressure put on me ever since I inherited everything. I've had so much business to finish that my grandmother started, but she couldn't finish because she got sick. Do you know who I wish was there lying next to me as I was crying my eyes out in the middle of the night out of being worried? Who I wish was there when I was tired out of my guts and I just wanted to cuddle with someone like how we used to? Joanna, I know exactly what you were going through." Hold up, this dude actually missed me? Wanted to cuddle with me out of all girls that he could cuddle with? This dude was one of the most popular jocks in the entire world. I can't believe that he wanted to cuddle with me.

"You wanted to cuddle with me? Of all of the girls that you could have thought of to cuddle with. I feel so touched." told him

"Yeah. Umm." He told me.

"Elijah, I'm sorry, but I didn't know. But, I bet that you didn't know about how depressed I got after you left Chicago behind." I told him. "I'm jealous that you were in contact with my brother and not me."

"Jealous? Really? So, now that we got through to each other, do you wanna start over on everything?" Elijah asked me nervously. "But, we are still friends though right?"

"Yes, of course that we are still friends. Why would you even think that we were not?" I asked him.

"Well, because you seemed really pissed off a couple of minutes ago, and knowing you, I can tell that it would take you a few hours or even days for you to cool down from any heated disscussion."

"As a matter of fact, ever since I joined the service I learned how to not hold a grudge against others because the military has a lot to do with communication and its hard to communicate with someone that you are pissed off with." I told him.

"That's a good sign." Elijah said playfully. "So, are you going to answer my question or not?"

"What question?" I asked him confusingly.

"Do you want to start a new friendship or not?" Elijah asked seriously.

"No, I don't because I like the friendship that we had together. The one that was already there. Plus, its not like I can start a different relationship with you." I told him.

"Joanna, what do you mean?" Elijah questioned.

"Elijah, I'm engaged!" I told him excitedly.

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Chapter 3.

~Elijah's Point of View~

"Elijah, I'm engaged!" She yelled at me through the phone while nearly blowing my eardrums. To be honest, I've never heard her yell this loud before in my entire life. Good God, is this what the military has done to her?

"Holy shit! You're engaged. Since when?" I asked. "Whose the lucky guy?"

"His name is Rafael, and I met him in the Navy about seven years ago. He served as a trauma surgeon. He's the guy that took the bullet out of my shoulder. He's a buff, and tall guy. He treats me with the respect I deserve." She told me full of glee. I can tell that she is very happy. She needs to be happy though because she has been through so much during the last decade. "He proposed about a month ago."

"Oh my gosh! How did he proposed?" Why do I sound like a gay guy?

"Well, some of my family members, close friends, and I were at a Five Seconds of Summer concert. We got to go for free because of my position in the military. So, we got a VIP seating booth in the back of the arena. It had food, couches, a fridge, a private restroom, and all sorts of other cool stuff in there. I could see the stage up close even though we were in the back because there were televisions that broadcasted everything. Like every little thing. Then, when the concert was starting, and I saw him come out with the band in his uniform. I knew that it was him for sure because of his insignia. I thought he wasn't going to come home for another six weeks. Then, Calum, one of the band members summoned me to come to the stage by saying my name into the microphone. Then, the band started playing my favourite song which is by them, called She Looks so Perfect. When I got to the stage, Rafael was standing there looking as sexy as ever in his uniform. He told me that the day he first laid eyes on me when I came into the tent in Iraq needing to get the bullet out of my shoulder was the day that he knew that he would one day make me his wife. At that moment, I felt all of the tears just come out of my eyes. Then he got down on one knee and proposed with the most extravagant ring on the planet. It had a big diamond in the middle while little diamonds were surrounding it. Of course, I said yes. He then pulled me into his embrace and kissed me. Later on in the night, I asked him where he got the ring, he told me that it was his great-grandmother's. That right there was an act of true love that he gave me a family heirloom." She explained everything to me, but why do I feel jealous?

"So did you guys set a date or location yet for this wedding or yours with Rafael?" I asked her.

"No. We're wedding planning today." She told me.

"Well, I'll tell you what. You guys can get married here in my estate in Monaco. Then, your honeymoon can be anywhere you want on my treat." I told her. I guess that this is the way that I'm going to make her come to Monaco.

"Wait, are you serious?" She asked me. I can tell that she is excited.

"Yup, no joke. It's the least that I can do. Plus, I missed the past ten years of your birthday, Valentine's days, Christmases. Basically, I have a lot to make up for." I told her. "Thus, I have to make up for all of this."

"You are the best brother that I have ever had." She told me full of love while starting to cry. "I don't think that I can ever repay you for all of this."

"JoChris, please don't cry. Plus, I think that I am the one that owes you." I told her.

"Ok, I'll try to not cry." She said while promising me. "Well Elijah, I'm sorry in advance, but I have to go. I have to go and shower. I'm starting to plan my wedding today."

"Alright, I have to go to. Love you." Wait, I never told her 'Love you.' before.

