Master Of The Maze


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In the magical realm of Avalon, both magic animals and other humanoid beings like elves, dwarfs, centaurs, and so on, could rome the world creating happiness or havoc. It was a hard time then, but that was long ago. Now, thanks to humphrey, the worlds greatest wizard, all the creatures of darkness were forced out into the outer edge called the Scave, it accounts for three parts of Avalon though little is known about it, except that only within the Scave are the vaults of all the past kings. That's why John GoldHeart and his friends joined the thieves hall and toke up the position of treasures hunters.

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Chapter 1 - The Hall

    “Run John! Get to the clearing!” Yelled a strong Irish voice off to his left, “Its your only hope! I’ll try and hold ’em off.”

    Seconds later, John GoldHeart - a young seventeen year old with blacked leather armer that covered almost every thing it could without restricting him of reaching his hidden crossbow or any of his hidden throw knifes - emerged from the clearing, followed by a tall Elf named Doren with black hair that covered his ears, dark  green eyes, pale skin and almost the age of nineteen. He carried with him a bow with a sheath half full of arrows and a set of knives that sparkled when they caught sight of the moon. Minutes passed, both on edge waiting for the last of there trio to get out of the tree line and onto the clearing. When they heard the sound of fast foot falls and the rustling of a branch being smacked out of the way their spirits lightened, half waiting to see a beast, half hoping to see their friend safe. He cleared the trees with a slight limp but nevertheless looked all right.  Haden the sayter had dark brown eyes and dirty blond hair, he carried a short sword  in one hand and a bag in the other, a small polished iron shield was strapped across his back. On the way to their destination not one word was uttered from the mouth of the eggar party but each could clearly tell what the other was thinking.

    They set off down an alleyway. John, at the head of the pack, took the group to the end of the ally and touched his hand to the wall.

    "Zebrac" John whispered as clearly as possible. Instantly a sizable area on the wall began to vibrate then turned to ash and fall away. The trio walked through the gate and descended down to a underground dome with dirt floors. Shops lined one of the walls of the cavern, sweet smells of bakery goods and nasty smells of every kind where everywhere. They walked up to a small parlor filled with the most delectable food in the old cavern. A older man with dark hair and a big forehead approached them while shaking his head.

    "The master will not be happy that you failed the mission."

    "Shut up Jake, they were waiting for us. We had no choice but to run and abandon the mission."

    "You probably shouldn't have come empty handed thou..." Jake said threateningly. 

    “We need to talk.” Interrupted a short but muscular dwarf with a curly red beard and a big hammer slung from his belt. 

    “About what, Boris?” John said in a more annoyed tone. 

    “Thats no way to talk to your employer kid, and I’ll tell you when we’re out of ear shot from Jake.”Answered boris with a stern voice that showed that he wouldn't take no for an answer "And don’t worry, you can bring your friends.” He nodded towards the two drooling over a big apple pie. 

    John grabbed his companions and followed the dwarf through a dim corridor with strange torches burning dark red.

    “John have you been here before?” The elf was first to brake the silence, John looked hard at the torches.

    “No this place is restricted to every one but the people with power." John whispered as quietly as he could. 

    “Do you know why were here?” The elf asked looking to the only one he thought could know. 

    “There’s something he needs us to do," John nodded toward Boris,  "Lets at least find out what he needs.” 

    “What do you think he wants us to do this time?"

    "It must be important because after tonight security will be even tighter in the woods, let alone the vaults. Going out will be impossible.” John said shaking his head and trying to figure out why Boris would want them after what happened on their last mission.

    The small man walked into a room lit with dark blue torches that looked to be chiseled into the obsidian black glass walls. He then polled out four chairs, one for himself and the rest for his employees. He motioned for them to take a seat as he took up a position next to the wall behind a desk. 

    "It appears I'm at a disadvantage, you all know me… but I don't recall meeting your group. John, will you care to further introduce me to your companions?" He gestured toward the other two.

    "The name's Haden." The Satyr announced,

    "Doran," The elf chimed in with a nod of his head, "So are you going to tell us why were here?"

    "Yes of corse. You see, we have received information about a place with more riches then you or I can think of."

    "Why wold we need more riches? We're already rich after the last raids." Doran points out.

    "Well I have reasons of my own, not to mention you will get a share of the gold as well.