"Bye Elijah, and thank you." She said while hanging up on the phone.

~JoannaChristina's Point of View~

"Bye Elijah, and thank you." I told him while hanging up on the phone. Wow, I can't believe it. I'm going to Monaco, to see my best friend.

"You are so mean Joanna." My mother told me while storming into the kitchen.

"Mother, what are you talking about?" I asked her confusingly as I started to make our breakfast.

"What you said to Elijah. About everything." She told me.

"You were listening to our talk?" I asked her while also trying to control my temper because she is my mother.

"Now, what type of mother would I be if I didn't hear what he said to you and what you said to him so that I can later tell you what I think?" She told me. "So, Monaco?"

"Yes, mother Monaco. I'm going to tell Rafael that we got offered to get married in Monaco and if he is up for it or not." I explained to her. "I think that he would want to get married there. Mother, what do you think?"

"Well, I think that you should for sure tell Rafael, and get married," she told me. "Then on your honeymoon, hurry up and make me some grand-babies. I want them to come so I can spoil them rotten before I get too old. Got it?"

"Hahaha. No mom, we are not going to get pregnant right away. I want to wait a while." I told her while making some scrambled eggs, bacon, waffles, and bagels, and also starting to cry. "Plus, I think that I'm not fit to be a parent yet."

"Chris, why are you so emotional, and I can assure that you are more than fit to be a mother. Look at me, when I had you, I wasn't even twenty-three. I was fresh out of college. I didn't even have a big and cool job yet in my life when you were born, and look at us now. I'm a pediatrician, and my baby is the person with one of the highest ranks in the military. I'm so proud of you." She told me as I started to stuff my face with a bagel topped off with veggie cream cheese. My favourite.

"Aww, thanks mom." I told her in between bits of my bagel. "Now, eat some food before it gets too cold."

"Alright. So, about the wedding dress." I groaned as she started rambling on about a wedding dress. "What type of dress are you looking for?"

"Mom, I know what I want, and no one knows about it except Yena and Elijah." Yena was my girl best friend ever since the seventh grade. I was also her first friend because she came straight from Korea. Lots of kids at school called her a FOB (Fresh off the Boat) even though she was born here in Chicago. Her parents moved back to Korea as she was an infant because they were Christian missionaries. Thus, she spoke very little English. She's an OB/GYN now. But, she recently went back to school to study the arts of makeup and hair. I sometimes wonder how the medical field and cosmetology became both of her majors.

"What do you want?" My mom questioned.

"Two dresses, one for the ceremony, and the other for the reception." I told her confidently while also popping some bacon into my mouth.

"That's going to be expensive as hell." My mother assured me.

"Mom, don't worry about it." I explained her. "I get discounts and plus, Rafael said that he will pay for any dress I want as long as I marry him. Jr can also do the alterations too." Jr is my younger gay brother. He's a famous clothes designer but he started as a seamstress until someone who worked for Armani Exchanges discovered him working at a dry cleaners one hot summer day and saw his designs. Ever since, he has been a big competition in the fashion industry.

Suddenly, someone started knocking at the door.

"Oh, I think its Rafael." I said as I was getting up to open the door.

"Morning, babe." Rafael told me the second I opened the door. He stood at the threshold while holding a bouquet of white and blue carnations in his big but gentle hands. "May I come in?" Some things that made my mother love Rafael was that he was stunning, he knew how to treat all of the women in his life, and that he had the best manners in the world.

"Of course. My house is your house too. Come in and take a seat." I told him.

"You hungry?" "Babe, I'm always hungry." He told me as he made his way into the kitchen. "Morning Mrs. Liwanag. How are you today?" He asked my mother while handing her the bouquet of flowers.

"Why thank you! I'm marvelous! How about you, son?" She asked my fiance while admiring the carnations and then going through the cabinets in search of a vase to put them in.

"I'm somewhat tired. But, that fatigue has just went away seeing the way that you love the flowers." Rafael told my mother as he pulled up into a stool and onto the kitchen island.

"Aww. That's good. I'm happy for you." She told my man when she found the right vase and then putting some water and putting the flowers in the vase and then onto the table. "So how's everything at the new hospital that you're working at?"

"Everything is going well as a matter of fact, I just got out because I was called in to perform on a three year old girl that fell down the stairs in her home. She had a really bad cut that went sliced open her right calf. I did thirty-two stitches on her. She's alright now though." He said as the tears started to form around my mother's eyes. Gosh, my dear mother can be such a softie.

"That's so sad. I wonder what was wrong with the staircase that made her fall." My mother wondered curiously.

"Well, all I know is that her dads are devastated. This is the first time that they left her with a nanny ever since they adopted her from China about two years and a half ago." He explained.

"Hell yeah! I would fire that shitty nanny on the spot. She's being paid to watch my baby." My mother said confidently while also chuckling.

"Here Rafael." I told him while placing a big plate of breakfast food right in front of him. He smiles at me while also kissing me on the lips.

"Thanks baby." He told me while keeping his eyes on me.

"Well, I have to get going because I have a surgery scheduled for today, bye loves." My mother told us while giving me a kiss on the cheek and giving my fiance a firm handshake then a hard pat on the back. Then she walked out the door.

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Chapter 4.

~JoannaChristina’s Point of View~

“Babe, what’s wrong? You look like you have seen a ghost of some sort.” Rafael questioned me.

“So, I’m just going to spit it out all right now.” I told him. “Elijah called me this morning.”

“The same Elijah that broke your heart? Best friend Elijah?” He asked me full of concern.

“Yes, the very same Elijah.” I responded. “I told him that I’m getting married. Then, he offered having both the reception and ceremony in Monaco in his estate. I just wanted to know if you wanted to get married in Monaco.”

“Why not? It’d be an awesome experience. I’ve never been to Monaco.” Rafael told me.

“Okay then, we are getting married in Monaco! I have to tell Elijah and Yena.” I squealed to him. “I love you so much.”

“Love you too babe.” Rafael told me full of love.

~Elijah’s Point of View~

“Your highness, you have a call from a Miss JoannaChristina.” My assistant told me.

“Send the call through Lydia.” Lydia was the assistant of my grandmother the queen, and now she is my assistant. I love Lydia as a mother. She always made sure that she never blurted out that I was the king, she always made sure that I had a security guard with me wherever I went, and that I never said anything studid or something that will make me have a bad reputation.

“Hello?” I said through the phone. “This is Elijah in Monaco.”

“Elijah, its JoChris. So, I guess that we will be getting married in your house.” She told me excitedly.

“That’s awesome. When are you guys getting married so I can tell my people that you guys are coming?” I asked her.

“I don’t know exactly. Probably in about three months or so. But, I have a lot of family coming. Like most of my cousins, aunts, and friends. Your invited for sure. Yena, some other close friends. Probably about a good three to six hundred people. Is that alright with you?” She asked me.

“Do you have your wedding party planned out yet? Make up artist? Your dresses? Food? Hair stylist?” I asked while obviously irritating her.

“I just got engaged, Elijah.” She told me firmly.

“Ok, I’ll send a plane to pick you up from Chicago to Monaco. Then, we will plan everything out.” I told her. “Pack a duffel bag with some summer clothes, and toileteries like all of the make up that women wear. Got it?”

“Ummm, I don’t think so. I can buy a ticket to Monaco myself. I’m a big girl remember? I got shot in the shoulder, I know how to fight and shoot straight. I get special service.” She told me boastfully. “Plus, I don’t think you have enough money to afford all of this for me so I think that I would have to pay you back for all of this.”

“Nope, I will not speak about payments.” I told her. “I have enough money to feed an entire country for two years minimum. Don’t tell me I cannot afford it. I have a trustfund that just keeps growing year after year. Remember that I moved back to Monaco because of my grandmother’s business?”

“Ok, fine. Why do you always gotta be so pushy? Whatever. I’ll see you soon then. Hey call me at my cell number and not at my home phone. My mom listened to our last conversation.” She told me her number shortly before hanging up on me.

~JoannaChristina’s Point of View~

“Rafael!” I squealed to him. “I’m going to Monaco right now.”

"What?” He asked obviously surprised. “Why are you going today?”

“Because I have to plan the wedding and Elijah wants me to see his house, and food tastings and what not.” I told him as I was running from the kitchen and up to my room. “He is going to have a plane take me to Monaco. I have to get ready, and you are not going to be here while I get ready for the flight. Got it? Now, get out of my house.” I said as I pushed him playfully down the stairs.

“Alright. Bye love.” He told me while placing a fat kiss on my lips. “If you need anything, just call me, I have public relations everywhere. Okay?”

“I love you,
. Rafael!” I told him as he walked out of my house and threw himself into his white Kia Ultima 2015. Which looked like a million bucks compared to my silver 2005 Porsche.

“Bye babe.” He yelled to me. As I was walking into my house my phone started ringing. Looking at the number, I saw that it was a call from Monaco. Its Elijah.

“Hello?” I asked into the phone while running up into my room.

“Hey JoChris, its Elijah. Are you ready yet?” He asked me in a demanding tone.

“Almost,” I lied. “I just have to pack up my toothbrush and make up. Then I’ll be ready.”

“Okay. Be ready in about half an hour. A cheuffer will come and pick you up from your house very shortly.” He told me.

“Alright. Bye.” And with that, the phone line went dead. I looked at the time on nightstand. Shit, it’s 8:30 AM. The driver will be here at 9:00 AM. I just threw some ziplock bags that had daily outfits into my duffel. Thanks to plenty of military tactics and training, I know how to pack up everything quickly and that I have also learned that its a good idea to have a couple of outfits ready in ziplock bags so that you can just throw them into your duffel bag when you are in a hurry. So, yes I am happy that I joined the service. I still have to shower. Doing my mental checklist (which is never accurate,) I was sure that I brought chargers for all of my devices. 

Suddenly, the door bell started ringing.

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