    "Again, why would we want more money when we're already the most wealthy thieves in Thieves Hall."

    "Ok, well lets see why you should go. Maybe the fact that I own you." Boris slams his fist on the desk.

    "Great, your going to play that card again. Just because you saved us from the guards doesn't mean you own us." John says clearly annoyed. 

    "Yes I do, and you know just as good as I that if I hadn't saved you from the guards you would be dead."

    "Fine, whats the catch…?"

    "Its guarded  by a maze."

    "Spill the beans because your definitely not telling the hole truth are you. Because if that were it you would have already went on your way wouldn't you?" implied  Haden.

    "Ah! Right you are lad. See we don't now much 'bout it sept were its located and that it is guarded by the strongest and the fiercest of beasts. Including Minotaurs, Wendrac, Sorcerers, and not to mention other knights looking for the riches too. You'll need a team of at least Four."

    "Who said anything about others? We work alone." Doran tells boris. 

    "Correction you used to work alone. Now you work with others, even if they happen to be girls." Boris smirks.

    "What! Are you guys even hearing him? We need nobody! Let alone whinny girls that slow us down." Doran argues. 

    "Look I'm sending in three of the best robbers I know and a skilled sorcerer slash swordsman from the town of MirkWood. Not to mention she's the one who told me of the maze." Boris gives him a look that says, Don't push it. Doran slumps down in frustration. 

    "So wheres the maze anyway? And how did she find it." Haden fills the open space.

    "Reasonable questions. First of all she didn't tell me much about herself except how to find her..."

     "Ok how do we find here.?" John interrupts.

    "You find her in a small tavern within the gates of MirkWood, but be warned this tavern is the hangout of plenty wealth seeking adventures. Mentioning the maze within the tavern will ether destroy the mission or kill all of you...

    "So, what? Are we gonna walk up to every girl in the tavern and ask if she is are accomplice?" Haden interrupts him this time.

    "Pretty much, "Boris nods is head in annoyance, "But rather than asking, are you my accomplice, ask the tender for Aloora. She will be your new companion and guid to the maze."

    "When do we get the gear?" John asks.  

    "When we're done here."  

    "Should we expect others to join." 

    "No, just you four."

    "Last of all how many others know abut the maze?"

    "At the moment, several. Thief's from this hall and a hand full of commoners have heard  rumors. There's a prince and a handful of knights but thats all I know of right now."

    "So where is the maze exactly?" 

    "Well, it lies past the Gates Of Marodon. Once you get to the valley it will be through the goblins mountain where you well find a cliff pass that leads to an archway sealed by stone. At the top sits a sunstone. When it is lit the stone wall well disappear to grant a way to the maze. Thats where your journey will start.”

    “How do you know so much about this maze?" Doran speaks up.

    “It does not mater of what I know. Now, are you in or are you not?" 

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Chapter 2 - MirkWood

    "Wake up," John banged a spoon on an iron pan, "We gotta go now if we want to get to mirk wood before night fall.“

    "Fine I'm up." Haden sighed in a groggy voice, "But how do you plan on getting Doren up so early?"

    "Easy," John put the pan down, "Doran! Breakfast's ready!"

    "Really?" Doran shot straight up, almost hitting his head on the wood frame of the bunkbed. "What are we have'n? Pancakes? Biscuits?"

    "Milk and bread." John smirked and shoved a bowl of the gruel into his friends lap. After breakfast they grabbed their backpacks, reported to Boris, got their gear, and went on there way. It was a long way to MirkWood. Nearly a days journey from Thieves Hall, and a vary hard journey too. First up a steep incline up the mountain, Then they had`take a boat to the shore near MirkWood where they would continue on their sore feet the rest of the day to the small town outside of MirkWood.

    "Are we there yet?" Doran complained.

    "No." John said for eleventh time.     

    "How about now?"

    "No." John said again.

    "How about now?"

    "Shut up Doran!" Haden and John shouted.  

    "Hey guys! I see the Tavern." Haden said after another minute of walking.

    "Finally!" Doran let out a sigh of relief.

    "Great, fifteen minutes early. I hope she’ll be there." John said checking the sun.

    The tavern was well lit and packed full, worse of all it smelled worse than a swamp of deadly gas. The trio sat down at a table in the far back corner and waited for a waitress to take care of Doran's empty stomach. Soon a plate of bread was placed at their table, along with some kind of stew and a cup of fresh water. 

    "Any one else fell like were being watched?" Haden whispered across the table. 

    "Most likely because we are." John said nodding to a man that clearly didn't know the meaning of staying inconspicuous because he was fingering a war hammer the size of his head in plain sight. 

    "lets just find Aloora and get out" Haden proposed.

    "Can I at least finish diner? I’m starving." Doran said through a mouthful of stew socked bread.   

    "No Doran. We need to stick to the mission." John stated and looked around, "Does anyone see the tavern keeper."

     "There, in the corner table, he's is talking to some one." Doran pointed out, no one bothered to ask how long ago he noticed. 

    John got up and walked toward them. The figure that was talking to the tavern keeper had on a long black cloak with the hood pulled up and over their eyes. The person got up and walked to the door, motioning for him to follow. John looked back to his companies, Doran, who was busy eating, payed no attention. Haden, who looked confused, just shrugged. John followed the hooded figure out into a large dark storage room, the only light coming from a nearby window close to the ceiling. Inside the stranger held the door open a crack and dropped the hood.

    "Name's Aloora. Heard you were looking for me." Aloora looked cautiously through the crack.

    The elf was about six foot tall, a few inches shorter than Doran but still tall, she had long dark brown hair that reached an inch or two past her shoulders, her skin just as pale as doran's and deep electrifying blue eyes. She wore tall brown leather boots that stopped at the middle of her knees and just barely concealed a knife that had a deer antler for the handle, the sleep ends of her cream colored shirt where tucked tightly into brown leather cuffs around her wrists, she wore a sleeveless brown leather vest that reached an inch down her waist, a thick brown belt held the vest in place. The cloak she had on half hid a sword strapped to her side with black leather, the hilt had been carefully made of a dark shiny stone embroidered with iron, the blade was expertly crafted from obsidian and reflected the candle light from outside.

    "Are you supposed to be the heroes of the hall Boris was telling me about?” Aloora smirked, "Or are you just a rag-tag group of thieves on their own little meaningless hunt.”

    "That's The rag-tag group to you. You must be smart to have know about the maze but that doesn't mean you have to join us, we're completely fine going alone.”

    "You don't know where it is though, do you? Boris hired you to help me, and you can't really get out of that since he owns you."

    "He let that slip, didn't he." John said, his fists clenched. 

    "He also told be to expect you to be reluctant, so if you don't help me he'll punish you himself." 

    "Fine." He huffed out in defeat. 

    "What's your name?" She turned away from the door to get a good look at him.

    "John Gol..." 

    "John!" Haden burst through the door into the room, "We have to go! Now!" Aloora turned around, ready to fight the intruder. Haden's jaw dropped when he saw her, a brief silence fell over the room when sounds of footsteps and wepons being drawn filled the air as man and beast alike jumped for the door. Haden jumped away   and landed on John's foot, knocking them both to the ground. Aloora, thinking faster than the rest, concentrated  on the door, which then jumped to life and slammed shut, bolting itself in place. Though the sounds now muffled they still could here the footsteps that joined with chairs and other things being picked up thrown at the door. Aloora saw the window and pulled the two to there feet, Crack! a small hachet broke through the door. Aloora stared at the window for a fraction of a secound before the window shattered. John climbed through the window and helped Haden out, Aloora followed, swinging to the outside in one quick move and pulling her hood back up. Haden handed John his traveling cloak and together they made for the tree line. Before they were half a yard away a knife rushed through the air, nerly missing John and hitting Hadden’s out stretched hand. Haden cried out in pain and pulled the knife out. The people inside the tavern rushed out and ran after them, one pulled out a second knife and sent it flying towards them. Aloora sensed it and deflected it with a skillful move of her swords hilt. They changed tactics and made for the town, running behind a house and a market building, trying to get out of range from the on-comers and all their weapons. They climbed up the side of an alleyway and ran between the chimneys and tree branches that had grown across the roof. When they were finally safly atop the main tower of the town's hall they allowed them selfs to rest and attend to Haden’s wound, shortly after they realized they did not see Doren depart from the building. 

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Chapter 3 - Out Of The Pan And Into The Fire

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